Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The 2017 Spades Awards!!!

Queen of Spades of the Year Nominees

  • SecretPlaywife
  • Rebecca Dream
  • Naughty Jeanette
  • Jadan Snow
  • Rachel Domino

Queen of Spades of the Year

Rebecca Dream
Naughty Jeanette
Jadan Snow
Rachel Domino
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Bull of the Year Nominees

  • Mr. Nuttz
  • Shane Diesel
  • Ludus Adonis
  • Big Max
  • Rob Piper

Bull of the Year

Mr. Nuttz
Shane Diesel
Ludus Adonis
Big Max
Rob Piper
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Best IR Blog of the Year

  • SecretPlaywife.tumblr.com
  • BBCWhoreList.blogspot.com
  • CrystinaRossi.tumblr.com
  • LaurenDeWynter.tumblr.com
  • WeAreBullRoyalty.tumblr.com

Best IR Blog of the Year

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Best Female Independent Pornstar

  • Rachel Domino
  • Jadan Snow
  • Lauren DeWynter
  • SWTFreak
  • Lisa Sparxxx

Best Female Independent Pornstar

Rachel Domino
Jadan Snow
Lauren DeWynter
SWT Freak
Lisa Sparxxx
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Best Male Independent Pornstar

  • Richard Mann
  • Puzzy Bandit
  • Ludus Adonis
  • Jovan Jordan
  • Don XXX Prince

Best Male Independent Pornstar

Richard Mann
Puzzy Bandit
Ludus Adonis
Jovan Jordan
Don XXX Prince
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Magic Carpet Ride

Publisher's Note: The following story is submitted by a sexy Queen of Spades I met on Fetlife named Divyn.  She wrote this story and all copyrights to it belong to her. I want to thank her for allowing me to share this story here and I look forward to republishing many more of her stories in the future.

Read her 1st story featured on Spades Mag: Not Just Big But OMG!!!

He has a southern twang and charm...his warm brown skin promises nights filled with star gazing and small twinkles of memories from my childhood riding a magic carpet...The excitement when he speaks to me tells me how I'm feeling...how I've waited for his call, the anticipation of so much more. I can see his pictures in my mind, his enticement being the entire package, not just the one between his legs...
Arriving at his place, wondering what the hell am I doing? I can't wait to taste him! Is he going to be the one who will take me on a magic carpet ride? Am I going to float off into the night screaming my pleasure and release? How will this night end? He takes my hand, rough and warm, just how I love a man's hands to be! When I get there, I see nothing but him, and he wants to chat...possibly because he's trying to be a gentleman, but that's not what I want right now!
I've been waiting for this man to give me the release I need...I try not to caress him, I try to restrain myself, I try not to seem too forward, but I'm having a hard time with control. I feel my nipples hard as rocks, I'm so wet I can't sit still! My nostrils are flaring and I know my face is flushed. I can see he's aware by the look of lust in his eyes. Still he teases me with small talk, nothing I can remember, just talking to ease himself I guess...is this how men feel when a woman won't shut up? Can we skip the small talk and get to the good stuff already? My ears are ringing and my blood is humming I'm so turned on!
Then, he touches me, a tiny tentative caress that makes me jump out of my skin, inhale deep and long, and have to hold myself back from the stillness that comes over me! I feel my clit twitch and my pussy muscles clench...DAMN...I am more wet now than I've been in a very long time! He's bold now, can see my reaction, and brings me to him...finally, I can breathe again, and the scent of his skin makes me want to taste him, IMMEDIATELY!!! I can't wait, I gotta get my mouth on him, but he's got me under control, and I like it...his pace, his show, his magic carpet ride!  I like his pace, it's slow but steady. I can see it in his eyes, he wants to take his time, make it last, savoring every part of this dance.
He gets up and turns off the lights, closes the door, turns on the fans, and joins me back on his big bed...his touch is hesitant, and I respond in kind...slowly he reaches in the semi-darkness for my nipple, and begins a teasing tug that has me squirming all over the bed! My mind is racing way ahead to the next step, I try to sit up and take off my top, but he stops me, and whispers in my ear that he wants the pleasure of removing my clothes this time, and the next time I can take them off and let him watch...talk about seduction!
My nipples are rock hard, I'm so wet I have to clench my legs together to keep from dripping all over the place! He is caressing my breasts so tenderly, feeling and hefting, teasing and pleasing! He slowly reaches into my top, bringing it over my head gently, then unhooks my bra with the greatest of ease, and tosses them both to the side...it's then that I realize this man is very experienced, and knows exactly what he wants, and knows exactly what he's doing to me! I tell myself to slow down my heart rate, control my breathing, to observe this masterful lover in his element, and possibly learn from him in his patience and attention...
I can see he's excited, I can feel his erection on my body, and I shudder when I envision just a taste of him on my lips...I can sense his need to explore my body, to look at it, to savor it, as I'd be doing to him if I were given permission! I'm in awe of his intuition, his fine tuning of my breasts, and his subtlety in removing the rest of my clothing without a flinch.
There I am, exposed and naked, spread out across his bed, and on fire for him! The heat from his gaze burns my skin, the fire from the Dragon breath he scorches across my nipples, the resulting cold air reaction when he removes the heat makes me arch to be more near! I want to grab his head and hold him to my breast, but I'm not running the show, I'm feeling the moment, and gaining knowledge and patience...he's always preaching patience to me...I watch him slowly rise from the bed, and I hope it's to take his clothes off, instead he leaves the room, with a promise that he'll be right back, don't move, he has a surprise...
I wait with anticipation, listening, and hear him moving in the other room...I hear ice hitting glass and imagine he's thinking ahead, knowing we may need to drink something cold...I smile to myself and think how thoughtful he seems to be...then I think about what I'd like to do with that ice if he'll let me! My mind wanders to that, and then I hear soft music from the stereo in the living room...I'm once again thinking how nice it is to have someone setting the mood...and I get even more excited...I envision him bringing candles into the room with the iced down glasses of water, maybe it's not water, but it's gonna be cold, and I'm going to need it to cool myself off here in a minute if he doesn't hurry up!
I hear him at the door, fumbling with it, so get up to help him get it open...he's got his hands full, that's for sure! He's got a bucket of ice with champagne, and strawberries in one hand, chocolate and honey in the other hand...I can feel myself starting to drool! It's been a very long time since anyone's made me cum close to leaving me speechless with desire...but there I was, standing in his bedroom door with the biggest grin I could imagine on my face!
My mind was racing again, but he surprised me even more...handed me the syrup and honey, then asked me to close my eyes, and not move...oh my, I barely know this man, and he wants me to close my eyes? He looks at me with such passion and there isn't much I wouldn't do immediately if he asked me...so, I close my eyes, inhale deeply, and wait with nipples hard as rocks, clit twitching, anticipating God only knows what...
I sense him move around me and hear him over by the bed...he whispers "don't peek, you'll ruin everything baby" and I scrunch my eyes shut with a soft smile and a sigh of contentment...who is this man, and where has he been? He already knows he's got my interest, my mind racing, and he's completely in control...not something I'm used to...
He approaches me from behind, reaching around me and taking the syrup and honey from me, kissing my neck and back lightly while whispering, "don't move baby, I'm going to show you the moon and the stars, I'm going to take you on a magic carpet ride"...how could he have known?
My knees feel weak, and I'm having a hard time trying to do as he asks...instinct tells me not to speak, it will break the mood he's trying to set, so I'm quiet and listening...I can't help but feel my nipples throbbing, and my clit has a mind of it's own...I know I'm extremely wet, and can feel my slick pussy dew close to running down my legs...so, I reach up and caress my left nipple, the most sensitive one, just a tiny flick to send charges all over...it works...so, I reach for my pussy with my other hand, and am amazed at how wet I really am...I forget that I'm supposed to be listening to every detail, and see a flash of light behind my eyelids, then it dawns on me he just took my picture!
I instinctively try to cover myself and turn away from the camera...his hand is fast, and he touches me softly, again his voice whispers to me, "don't turn away, watching you touch yourself was something I had to get a picture of, you'll see why later" and lets me hold the camera to know he won't be taking any more...
He takes my hand, and leads me back to the bed, kissing me and caressing my nipples gently, holding me close, and I can feel his nakedness burning my skin with his heat...he lays me down, but keeps my hips on the edge of the bed...he is still asking me to keep my eyes closed...now that I'm exposed this way, I tell him it's not as easy to do...he asks me to think about being on a magic carpet, flying over some exotic land, in the warm night sky, being made love to by my personal servant or my King...
I close my eyes again, and try to picture this while thinking about what it is that he's going to do next...then I feel it...gooey and warm, he's pouring the honey on my chest, I can smell it, and it's heavenly! Of course, I'm expecting he's going to lick this honey off of me, but I couldn't be more wrong...
The honey smells heavenly, so I reach up to help spread it around, and feel a cold dripping strawberry on my lips...I didn't remember hearing him pop the cork on that champagne bottle, so I take a small bite...keeping my eyes closed is very difficult indeed when I taste chocolate on that strawberry...I wasn't expecting it, and this sensation was doing wonders for my nipples!
I opened my mouth a bit, hoping for another bite of chocolate strawberry when I heard the familiar pop of the champagne cork...I couldn't keep my eyes shut then...watching him, I realize there are no glasses, he didn't bring any with him...hmmm...drinking straight from the bottle? Oh! I got it! A tiny little grin and an even smaller exhale, and I lay back down to watch him while he sets everything up he wants around me...
What a nice surprise...he's going to enjoy me with this dessert! Chocolate, Honey, and Champagne to dip his strawberries in...he coats my torso, breasts, and belly with each of his sauces, and slowly shares the strawberries with me while he's teasing me...my clit is on FIRE and I'm having a hard time sitting still...
He gently whispers "it's not even close to what I'd like to give you, but please try to picture this room as your oasis...I'm here to give you pleasure"...This takes my breath away just as easily as his mouth is on my nipples, sucking the honey off that is still there, along with strawberry juice and chocolate sauce mixed with champagne...I'm certain he's on sugar overload by now, because I know I'm feeling pretty good also! He looks at me intently with his warm brown eyes, and smiles a slow and charismatic smile that melts my insides...what is on his mind? That smile is electric!
I ask, "can I return the favor? I'm hoping you saved some for me"...
"No baby, this is all for your pleasure, tonight is all about taking care of your needs, I'll get mine, don't worry"...
Okay, now normally this would have me going into a totally different direction...I'd be trying to figure out what his ulterior motive is, why is he behaving like this? I'd be sabotaging the mood, and making myself rigid with mis-trust...
But with this man, his eyes say it, his hands say it, his mouth says it, his body screams it! What is it? I knew I could trust him...I knew I would give this man anything he wanted of me...I was scared with others, but with this man, it was like I'd been waiting my whole life to go on this magic carpet ride with him...
He has been kissing me, feeding me, caressing me, sucking on me, and leaving me breathless with need...my eyes give me away, I'm flushed, I can feel his secret vibration from his skin, and his throbbing heartbeat, strong and steady...I'm aching to have this man inside me, and he knows it, so teases me some more...
He touches my clit, sharp intake of breath, eyes wide open, he KNOWS how to touch me...lightly, not mashing me, knowing how sensitive I am right now...he doesn't move his fingers, is he waiting for me to move? Then, I hear him reach for the ice with his other hand...oh God...is he going to do what I think he's going to do? OH GOD! He is...ice on my clit...I have to hold back my scream of shock and pleasure...he's got ice in both hands...one on my clit, the other rubbing my left nipple...the sensation is almost too much to bear!
I feel myself starting to cum...and I try to hold it back, knowing he's watching, knowing he'll keep me right here if I ask him to, so I do with my eyes, and he knows...so he stops, and watches me...
I am delirious...he's got me right on the brink, I can feel the walls of my pussy vibrating and waiting to explode in their contractions...I know he can see this, my face is flushed, my breathing is shallow, my nipples are still hard as rocks...
Slowly, gently, he lets the ice melt, not moving, making me feel every sensation of the melting process, knowing my heat is causing it and feeling the melt dripping all over me...it's a sensuous torture having him hold me this close to a mind blowing orgasm!
He whispers to me, "can you see your magic carpet under you now?" and slowly inserts 3 fingers inside, which pushes me way beyond any control and I cum like I haven't in a very long time! He's finger fucking me, but not too rough, just feeling my orgasm, and my rhythm...it's heavenly and I cry out that I know now what he was trying to show me on my magic carpet, and he's gonna take me for a ride...
He watches me intently as I bask in the glow of one of the best orgasms I've had in years! I'm still so turned on I can't stand it, and have to get him in my mouth! I reach for him, and he tells me, "not yet, I'm too close to cumming also" and tells me not to move just yet...once he stands up, I see the struggle he's having with his own orgasm...he's twitching and throbbing...it's all I could do not to make him cum for me, but he's got other plans...he goes to the night stand, and brings out a silk scarf. Then, he follows it with anklets made of silver with tiny little bells. Then a few more scarves follow...
He comes back to me, takes one ankle, and puts one of the anklets on, and shows me how it sounds when I move my foot by tickling me...my ears found a deep dark place in the back of my mind and liked the little tinkling sounds very much...then the other ankle...I'm feeling the urge to cum again, so I try to touch him, and he pulls away from me with a smile that melts my eyebrows!
The larger of the 3 scarves comes into play, and he puts it near my head, and asks me gently if I will let him blindfold me and tie my hands...I'm not one that likes to be confined in any way, but blindfolded is something I'm pretty sure I'd be okay with...so, he quickly, but gently, puts the scarf around my eyes, and my senses are on full alert...I want him badly, telling him that, he puts his fingers to my lips and tells me soon enough he'll be inside me...he gets some more ice, and since I can't see him, I have no idea where it's going to land...this sensation has me squirming all over the bed with anticipation...I can't believe the sensuality of this man!
He whispers softly in my ear that he's going to let me touch him, but I have to promise to stop if he asks me...I of course agree! He lays down beside me, and I can feel his erection...hard and throbbing...he's huge, and I'm happy! I try to speak, so he kisses me, which left me breathless...I didn't expect intimate kissing! Oh my God does this man know how to kiss!
I'm holding him in my hand, trying not to stroke him too much, or squeeze him too much, but I can't help taking the pre-cum and tasting it...I gotta know how this man's cum tastes! Mmmmm, much better, that's good cum! When I did this, I could hear his breathing stop, and I wanted to see him...read his expression...so I listened, I heard the smile, I heard the deep sigh, I heard him growl deep in his chest...and I was content with knowing he approved...
Now, I want him in my mouth! I asked him if I could make him cum in my mouth, he tried to stop me from speaking, but I wouldn't let him...I was on a mission, I wanted to swallow him whole! He said he's not ready to cum yet, but I reminded him he's gonna have no problem cumming now, and as many times later as he can stand...so, being convinced, he took the blindfold off, and let me have my way with him...
The details of my skills are legendary, so...
So, the legend is as follows, I know how to give fantastic head...I enjoy it, I get off on it, can have an orgasm while giving it, and ALWAYS swallow! Trust me, I have references...
My lover is pretty tensed up, and I can see he's gonna explode if I don't take my time...so, it's my turn to give him pleasure! I slowly caress him, get him to lay back on the bed, massage his thighs and calves gently...I make sure he's got pillows to prop himself up, because I want him to watch me, I want to see him also...I love to watch a man get excited as much as most men like to watch me cum or give them head...
Slowly, I wet the head, licking and sucking softly, just the head, nothing more...I'm waiting...ahhhh...that's it...the expansion is what I want to see and feel! Watch it swell and get darker, feeling the blood throbbing thru the shaft, making me want to hold him in my mouth while my tongue caresses him...but, he's too big for that...so, I have to improvise...I can't give away my trade secrets, but lets just say, this man is calling his Momma and Jesus all at the same time...
I can feel him start to tense, then the expansion happens even bigger than I'd expected, and a sharp intake of breath, and mmmmm...I'm swallowing his warm sticky cum and part of his head to massage him and suck him dry...this also helps to keep him hard...(if a woman can learn to swallow deep throat and enjoy it, she's gonna be as popular as I am...but if the dick is too big, all you can do is swallow and do your best to keep him hard by continuing to suck gently, and moan/growl/hum while he's in your mouth...if no one has ever done this to him, he'll be hard instantly)...
My lover is happy, his dick is happy, and my pussy is VERY wet and throbbing...now I need to get on my magic carpet and ride! So, I get him hard again, which surprises him, I can tell he's not used to that, and is a little concerned about performance...so, I reassure him, and whisper all he has to do is lay there and sweat, I'll do the rest...and proceed to climb up on top and fuck him senseless!
I've got to admit, it totally turned me on that he took charge at the beginning, but it's my nature to give pleasure...so, give it I shall, and cum as often as humanly possible while giving him pleasure...
It is my mission now to find the perfect carpet, that fits into my fantasy, and the memory of the night my lover took me on a Magic Carpet Ride...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

QoS Intro - Yoga Hotwife

Yoga Hotwife

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