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Mandingo Interview for the Month of May

Note from the Editor-in-Chief:  When I first started this magazine I wanted to highlight the Mandingos and Queens of Spades that make IR swinging the awesome lifestyle it is.  The concept has grown but initially I was only going to publish monthly interviews and pictorials from various Mandingos and QoS.  Since I launched this magazine/blog a little under a month ago, I have been flooded with requests by Mandingos and QoS alike to be featured in the magazine and the response to content already posted as been amazing.  Today is the first in what I hope will be a long series of interviews of Mandingos and QoS alike.  Enjoy and please comment and let us know what you think of our articles and site.

This month's Mandingo interview comes from a young Black Bull from Philly who was the first person to contact Spades Magazine about doing an interview with our magazine.  So its only right that he is our first Mandingo interview to be featured in Spades Magazine.  Sit back and get to know Roc Solid.

Q: Roc, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview and congrats on being the first Mandingo to be interviewed by Spades Magazine.  Tell us a little about you.

A: Well thank you, it is a true honor to be the first Mandingo recognized for the magazine.  I am Rocsolid or Roc Solid, I am 23 years old, I currently live in Philadelphia, Pa. I am a swinger/amateur pornstar only a year into the business and I love every second of it. Some people especially men can find it hard but its only actually hard if you make it.

Q: So lets start with the question everybody is wanting to know - Why do you love about Queens of Spades?

A:  The thing that I love most about a Queen of Spades is that they know what they want. There is no secret, no trying to hide it, and if you look hard enough you will find one. These lovely Queens know how to please and love doing it every second. If you treat them right and give them what they want they will love you forever. RESPECT is key when dealing with a Queen, you must learn to respect her husband or boyfriend and any other circumstances that she may have. Once you do that, you will have the best time together.

Q: Have you always been attracted to white women?

A:  I actually have been attracted to white women my whole life. It started when I was young and in grade school where my first crush and girlfriend in third grade was white. From then it took off and I have never looked back since.

"If you treat them right and give them what they want they will love you forever. RESPECT is key when dealing with a Queen, you must learn to respect her husband or boyfriend and any other circumstances that she may have. Once you do that, you will have the best time together."

Q: Do you prefer only white women or are you equal opportunity?

A:   I do prefer white women but I will not pass up the opportunity to lay a good looking Latino or Asian woman. I do believe in Interracial and that it should just not be black or white, it needs to be an open mind. I think a lot of people forget that since now in most IR porn scenes you see a black male with a white female.

Q: How long have you been in the lifestyle? What attracted you to it?

A:  I have been in the lifestyle since I was 19 (I know, I started young!). Well if you know me then there if no secret that I LOVE SEX. One of the things that women like about me is the fact I can go for hours at a time. One time a woman told me that I would never tire her out. Well I can tell you about 2 hours later she was the one who got tired!

Q: Invariably there will be some size queens reading this and I know that they want to know - how big are you?

A: I am 8 inches long and 7 inches thick when fully hard.

"The thing that I love most about a Queen of Spades is that they know what they want. There is no secret, no trying to hide it, and if you look hard enough you will find one. These lovely Queens know how to please and love doing it every second."

Q:  What's your favorite feature on a woman's body? What grabs your attention?

A:  Well I love the shape of a woman's ass. That is the best feature that turns me on which is most likely why doggystyle and reverse cowgirl are my favorite positions.

Q: What has been your best IR experience?

A: My best IR experience would have to be when I went to my first IR party. (When I swing I only attend IR parties) The women there gave me a wonderful time treating me to my first threesome where they both sucked my dick at the same time! How many men can say they had that at?

Q: What's the freakiest thing a QoS has ever done to you?

A: Well I can say the freakiest thing that a QoS has done to me was lick my asshole. So after I fucked her and cum inside her she without a pause asked me “Can I lick your ass?” Now I have never had that done to me before and I was a little nervous at first but once she convinced me to do it, I can honestly say it was one of the best feelings I have ever felt! Especially when she was licking my balls and dick while doing it. I know a lot of fellas out there might not like that and trust me I didn’t either, but you can’t knock it if you don’t try it!

"One of the things that women like about me is the fact I can go for hours at a time."

Q: Now I see that you are porn performer.  How did you get into that?

A: Yes, Ironically I got into porn through swinging friends of mine. The wife is an amateur star and she told me I should do it. I love to fuck and I like to do it on camera, so I thought I might as well do it then.

Q: Has that been something you always wanted to do?

A: Honestly no, I am in porn because I truly love to fuck! Not many people can say that, I know people who are in it for the money and unless I get signed and have to perform with them, you won’t see me on film with them.

Q: Who are some of the porn stars you have performed with?

Roc and Creampie Cathy

A: So far I have performed with Babs ( - site is longer active), Miss Kitty Pleasures, Creampie Cathy

Q: Who would you like to perform that you haven't yet?

A: I would love to perform with Sara Swirls, Dee Siren, Mandingo Blonde, Shelby Sexton, Kate Faucett, and Khristy Creams.

Q: Where can our readers find your films?

A: Currently I am in the process of creating a clips for sale site and a southern gents site so once those sites are up and running you can find them there.

"I am in porn because I truly love to fuck!"

 Q: Ok, I got a bit of curveball question for you. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only take one QoS with you, who would it be and why?

A: Wow, I have thought about this question over and over and I would have to say Khristy Creams because she has a perfect ass and titties that I would not get tired of looking at or fucking

Courtesy of Khristy Creams - @KhristyCreams

Q: Thanks for so much for the interview and best of luck to you in the future. Tell our readers where they reach you at.

A: Thanks for so much for the interview and best of luck to you in the future. Tell our readers where they reach you at. Thank you for the interview and our readers can reach me via Twitter @RocsolidXXX or via email at I will say that if any of you QoS come into the Philly area or nearby please let me know. I do have a few good mandingos that love having a good time with white women. And yes if you were wondering I do make the bed ROC ;) 

   Please comment and follow us on Twitter - @spadesmagazine.  If you have any question feel free to email us at 

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Celebrity Mandingo of the Month - May

Welcome to what will be an annual feature in Spades Magazine - the Celebrity Mandingo of the Month.  Each month we will publish a pictorial of famous Mandingo for all of our special Queen of Spades followers.  Hope you all enjoy.

Our first Celebrity Mandingo of the Month is actor and former NFL player Terry Crews.  Terry is one well built Mandingo hunk, ladies.  He is perhaps best known for playing Julius on the UPN/CW sitcom Everybody Hates Chris and for his appearances in Old Spice commercials, Arrested Development, The Newsroom and for his roles in films like Friday After Next, White Chicks, Bridesmaids, Idiocracy, Gamer, and The Expendables. He has starred as Nick Kingston-Persons in the TBS sitcom Are We There Yet? and as himself in the BET reality series The Family Crews. He currently plays NYPD Sergeant Terry Jeffords on the Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is set to be the newest host for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show.

Calling all Queens of Spades, feast your eyes on the Celebrity Mandingo for the month of May.

Find out more about Terry on Wikipedia and follow him on Twitter.

Allison's Introduction to the Wonderful World of Interracial Swinging

Hi, I’m Allison and my fiancé’s name is Mike and a little over 2 years ago we entered the world of swinging, interracial swinging that is. It’s something that has greatly enriched our own relationship and we have over time taken it from just swinging from time to time to eventually a cuckold relationship. I always get asked how did I or we become interested in all of this so I will try to explain it as best as I can along with our first experience with a BBC.

            Mike and I have been together for almost 6 years now and I couldn’t have chosen a better man to spend my life with. Mike is also the first man that I have ever slept with so it goes without saying that my sexual experiences were very limited before I met him. Just to give you a background I am 27 and he is 34. After moving in together we were all over each other all the time and as we became more comfortable with each other we begun to open up more and more about our fantasies and desires. We explored everything that we had talked about, buying toys, watching porn, dressing risqué and going out. It was a very exciting time for me as I was just beginning to explore my sexuality.

            Like most couples we have our shows that we watch on a regular basis and at the time the show Nip/Tuck was one that we always watched. In one of the episodes in the later seasons one the main characters takes his wife to an interracial swingers party where the wives would have sex with black men while the husbands watched. Some of you may have seen this scene and if you haven’t I really suggest you do as it is a really hot scene. I was so turned on I could barely contain it, I was trying my best to hide it as I didn’t want to hurt Mike’s feelings. A couple of days had passed and I thought about that scene pretty much all of the time even getting myself off a couple of times thinking about being the woman in the scene. That weekend we were playing around in our condo and started to look at some porn online and I happened to see one that was an interracial scene. I asked Mike if we could watch that one and he smiled and clicked on it. Watching a BBC for the first time was the most exciting thing I could think of up until that point in my life. Obviously I have been curious “as I believe most white women are” but this was the first time that I really watched something like that.

            After Mike and I had some really wild sex he asked me if watching the interracial scenes turned me on more and I told him that yes they do. He smiled and said he knew it and that he could tell that the show had gotten me really excited. He then told me that the idea of watching me with a large black man turned him on as well, so much so that he created a profile of us on the adult dating site Adult Friend Finder. Initially he did it to fill a curiosity but after a couple of months of looking at our responses and watching a whole lot of interracial and eventually cuckolding porn we decided to respond to a guy that we had sent pictures back and forth with.

            His name was Lorne and he was from Chicago, which gave him and Mike something similar to share as Mike is originally from there. He said he loved our pictures and would really love to be the one to introduce us into the lifestyle. His pictures were very sexy, he was fairly tall, muscular, well groomed and had the largest cock I have seen. After trading messages and a few phone calls we decided to meet in Atlanta as he had business there and we were going there for a weekend trip.

            He was staying at the Hampton Inn in Buckhead and we met him at his hotel. He greeted us in the lobby and we decided to go across the street and have drinks in the bar at one of the restaurants there. He was very charming and handled the situation very well, making sure to put both of us at ease and to help Mike feel included. After a couple of drinks he asked if we would like to go back to his room and I think I said yes before he could finish the sentence. lol.

            I remember getting to his room and wondering how everything would get started as I was excited but felt awkward at the same time. Lorne excused himself and went into the bathroom and I sat next to Mike to make sure he was still ok with everything that was happening. He said he was doing great and that he really wanted me to enjoy myself and that he didn’t want me to worry about him. To just let myself go to the moment. I was very happy to hear him say that.

            After about a minute Lorne came out of the bathroom wearing nothing and all I could do was stare at his big black cock. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I remember thinking to myself that this wasn’t going to be the last time I ever did something like this. He walked over to me and instinct took over and I dropped to my knees and started to feverishly suck my first black cock. I was in heaven and I could hear Lorne talking to Mike asking him if he was ready to see his girlfriend take her first black cock, to which he replied yes. He then started telling him that after the night was over that I wasn’t going to be fully satisfied by him anymore and that I would always need BBC to be fully fulfilled.

            Lorne lifted me up and laid me on the bed and laid on top of me and started kissing me. I could feel his big cock laying on my stomach and I was aching to have him inside me. He backed up a bit and I could feel him against my pussy about to enter me. I was in total bliss and I felt him slide slowly inside of me. I had never felt soo full in my life and the feeling was overwhelming. As he was sliding in me deeper and deeper he told me to tell him when he got as far as Mike does. It was a strange thing to say but I did. He held himself there and had Mike and I stare into each others eyes, once we did he started to push himself in further and I started telling Mike how he was touching me in places that he never could. Lorne took his time with me as I wasn’t used to that size. Once I became accustomed to it though he was fucking me like never before. I was screaming and he had me telling Mike how I was a slut for black cock now and he needs to get used to this. It was a very erotic experience. I was also excited to see Mike masturbating while sitting in a chair in the corner watching, it was nice to know he was enjoying himself as well.

            Lorne fucked me on and off for the better part of 4 hours which ended in him cumming all over my tummy. I had never seen soo much and then he asked Mike if he wanted to come over and clean it up. Mike shyly said no and then went to get us each a wash cloth. After cleaning up we got dressed and said goodbye to Lorne and went down to the car. Sitting there he asked me if I really enjoyed the experience to which I replied “oh honey, that was the first of many many more times.” We went home and were at each other all night, we had some of the hottest sex we had ever had but things were a bit different. I remember thinking that I wanted him to go further inside of me but he wasn’t able to, and I remembered what Lorne had told Mike. I knew at that moment that there was some truth to what he had said.

            Since then I have been with a couple of other black men, always with Mike present. We both have realized that this is a permanent part of our lifestyle now and we are both very happy with it. He even teases me now and then calling me a black cock slut, that’s ok though because he’s right!

--Allison Myers

Follow Allison on Twitter - @Myers12Allison

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Peggy's First BBC Gangbang

I was raised in the typical Southern environment. I grew up pretty sheltered from life.

Let me introduce myself. I am a married 47-year-old woman. I stand at 5’3” tall without heels; I have long legs and I’ve never considered myself to be extremely pretty but I’ve always thought that I have a nice set of tits and a nice ass to go along with it. My ass is what gets me the most compliments and now I can see why after having it photographed so many times. I am now the type of woman whom you will see in the grocery store parking lot bending over to put my groceries in the trunk. What’s so sexy about that? Well, it’s the short skirt that I am wearing MINUS the underwear.

I am highly sexual and love most aspects of sex. Sex is something I’ve been addicted to for years. (As if you did not already figure that one out.) I’ve never been diagnosed as an actual nymphomaniac, but I wouldn’t doubt it if I could be. Sex is an amazing thing. In recent years I have come to realize the power of sex. In coming to realize this, I’ve established some wonderful friends on and off the Internet.

And that is where this particular story begins.

I’ve always wondered about the rumors of black men. If you ever surf for interracial porn you’ll see there are some very well hung black men who participate in these photo/video shoots. At parties that I have gone to, I’ve often watched some sexy wife being taken back to have sex with some hot attractive black man. Walking by the door you will hear screams of extreme pleasure escaping her lips. But I never quite had the courage to peek around the door and confirm my curiosities. So for years, I have wondered if the myths are really true.

As I traveled, alone in motel rooms with nothing to do, I began searching the web for interracial porn when I was in my early 40's. I’d been curious before, but my curiosity escalated to a point that I just had to find out if all black men were as hung as the long ago boyfriend of mine. So I visited even more web-sites and saw things that made me want to scream or run. But yet, strangely enough I would find myself in a high state of arousal with panties so wet that I could wring pussy juice from them.

When I began to explore even further, I finally took the plunge and began talking with a black man when I was traveling. Most I had worked with or seen before and were well-known black men. At first, I was talking to a sexy black man was all that mattered at the time. I was a huge tease. Most that I talked with were fakes and cared less about me, the person, only wanted what was between my legs. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong after all, sex was the most important aspect of these relationships, but I wanted to be seduced. Seduction is a very powerful thing and can lead people to do things that they would never “normally” do. I’d never had any experience with black cock up until this time, as you know. And I could not base the rumors on just this one experience. I had to find out more.

From the beginning, I knew what I wanted, a gentleman. I wanted someone who would treat me with respect and not treat me like a slut. (Boy, did I get a run for my money on that one!!)

One black man in particular listened to my fantasies. And even told me several of his own. On several occasions we’d tried to meet, but either our schedules did not coordinate or I chickened out. Usually, it was me that chickened out and could not go through with it. He is a very busy man though and several times I assumed he’d given up on my fantasies and me. To my surprise, his patience never faltered.

Off and on we talked. He always mentioned meeting but never forced the issue. I hung out in the background watching interracial porn and reading all the stories of all these great adventures. I listened time and time again to several men tell me that I should just give into my craving. They would tell me, “You got a body made for the brothas.”, “Your ass is so curvy, you could take a foot of cock and it would have you screaming in ecstasy.”

I just thought this was all talk. Most of these men are single and just want pussy. But once I really started checking into black guys, let me tell you I’ve never been so turned on in my life. Not only are they not your typical “run of the mill” guys, some black men, especially those that fuck nothing but attractive, married white ladies, are HOT! Most of them had built bodies with some very large cocks. This was when I realized that these black guys don’t just go around begging for white pussy.

I’m trying to jump ahead of myself. In the past couple of years, I’ve gotten into being a web slut in my secret life. It really exploded when I joined some of the early “naughty wife” sites. After all, I travel all the time, so I could keep my slutty life secret from my husband, and have many of the things I constantly crave without the risk.

As I become more widely exposed through sites like Fetlife, I am forever asked to do shoots for a men’s magazine. I have even attended some promotion events and at one party were several very sexy black men. My lust for black cock became renewed again, quickly. I walked past a table of some sexy men engaged in conversation. When I walked past them again, one of them called out to me, “Hey, aren’t you Peggy?” I laughed and walked over to him, “Yes, who’s asking?”

He introduced himself to me and introduced the other men sitting there as well. He told me that he wanted to verify that I was really THE Peggy46 (my online persona) and asked me to lift my skirt and show off my “quickly becoming famous” bush.

So, I showed him my hairy shadow, peeking through and around my sheer all white bikini panties, and he asked me to join them. He patted his lap and added a dare. Not being a girl who ever turns down a dare, I sat right down on his crotch and made sure I constantly changed positions. If it was not already growing before I sat down, it certainly did not stay soft for long afterwards. I was getting really excited and the guys actually ended up passing me around between laps. It was really exciting. They wanted to take me to the back and I told them that I would have to think about it some, and perhaps some other time. I refused them politely. I didn’t regret it, but it certainly left me craving more.

About a month later, I decided to attend a party at a premises upscale swingers club. The night started out with a bang!

I noticed several really hot black men walking around the room, dancing with several women/couples, and straying off to the “play room” with several attractive females. . They were all dressed in solid black and very GQ looking. I assumed they were part of a club of some sort. And then it dawned on me that they might be a part of the local gang bang group, THE Mandingos, where my lust had originated in the earlier years.

In scanning the room, I first saw the man that had renewed my lust two years before, Art. He was the man whom I’d talked with on the Internet for more than two years. And in recent years he’d established a group for well hung, attractive black men who liked to have sex, and especially had a craving for the prim and proper, soccer mom types. These men participate in gangbangs, one-on-ones, threesomes and almost any other black cock fantasy a sexy lady or couple wants to fulfill. I kind of put two and two together and realized it was what I thought.

Before, I worked up the courage to introduce myself to the creator of the group; a very fine looking man approached me, we will call him “S”. For the first time in quite some time, I felt like a stuttering teenage girl. I could literally feel drool gathering. My reality sat right before my eyes; there was no way that I was not going to fuck this man. Although I could not fuck him THAT night, I was going to fuck him soon. We talked about all kinds of things. His voice, his clothes, his body and that bulge had me squirming and practically creaming in my panties. Eventually he ventured off to pursue other hot pieces of ass, but he never left my sights. I could just not believe something so hot had come up to me. My lust for black cock seemed to intensify greatly and I knew that this was the time to make a move and get me some of that!!!!

After talking with this man, I finally worked up the nerve to stop the originator of my black cock fantasies, Art. . At first I was a bundle of quivering nerves talking with him. He made me feel so comfortable just being around him. He made me laugh and put me at ease. Had I been able to, they would have had me that night at their commands.

I talked to Art off and on all night. I was beyond excited when they begin talking about an interracial party going on the following weekend. My birthday was the Monday after this party, so I thought what a wonderful present it would be to FINALLY have some black cock filling this bushy white pussy. My fantasies were finally coming true. And it was all I could do to contain myself. Art sat with me several times through out the night and introduced me to the members of his A-Team. WOW! Most of these men were what quivering wet dreams were made of. I couldn’t wait to get my hands all over them. Art asked me several times what I wanted, and he finally suggested a gangbang.
I did not know what I was getting myself into. It’s one thing to take on one nine and half inch cock for your first time, but more than one; I’d have to be crazy! But my lust overtook me and that was all I cared about. Get as much as you can girl.

So the week tarried on. It was so slow I thought Saturday night would never get here. I talked with Art online several times throughout the week. Some of the comments he made had me stirring in my seat, others made me wonder if I should even go through with it. But all of it left my panties soaking wet and dying for a taste of some chocolate. “A girl’s just gotta have her chocolate sometimes!” So, I prepared for it all week, mentally as well as psychically. But nothing could have prepared me for that night. NOTHING!!!!

It was the most exhilarating experience I’ve had with other men in quite sometime. I had experienced one gangbang in Daytona Beach during spring break, but I was about to experienced what a gangbang was all about. So, no matter what I had done, it was not gonna be good enough to get me ready for this.

I masturbate all the time with my PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder) condition, so I knew I was like a little nympho slut concealed behind the doors of my quiet suburban neighborhood home. If they only knew what I was up to behind these doors! I’m just your typical soccer mom, a technical version of a MILF, married to a man almost old enough to be my father, and with no sex at home, it certainly makes for an interesting combination, if I do say so myself.

So anyhow, I prepared all last week. I got my nails done and made sure my pussy was completely combed and really fluffy, the kind you see on most married ladies of my age. I decided the night of the party that I should just wear my hair straight down instead of trying to fix it. There was no way I was going to great efforts to fix it when it would just be pulled on and messed up. I guess I am just crazy like that. So I wore my hair straight down. I decided that a slut should look her part. I chose to wear a short black slinky glittered dress that fell just below my ass but rode up when I walked. My heels were five inches high. I met my friend Art in the parking lot of the hotel.

When I walked into the hotel room, I looked around first to see if there was a single man there that I would not let fuck me. These men were sexy, built and unbelievable. I knew that this was exactly what I wanted. My nerves of course were going crazy and my heart was pounding out of my chest, but had you been able to reach down between my legs you’d have discovered a lake forming there. And, that was just from my looking and talking with these men.

Art took me towards the bedroom. His hands explored my body. His mouth wrapped around my breasts. He inhaled my tit into his mouth like a pro. My bushy pussy was soaking wet and dripping down my thighs by this time.

He reached between my legs while we were standing in the doorway, and said something like, “Damn girl, you ARE ready for this.” And, I really was. Another object of my obsession kept coming in and out of the room. It really made it exciting knowing that I was there to be used as a slut. Before I even knew what was happening, I was getting my first taste of BBBC (big, black, beautiful cock). Art shoved his cock down my throat, instantly making me gag and cum. From the back end I could feel several hands reaching around and fondling my pussy and spanking my ass.

The thoughts were flying through my mind. I’m exposed! I’ve just given a group of men with the biggest cocks I have ever seen permission to fuck me in almost every position imaginable. When I would try and move my head to see what was going on behind me, Art would shove my face back down onto his cock and choke me with it. Even as big as he was I sucked his cock until my mouth was aching. Even now just thinking about the size of his wonderful cock my pussy tremors in orgasm.

I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed about the fact that I was so wet my pussy was farting. I’ve always considered that to be disgusting. But honestly, these guys are used to having experiences like that. I did not know that I was going soak the fucking bed though! From the first cock to the last, I hardly ever stopped cumming. They fucked me relentlessly. It was hard, it was fat and it was hardcore. There was no breaks and absolutely no coming up for air. I was constantly filled with hot chocolate cock in almost every hole. Once the guys realized I was the “real deal” the action really got started.

Then the biggest cock I’ve ever seen was right in front of my face. Even completely soft this guy’s cock dangled down his inner thigh. I thought, “Oh My fucking god. There is no way!” But, I did, and it happened, and it was great and I loved every black inch of it! And, I’d do it again.
It's not that I don't like white cocks, and there are some big ones out there, but sometimes, when a girl gets an invitation, she just has to go for a new and very exciting experience. Later, the guys told me that fucking a "country club" looking married gal like me was always their biggest turn-on.

All I can say is... wow'eee!


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