Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mandingo Interview for the Month of June

Spades Magazine is pleased to present to you our Mandingo interview for the month of June.  This month's interview is with Mr. Nuttz.  If you watch amateur IR porn on the tube sites then I am sure that you have come across his work and he is one of the best in the biz.  If you aren't familiar with him then read on. Enjoy and please comment.

Q: Thanks for agreeing to an interview, Mr. Nuttz.  Glad to have you in Spades Magazine.  Tell our readers about you. 

 A: My pleasure, glad to be a part of what you are doing as you spread the word about the lifestyle. I live in MOTOWN, yes sir, Detroit city. Not the ideal place for the amateur lifestyle but I make it work. I am in my mid 40's, 5'11', 198lbs. I am divorced but have a significant partner that knows my lifestyle.

Q: We have a few size queens who read Spades Magazine and I am sure they want to know how big are you? 

A: My size is just over 9 1/2 in length & just over 5 in girth. When a lady asks I just say, 'I am average!'

Q: How long have you been in the IR swinging scene? How and why did you get involved?

A:was introduced to the lifestyle during a softball tournament in Cleveland, OH., in the mid 90's. A couple cheered every move I made for a day & invited me back to their hotel room. I had no idea what was going on & the ol' G's had to tell me what was going on.

Q: What is a Queen of Spades to you? Why do you like them?

A: The 'Queen Of Spades' to me means the future... I enjoy them so much, because they are uninhibited. For the most part, the husband is aware or even part of the scenario, so the wife can be free & open. Nothing to hide & no one to hide it from. This also allows for the submissive side to evolve.

Q: What is the sexiest, hottest, nastiest, freakiest thing that a Queen of Spades has done for you or to you?

A: Well, I don't want you to lose your FCC license, so I will give you the B answer. But a husband was celebrating his last alimony payment to his ex wife, so he decided to throw a swinger's party. Seven couples were invited & they all were to invite one black bull to attend. Out of seven, I was the only one to show, so I had to service 7 wives in one night. I would rate that the hottest.

Q: What has been your best IR swinging experience?

A: Best IR swinging encounter was actually a cuckold couple that I was involved with. I had keys to the home for access at any time. The wife actually did some amateur video work & can still be seen on any tube site to date.

Q: What is one fantasy that you haven't fulfilled yet?

A: Unfulfilled fantasy? After 18 yrs. of this, I have done all that I can think of. 

Q: What do you look for in a playmate in the lifestyle? What's a women's most attractive feature to you? 

A: I look for curves... The more the merrier. I am also into submissive females. And there is something special about a redhead.

Q: You make your own IR movies and they are the some of the best on the amateur circuit in my humble opinion. How long have you been doing that and how did you get started?

A: THANK YOU! Especially since my material is sometimes on the 'darker side'. I have been making amateur/homemade videos since 1996. It became official in 2008 when I opened up my own studio. I got started when a girlfriend & I, along with a few couples decided to post a video each on a site to see who would get the most comments. The other couples got cold feet & our video received 100 comments in 24 hours. So I just connected the dots.

Q: Who have you shot with in the biz? How do you find women to shot with?

A: I have filmed with dozens, but I have to recognize the ladies that are in my network. They are the ones that put in all the hard work & labor with me & most of the time only the 'big name' gets recognized. 'Subrina Spurts', 'Eden Blows', 'Adena Paige', 'Christie Wett'. These are the ladies I cherish in the lifestyle. How do I find them? lol, they find me now... A brother has built up enough credit. LMAO

Mr. Nuttz and Christie Wett

Q: Who is your favorite person to shoot with?

A: My favorite to shoot with was 'Bambi Birch' but, unfortunately, she had to leave the lifestyle.

Q: Who haven't you filmed with that you would love to film a scene with?

A: Harmoni Kalifornia. We met a few months ago & was scheduled to shoot together, but due to circumstances we were not able to make it happen. We did take a pic together and it surfaced on twitter. I received about a dozen emails asking me when will the video be available? So in due time I would love to work with her. 

Mr. Nuttz and Harmoni Kalifornia

Q: OK, so I've read your answers and checked out your pics, where can I find your movies?

A: My Website/Clips4Sale Store since October 2008 this has been the place to check out my material. In the near future I will have some new projects available with my network, TEAM VP, so be on the lookout for that as my partner 'G, TheVP_08' is putting things in motion.

Q: You are stuck on a deserted island and you can only bring one QoS with you. Who is it?and Why?

A: I have to give you the politically correct answer here. So that would be my porn wife 'Christie Wett'. She has been with me for the longest & a true friendship has formed. And the marriage is complete with real arguments, so it will be just like being at home.

Q: Thanks for the great interview.  Where can we keep with you at? 

A: I am ol' skool, so I struggle to try to keep up on the social medias, but you can find me on Twitter, or email me at

I couldn't complete this interview without shouting out to two cats that showed me big love back in the day & have paved the way for so many others. First, I would like to acknowledge 'DFW Knight'. When someone 1st compared me to him I was really blown away. He's the 'Godfather' of the game. The 2nd one is my man up in NYC Big Max, love talking to Max & he shared a lot of knowledge with me. When cats like this share the knowledge with you, it's hard to go wrong.

Mr. Nuttz and Sean Michael


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  2. Keep on rocking Brother. Loved the interview, heres to bigger and greater things in the coming years.

  3. Great stuff. We are also into cuckolding ;-)
    Unfortunatley in Austria there isn´t a big interracial scene.

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