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Queen of Spades Interview for the Month of June

The Queen of Spades for the month of June is also the first Queen of Spades to be interviewed for Spades Magazine.  This month's Queen of Spades is the sexy and wild Mandi McGraw.  If you have ever had a chance to see some of Mandi's pics and/or videos in the past then you already know that Mandi is a voracious and insatiable Black Cock Slut.  On the other hand if this is your first exposure to Mandi then you are in for quite a treat.

Q: Hi Mandi. Tell our readers about you.

A: I’m 5’8”, 152 lbs. with 38DDD breasts. I’ll own up to being over 60 although most people think I’m much younger. I live near Tampa, Florida in a clothing optional community that is generally considered to be “Lifestyle Friendly”.  That’s why I have the all-over tan you see in my pictures. I’ve been happily married to one man since I was 18 years old.  I’m a black cock lovin’ slut and proud of it.  I’m also a mother and grandmother (but shhhh, the kids don’t know about my lifestyle).

I think most people would say I’m gregarious, easy to meet, and that my best features are my legs, DDD breasts, and smile. I’m multi-orgasmic, vocal, totally insatiable, and a certified nympho-MILF slut.  I’m an enthusiastic sexual partner who truly appreciates and enjoys great sex.

I also have an exhibitionistic side, wearing sexy and revealing clothes (without panties or bra) whenever possible, and enjoy having an audience at parties or clubs. If a guy should push the right buttons I might even squirt.

I think I’ve always been a slut at heart.  I look back on all the naughty things I did when I was very young (under 25) but always with my husband’s knowledge and consent or direct involvement.  So I guess I must have been a “closet slut” just waiting for my inner slut to be turned loose.  I’ve always been very sexual, and it was me, not my husband, who first prosed having sex with other partners.  It took him a while to get used to the idea.  And then when he started to play with other ladies it was me who was feeling uncomfortable.  Fortunately we both got past that quickly and we have enjoyed a non-monogamous marriage for many years.

Q: How long have you been in the IR swinging lifestyle?

A: About 9 years, although I did occasionally enjoy new sexual partners for about 15 years before that, mostly while on vacation.

Q: What is your definition of a Queen of Spades? What does it represent to you?

A: To me a Queen of Spades is a woman (age undefined) who is exclusively and entirely immersed in pleasuring (in whatever form that might be) and being pleasured by the black male.  For me it’s like a having a magnet in my body that draws black men to me without a word being spoken.

Q:  Are you Black cock only?

      I have an extreme preference for black cock and that is where my sexual desires lie.  I love the look and feel of a black man’s skin, particularly when compared to my own.  When I’m with an attractive black man my sexual libido comes alive.  My body just has this almost magnetic pull toward them.  Sometimes I think it’s just crazy.  When I’ve arranged to meet a new black man I feel like I’ve been energized.  My body just seems to come alive with anticipation.  I can’t wait to meet and see if we connect as I think we will.  The thrill of anticipating how well we will mesh together, enjoying his hands, his mouth, and his hard cock, makes my pussy tingle and moisten.  I really love that feeling.


  Q: How long have been into BBC? When did it start? Have you always been attracted Black men?

A: I was raised in a very white environment in CA.  As result I rarely had any racial interaction when I was young or even during the first few years of my marriage.  But then I met black couple with whom we became friends.  I was totally turned on by him, but nothing occurred at that time.  But if there had been an opportunity I definitely would have taken it.

A few years later we were vacationing in Jamaica and I met one of the crew members on the resort’s catamaran sailboat (Ron) while on a day cruise.  We ended up getting together late one evening….my first black cock.  He had a magnificent body.  Very strong and well endowed.  I was totally fascinated and intrigued.  Fortunately my husband was very cool and he had no problem sharing me with him.  Ron’s hard cock was very large (at least 9 inches and thick) and I wondered if I would be able to take him.  Well, it was no problem there… pussy was so wet with anticipation that he just slid right in.  What an awesome and full feeling.  Since that first experience we returned to Jamaica many times, and I always found at least one “chocolate delight” to enjoy on every trip. 

However, I had no regular black lovers until we moved to Florida 10 years ago.  Life changed a lot after that!  In a very good way.  LOL!

Q: However, I had no regular black lovers until we moved to Florida 10 years ago.  Life changed a lot after that!  In a very good way.  LOL!

A: Oh, I most definitely am.  I enjoy sex in all ways and there are times when anal is very appealing.  Not always, but there are times that I will ask a lover to fuck my ass.  And of course there is all the play that goes into enjoying anal.  The touching, the fingering, the tongue.  All can be very erotic and stimulating.  Sometimes toys at this point can be an extra bonus giving further heights of enjoyment for both me and my partner.

"I think I’ve always been a slut at heart. . . . .So I guess I must have been a “closet slut” just waiting for my inner slut to be turned loose."

Q: What do you look for in a guy? What are your turn-ons? turnoffs? 

A:  My favorite is a well-spoken, professional-appearing young man.  A guy that takes care of himself so he is trim and fit.  Current or former athletes are a perfect example.  I love the smooth black skin.  A guy with little hair is usually preferred.  Talking about hair, I love when a guy shaves smooth around his cock and balls.  I totally enjoy sucking, licking and running my tongue all around the cock, balls, and ass hole, so being smoothly shaved truly makes a BIG difference.  At times I have requested guys to trim and shave before we get together….and they all told me that it made a big difference in their enjoyment.

Because I am sexually insatiable and can be very aggressive in bed, I look for guys who are truly in shape.  My guys need lots of stamina!......I’ve been called a “cardio workout”, or “Marathon Mandi”!

Q: Ever had a BBC gangbang? If so, what did you like about it?

A: Because I’m insatiable and an exhibitionist, having a number of BBC’s all around me for my total enjoyment and pleasure can be absolute heaven.  Over the past few years I have enjoyed many gangbangs and can’t imagine that I will ever tire of them.  Looking around at all the hard cocks waiting for my touch, my mouth, my wet dripping pussy, my ass….  feeling theirs hands as they stroke my body turning me on as I moan with anticipation, is a totally incredible experience.  Yes, I’m a black cock slut and proud of it. 

I can also be a squirter and many guys find that really hot.  Some guys seem to know exactly where that button is and how to get me squirting.  That is just orgasmic.  

Q: What's the freakiest, nastiest thing you have ever done sexually?

A: I know I’m a “naughty girl”, but I really don’t think of what I truly enjoy as being nasty or freaky.  Actually it depends of the eye of the beholder and how they think of particular sexual actions.

For example, just this weekend I did what I thought was the nastiest thing that I had ever done, ass-to-mouth.  I was with a particularly dominating black man and we were enjoying extreme hot and heavy sex and had moved on into anal.  When he finally pulled his cock out of my ass he said “suck my cock”.  I’ve seen ass-to-mouth on porn videos, but I’d never been asked to do that, so I kind of pulled back.  He pushed my head to his cock and said “Mandi, suck my cock now”.  And I did.  I have to say that it was much more pleasurable than I expected.  Not only that, but now that I’ve done it I think it will be something I will enjoy doing all the time.

Q: Something that is becoming more and more of a phenomenon in amateur IR porn videos on the tube sites is having a white woman rimming a black guy's ass.  Have you done it? Is something you are into? 

A: Actually yes I have enjoyed doing this for a number of years.  Once I became comfortable with participating in anal sex it just seemed that this was an area where one could give the man an extremely pleasing and naughty sensation.  When you are familiar with a man and his desires it is easy to tell when a man would totally enjoy the rimming of the ass.  I find I truly enjoy rimming a black guy’s ass and enjoy when he reciprocates as well.

Q: How does your husband feel about the lifestyle? Does he participate with you? 

A: My husband is very much into the lifestyle and my particular life of enjoyment with black men.  On occasion he will join in when I am entertaining one of my black lovers, but generally not.  He does enjoy going to lifestyle parties and likes to participate when he finds someone of his interest.  He also particularly likes it when we’re at a “chocolate” party where he can see me enjoying many black males at once.  I’m insatiable and absolutely love having multiple black partners to enjoy at one time.

Q: What the biggest cock you ever had?

A: I have probably not experienced an extremely large cock.  10-11 inches and thick is probably the largest.  With some pictures I see online I think I have been deprived in this area!  Ha Ha 

Q: What is the perfect sized cock for you? Are you a size Queen?

A: I’d say my favorite size is a thick cock that is 8 to 9 inches long.  I don’t think of myself as a size queen who is always looking for the biggest cock.  I’ve been totally satisfied by many guys with “mid-size” cocks who really know how to use their cock to satisfy a woman. 
However, I must admit that a particularly small cock (less than 6 inches) is not fulfilling for me.  Fortunately, I haven’t found many black men with cocks that are less than 6 inches……LOL.

Q: How many guys have you had at once?

A: One of the first gangbangs I participated in was about 9 years ago.  It ended up with me getting gangbanged by 25-30 black guys!   It was amazing and totally fucking incredible.  From that point on I was completely hooked on black cocks, and that is now what I look for exclusively in my sexual escapades.

Q: Swallow or Spit?

A: I definitely swallow.  My favorite place for a guy to cum is in my mouth and/or on my face.  I love the taste of cum and hate to see any of it go to waste!  And if a guy cums somewhere other than my mouth, I always want to lick all the remaining delicious juices of him and me…I don’t want to waste a drop! 

At a party last year I was fucking a guy doggy while one of my GF’s was next to me giving another guy a BJ.  She doesn’t swallow so when he came, he came all over her face.  So she turned to me and I licked all that cum off her face. Everyone (including me)  thought that was so hot.

 Q: Are you Bi?

A: Here I will have to say that I am not bi.  My hubby wished I was…..LOL.  However, in certain circumstances I do enjoy the action with a woman when a guy is also involved.  But it is not something I go looking for.  I’m hooked on black cocks, not pussys.

Q: Do have a celebrity crush?

A: I’ve never been one to have crushes on celebrities, I guess I like to know the whole guy….sort of like a complete package is what draws me to him.  But I guess I’d pick Jaime Foxx as a favorite

Q: I see that you are an adult performer.  How did you get into that? How long have you been doing it?

A: Doing porn is certainly not anything I ever imagined myself doing, although I’ve always enjoyed being an exhibitionist.  Shortly after we moved to Florida in 2004 we became good friends with a couple who were into amateur porn (Lady D and her husband).  She started inviting me to watch her do shoots when she was with someone she thought I might like.  She would tell me to “jump right in if you want to join in the fun”.  The first time I went to watch her shoot…..OMG, as I watched the action there was just no way that I didn’t want to be right in the middle of that scene.  The camera didn’t intimidate me at all, which was a total surprise to me.  So I participated in a few films with her and then later started up my own interracial website. A couple years later I added another website.  I currently have two websites and a Clips4sale site.

Q: Have you fucked any big name porn stars?

A: I’ve spoken to Richard Mann and DFW Knight, but we’ve not yet been able to connect.  Hopefully that will occur sometime soon.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only take one BBC with you, who would it be and why?

A: Only one?  That would be so difficult to narrow it down to the one that has the total package of personality, humor, great looks, and a complete menu of sexual skills. Oh and be a good cook too!  Ha ha.  Only kidding, that would be something of low importance to me as I love cooking.  I think I will need to ponder this question for a while.  Maybe I haven’t met him yet!

Q: Once again thanks so much for doing the interview.  Best of luck to you in the future.  Where I can our readers find at if they wanted to. 

A: You can me find at:

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  1. Good interview! Always wanted to hear the side of someone her age that has to do with the love of black men. I 1st saw her in a rude video then yahoo groups. Shes good on camera an has a good body a lots of energy.

    1. Thanks for the comment James. Glad you liked it.

  2. A great talent & the life of any party

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