Thursday, July 31, 2014

Introducing Queen of Spades Piper Dixon

I would like to introduce you to a sexy Queen of Spades from the SW US- MILF Piper Dixon. This Arizona BBW is an insatiable BBC Queen who loves and worships her Black Masters.  This is the kind of woman that you will never hear "No" escape her lips when she is being serviced by a BBC.  I first came across Piper through her awesome Xhamster videos and have since talked to her on Twitter and thru email.  I am so glad that she agreed to featured here on Spades Magazine.  The world needs more white women like her.  Enjoy and leave a comment to let Piper know how much you enjoy her.

Here is one of her Xhamster videos as well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Special Feature: Pics of White Wives and BBC

Spades Magazine is pleased to present for your viewing a special feature with pics of White Hotwives doing what they do best . . . . with some well hung BBC.  We need to say nothing more, just enjoy.  And please leave comments.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mandingo Interview for the Month of July

Spades Magazine is very fortunate to have legendary Mandingo D. Wise agree to an interview with us.  If you watch a lot of IR porn (like I do) then you are very familiar with D. Wise's work.  He gets major credit with me for fucking some my favorite Queens of Spades like Dee Siren, Mandy Monroe, Alura Jenson and Rachel Domino (who did a interview with us earlier this month). As a matter you should join Mandy Monroe's website to the phenomenal anal scene that she does with D. Wise.  Personally it is one of the best anal scenes I have seen and it has two of the best pornstars in the business.  So let's get to the interview.  Enjoy and leave comments.


"A Queen of Spades is a white chick who EXCLUSIVELY fucks black dudes with the ONLY exception of their white husband"

SM: Thanks for agreeing to an interview, D. Wise.  Glad to have you in Spades Magazine.  Tell our readers about you. 

D. Wise: Hello my name is D.Wise. I'm 45 yrs old but I am told that I look 20-something. I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York - raised in Queens. Now back living in Brooklyn. I'm the Owner/Director of the DVD series called Chasing White Booty as well as the Director or many other interracial titles such as Wives Gone Black, 40Plus, Black in My Wife, MILF's Love Chocolate and countless others. Currently I focus on my Clips4Sale store and also continuing my DVD series including Chasing Milf Booty, and Chasing BBW Booty which are soon to be released. I can be found on Twitter and Instagram (@Deiwise). I'm single, but ALWAYS ON THE CHASE.... 

SM: We have a few size queens who read Spades Magazine and I am sure they want to know how big are you? 

D. Wise: I find myself to be one of the smaller guys in the click. I'm holding about 8" which seems to cut the mustard in some cases.

SM: How long have you been in the IR swinging scene? How and why did you get involved?

D. Wise: I've been into IR swinging long before I knew it was called swinging. In Junior High I lived in an area of Queens called Kew Gardens. We were one of 3 black families in the area. All that was around me was white chicks. And they all seemed to have a natural curiosity about my dark skin. And I was just trying to tap the chicks that I saw on TV.... ( Early 80's ) for those who remember what TV was like then.

SM: What is a Queen of Spades to you? Why do you like them?

D. Wise: To me a QOS is a white chick who EXCLUSIVELY fucks black dudes with the ONLY exception of their white husband. If he's even that lucky. I like them for being bold enough to OPENLY express their TRUE DESIRES for the said taboo.

SM: What is the sexiest, hottest, nastiest, freakiest thing that a Queen of Spades has done for you or to you?

D. Wise: The sexiest thing a QOS as done for me was travel across the country to the AVN convention and put EVERYONE on notice. No one could even SMELL THE PUSSY, until D.Wise got to FUCK HER IN THE ASS. Nothing was as hot as that. And this one is a KNOWN BBC SLUT

"What I look for in playmates are 3 things ONLY - physical attributes that I'm attracted to - TITS,ASS, SLUTTINESS"

SM: What has been your best IR swinging experience?

D. Wise: My BEST IR SWINGING EXPERIENCE WAS: going to a swing resort for a weekend with porn star BROOKE HUNTER and her then husband Don Hollywood. And getting to do anal with her. She has been a long time friend as much as I was a fan of hers. She sits at the VERY TOP of my swing world.

SM: What is it about White women that attracts you?  Do you like just White women or are you equal opportunity?

D. Wise: I like the CONTRAST as much as THE TABOO of white women. The stigma of "WHAT WAS NOT EVEN THOUGHT OF" back in the day still feels a bit forbidden. The various shapes, skin tones, and eye colors are always a draw as well. Now actually white women are NOT the only women I'm attracted to. I LOVE ALL SEXY WOMEN. But my porn career has ONLY survived because of white women. The companies felt I was not "Mandingo" enough to shoot me with black chicks.

SM: What is one fantasy that you haven't fulfilled yet?

D. Wise: I have fulfilled EVERY FANTASY I've ever had, believe it or not. As a teen I fantasized about sex with NINA HARTLEY and JEANIE PEPPER. Did that. As an adult fantasized about having multiple women in a relationship. Did that. My ex roommate porn star John E Depth thought I was crazy for having 3 women in my bed every night. 

SM: What do you look for in a playmate in the lifestyle? What's a women's most attractive feature to you? 

D. Wise: What I look for in playmates are 3 things ONLY. Physical attributes that I'm attracted to. TITS,ASS, SLUTTINESS . . . . All of the above or ANY COMBINATION. And those are the things I am MOST attracted to, AFTER she expresses a desire to GIVE ME SOME.

SM: Turns ons? Turn offs?

D. Wise: My biggest TURN ON's are pretty faces accompanied by a PHAT ASS. My turn off's are having my balls played with and unwilling participants. Let me EXPLAIN that one.... For example. Chicks who are there STRICTLY for the money, chicks who don't really even LIKE men, chicks who have been brain washed to think that they are so beautiful, that every man is suppose to get an instant erection when he simply LOOKS AT HER !!! 

"I like the CONTRAST as much as THE TABOO of white women. The stigma of 'WHAT WAS NOT EVEN THOUGHT OF' back in the day still feels a bit forbidden."

SM: Favorite position? 

D. Wise: My favorite position is ANY ONE that places my dick inside a woman that is NOT called PILE-DRIVER.

SM: You make your own IR movies and they are the some of the best in the biz. How long have you been doing that and how did you get started?

D. Wise: Let me take a moment here to say THANK YOU to you SPADES MAGAZINE for asking me to do this interview, and expressing that you feel my IR movies rate high in your opinion of the movies on the market. 

I Started my DVD series back in 2004, after a great conversation with Jim Lane and Don Hollywood who encouraged me to be my own boss and Jim for giving my idea for a series a place to call home. The actual START was due to my good friends SOPHIE DEE and EDEN 38DD who both believed in me enough to be the VERY FIRST co stars in the unformulated idea. And did countless things to help me get it off the ground. 

SM: Who have you shot with in the biz? How do you find women to shot with?

D. Wise: I have shot with many AWESOME women including the ones I've mentioned early in this interview. Some others include some of my close personal friends such as: Honey White, Lisa Sparxxx, Misty Stone, June Summers, Kelly Brooks, Misty Love, Trinity Post, Donna Red, Skyy Black, Kaci Starr, Pinky, Mone Devine, Samantha 38G, Nicole Moore, Brandy Lyons, Natasha Starr, Karla Lane, Candace Von, Friday, Chelsea Zinn, Veronica Stone, Dee Siren, Kiki Dare, Carey Riley, Rita Daniels, Kelly Leigh, Zoe Andrews, Selah Rain, Summer Sinn, Alura Jenson... and SO MANY OTHERS. 

SM: Who is your favorite person to shoot with?

D. Wise:  My FAVORITE person to shoot with...  Say what you might about me after you read this, but I SWEAR it is the truth. My favorite is equally divided between 3 women. Nina Hartley, Brooke Hunter, and Kaci Starr.  Let me explain. Nina, because she is such an AWESOME women, beautiful, curvaceous, and giving. Her looks are to kill for. In terms of how WELL she has maintained over the years. The FACT that she and Sara Jay have the ABSOLUTE ROUNDEST asses that are so tight in the biz. Giving, because she genuinely loves sex. So she makes sure you get to enjoy her. Her professionalism. She is such a PORN PRO

Brooke, because she was the chick who didn't do IR. She did ME. We had such a cool friendship and bond outside of the industry. She was the women who knew what my favorite meal was.

Kaci, because she became my right hand. In and out of the biz. After a shaky meeting based on some serious COCK BLOCKING by her then agent. We linked up at an AVN convention a year later, and became inseparable. People used to call us liars when we said we weren't dating. She and I traveled together and went to industry events too. We shot several scenes for various projects. She assistant directed on many of my MILF projects for Samtin and Sticky Video. Shooting with her was like being with a girlfriend without the labels..

SM: Who haven't you filmed with that you would love to film a scene with?

D. Wise: To be honest, in terms of IR shooting. There are only 2 women that I have not shot with that I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to. They are Lisa Ann and Devon Lee. I truly dig their LOOKS and their business flow.

SM: Do you have a celebrity crush? 

D. Wise: I do have a celebrity crush, that is Scarlet Johansson. What can I say. She got the face and THE BOOTY!!!

SM: Thanks for the great interview, D. Wise.

D. Wise: Before I go I want you guys to follow my twitter and witness the NEW STARS OF THE FUTURE for various NICHE MARKETS including IR. I'm going back to management solely . . . very SOON. Then the ONLY FUCKING I'll be doing will be swinging and my chick . . . . when I find her

 "The sexiest thing a Queen of Spades as done for me was travel across the country to the AVN convention and put EVERYONE on notice. No one could even SMELL THE PUSSY, until D.Wise got to FUCK HER IN THE ASS."