Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mandingo Interview for the Month of August

Its time for another great Mandingo interview.  This month's interview is with Marcellus, a black bull who has been reading Spades Magazine since the beginning.  Ladies enjoy and if you like what you see get in contact with him.  And leave comments.


"My best IR experience was doing two sisters at the same time in a threesome situation."

SM: Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview and congrats on being the first Mandingo to be interviewed by Spades Magazine.  Tell us a little about you.

Marcellus: My name is Marcellus Antonius St.Croix. I am 33, part Dominican and Black. I am a Vet of the Army and Marines and currently I am in the process of opening my own business as well as being a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder.

SM: So lets start with the question everybody is wanting to know - Why do you love about Queens of Spades?

Marcellus: What I love about the QOS is that they know what they want. Now of course I realize there are many fakes, but its my goal to find those who are interested in having real encounters and pairing them up with REAL Mandingos and make it a great encounter. I would like possibly to even release a new series of adult videos of these encounters. When you are a busy man such as myself, you don't have time or patience for a lot of games and fakes. I like to get off work, relax, have some good food and good fun and good conversation.

SM: Have you always been attracted to white women?

Marcellus: Yes.

SM: Do you prefer only white women or are you equal opportunity?

Marcellus: I prefer only white women. I deal with others if I cannot find the one that I want. I am very picky of the white woman I want. I tend to be on the kinky side so It may take me a while to find one that really strikes me the right way.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle? What attracted you to it?

Marcellus: I have been in the lifestyle since I was about 17 yrs old.  When I came into the business the internet wasn't what it is today so it was more hands on. Meaning I visited sex clubs and so on. What attracted me to it was the amount of attention I received from the women I was serving at that time. I was real and was there instead of the guys that would stand them up, so because of that, they were very accommodating, to say the least.

SM: Invariably there will be some size queens reading this and I know that they want to know - how big are you? 

Marcellus: Length wise I am right at 10 inches and girth around 6 inches all the way around. Added the downward curve which is a g-spot favorite.

SM: What's your favorite feature on a woman's body? What grabs your attention? 

Marcellus: Her eyes and legs. But what Attracts me the most is her ability to carry a decent conversation. 

SM: What has been your best IR experience?

Marcellus: My best IR experience was doing two sisters at the same time in a threesome situation

SM: What's the freakiest thing a QoS has ever done to you?

Marcellus: I've had a woman that wanted to be fisted. But the freakiest was a woman who wouldnt go home. Like she actually slept in her car til the next day til i was ready to fuck her some more. 

SM: What is one fantasy that you haven't fulfilled yet?

Marcellus: An interracial orgy
SM: What do you look for in a playmate in the lifestyle? 

Marcellus: I love conversation. But i love a woman who is fun to be around and yet a person I can come to when things arent always going good. I feel that our lifestyle lacks the true friendship bonds that we should have. 

SM: A lot guys get in amateur porn and film their adventures.  Is that something you are interested in?

Marcellus: Well i have been involved in selling porn and sex novelties, one of my business ventures is to open my own store as well as producing interracial EROTICA. 

SM: Do you have a celebrity crush - just in case they are reading this?

Marcellus: MY celebrity crush would be Sharon Stone

SM: Ok, I got a bit of curveball question for you. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only take one QoS with you, who would it be and why?

Marcellus: Mandingo Blonde Mandi partly because I have known her for awhile and because she is a true friend and i know she will always make a bad situation great.

SM: Thanks for so much for the interview and best of luck to you in the future. Tell our readers where they reach you at.

Marcellus: I can be emailed at


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