Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sarah's Discovers BBC and the Lifestyle

One of the things that has stunned me since launching Spades Magazine, besides its seemingly instant popularity, has been its international reach.  I have been contacted by Queens of Spades and BBC from all over the globe who love the magazine and read every post.  I am exceedingly grateful for the readership and feedback.

Today I am proud to feature a post written by one of Spades Magazine's International fans - Sarah P.  Sarah is a sexy 31 year old QoS and soon-to-be Hotwife from the United Kingdom.  Sarah contacted me to tell me how much she loved the blog.  After some conversations back and forth, Sarah agreed to write a special post for the magazine detailing her introduction the Interracial Swinging Lifestyle.  It is a hot and steamy story I know our readers will love and I hope Sarah will contribute more sexy stories like it in the future. Follow sexy Sarah on Twitter and leave comments to let her know how you love the story.


I've been following Spades Magazine for a while and so the idea of sharing my own experiences with other readers is something that has really turned me on. I suspect some people may not consider me to be a 'true' QoS, but black men have been my passion for a number of years and I know the lifestyle will form a key part of my future. I hope my story could help to encourage other women to embrace their sexuality and submit fully to BBC. 

By way of an introduction, I'm Sarah and my fiance is David. We're both aged 31 and from the UK. I guess you could say we lead pretty 'normal' lives -  we have a house, professional careers, close friends and family, and we're due to get married in September after ten years together. However, what perhaps sets us apart from the norm is that we've been swinging for almost nine years with an increasing focus on interracial sex and cuckoldry. 

Our initial venture into the swinging world started in the same way I suspect it does for many couples: watching porn, discussing previous sexual partners and sharing fantasies. Although we were both young, we were mature enough to know that we could have a relationship while experimenting with others. Before long, we had signed up to a number of swinging sites and were soon meeting other couples for steamy sessions. 

Initially the meets were purely for me to indulge my bi-sexual side, but after much discussion we decided were comfortable with each other having full penetrative sex with others. I think our first full swap was something of a landmark in our relationship. I remember that intense feeling of excitement as David held my hand while another man eased his cock into my pussy. From this moment onward, I knew there was no going back. 

In the years that followed we met many couples, having some amazing experiences in the process. I think this would end up being a novel if I was to discuss them all, but suffice to say we fulfilled a huge proportion of our fantasies which included visiting swinging clubs and having group sex. Swinging really allowed us to push our sexual boundaries in ways I never thought possible. 

However, about four years ago things unexpectedly started to change within the space of a few weeks, both in our normal everyday life and in our discreet swinging life. As the UK economy crashed, my once safe job in finance had disappeared and I was left looking for employment elsewhere. Then, an opportunity arose at a firm I really wanted to work for - the only catch being it was a few hundred miles away from the home I shared with David. 

After much discussion, I decided to take the job and rented an apartment close to the new company's office, planning to live there from Monday to Friday before going back home to see David at the weekends. The first few weeks were difficult but we both soon adjusted to the new way of life. It was during one weekend trip home that David suggested I might like to look for potential swinging partners to play with while we're apart. 

I have to admit, I enjoy using toys but the lack of sex was killing me. I gave it some thought and before long found myself exploring swinging sites for couples... and single men. One local guy in particular caught my eye - he was called Mark and from his profile pictures seemed very good-looking. After exchanging emails, I also discovered he was funny, intelligent and easy going. Oh, and I should also mention he was black and incredibly well endowed. From the pictures he sent to me, his cock looked gigantic and like no other man I'd had sex with before. 

With David's blessing, I met him for a drink after work one evening. It was only supposed to be a quick chat and a glass of wine or two but I was unable to tear myself away. There was something intoxicating about him. We stayed talking and flirting until the bar closed and the staff told us to leave. Outside on the street, he put his hand on my cheek and asked what the next step was; part of me wanted to rip his clothes off there and then but I couldn't help but think of David sat and home alone and what he'd say. Instead I made do with a long, passionate kiss; our tongues intertwining as strangers passed us by. As we kissed, he gently rubbed my nipples through my blouse and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would be his. 

I got back to my apartment and instantly started to finger my pussy. I was so wet thinking about Mark, aching for his cock inside me. The next day at work my mind was racing: something about the situation felt so wrong yet so right. I couldn't start meeting another guy without David present, could I? My head said I shouldn't complicate our lives by meeting alone but my pussy said something entirely different. 

I reasoned that David should meet Mark before anything happened so arranged for him to come down for the weekend. On the Saturday evening, I told him in full about my drink with Mark and how I wanted to take things further but was unsure what this would mean for our relationship. He seemed taken aback at my honesty - and the fact I'd kissed him so openly in the street - but assured me he wanted what I wanted. And I wanted Mark.

One phone call and 20 minutes later, Mark was sat in the lounge of my apartment and our lives were about to change forever. As soon as he walked through the door, I knew that night was going to be the night and David would be powerless to stop it. I needed to have him inside me. 

After some drinks and small talk, Mark beckoned me over to sit on his knee. I remember almost falling into his arms. Although David had seen me with other guys before, this time felt different. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was breathless. I was nervous. It was like I was a virgin all over again, about to give myself to someone for the first time.

Mark carried me through to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. Within seconds he'd stripped me naked and his tongue was gently lapping my pussy lips and clit. How had this happened so quickly? What was David thinking? My mind was questioning the situation and part of me thought I should halt things. That was until Mark released his monster cock. Even flaccid it was still much longer and thicker than David's. Straightaway I dropped to my knees, licking the head of his dick, sucking his massive balls and taking as much of his delicious shaft into my mouth as I could possibly fit.

I could have sucked it all night but, after telling me what a good little slut I was, Mark lay back on my bed and told me to fuck his black cock. I didn't need a second invitation and I eagerly straddled him, positioning the tip of his penis against the sodden entrance to my shaved pussy. It was then that I saw a reflection of David in my bedroom mirror. He was stood in the corner of the room open mouthed and furiously masturbating his smaller white dick. I continued to look in the mirror until he met my gaze. It was then that I began to lower myself down on Mark's hard cock, inch by inch until the full ten inches was buried inside me. 

That was the last time I remember noticing David for at least another hour as Mark took me to places I never thought possible and fucked me in positions I didn't know existed. His cock was like a battering ram. Permanently hard, permanently huge. When he finally orgasmed, it was an explosion of thick, creamy, delicious cum which I greedily swallowed. Mark then turned to David and said: "Does she always fuck like this or is it just for real men?". We all giggled, David awkwardly so. I kind of felt bad for my man but part of me enjoyed his humiliation. We both knew he had never - and could never - fuck me like Mark had just done.

After that night, my relationship with Mark gradually developed. I met him a couple more times with David before taking the plunge and agreeing to meet him alone. The first time I made sure David was involved by placing the phone next to the bed, but as time went on I wouldn't even tell him I was meeting Mark. He would just assume - and assume correctly. There were weeks when I would stay over at Mark's house for one night, and then two nights, and then three. Some weeks I wouldn't return to my apartment at all after work. Other weeks I wouldn't even see David at all. 

During that period of our lives, Mark became everything to me. It wasn't love, just pure lust. I worshiped his cock like I'd never done with any man before. Mark was also instrumental in making my relationship with David what it is today. He'd buy me toys to stretch my pussy and ass - an inflatable dildo being his favourite - and tell me that my holes were no longer of use to white guys. And he was right. I began to have less and less sex with David, preferring to let him use a large dildo on me as he tugged at his own cock. 

Our first real cuckold experience came one weekend when both Mark and David were staying over at my apartment. David and I 69ed each other on my bed with me on top as Mark fucked me hard from behind, his dick inches away from David's face. He rested his cock and balls on David's face on more than one occasion and, after he'd filled my womb with his hot seed, I gradually lowered my pussy over David's mouth and allowed the cum dribbled out and onto his tongue. He was reluctant at first but soon realised he didn't have a choice in the matter and gingerly began to swallow Mark's sticky load. 

Until I stopped meeting Mark in summer 2012, more of why shortly, he was our permanent bull. Although I still loved David, I was committed to Mark and would do anything he asked, including allowing myself to be shared among his friends. David was also his cuck. He'd often be called in for clean-up duties or else be told to rub lube on Mark's cock and ease it into my waiting pussy or asshole. We experimented with a CB 6000 and even bought him a t-shirt to wear in public with the words 'Creampie clean-up crew' emblasoned across the chest. Meanwhile, Mark would get me to dress sluttily in public, often going outside with temporary QoS tattoos in highly visible places. 

We sadly ended our relationship with Mark two years ago after his job moved him to another city. Shortly after relocating, he met his now fiance and has now retired from meeting other couples. However, he remains a good friend and will be a guest at my wedding later this year.

Despite losing our regular bull, we've since maintained the lifestyle we'd become accustomed to. Instead of taking me to regular swinging club nights, David now takes me to specially organised interracial parties at least once or twice a month. Essentially, they're a buffet of black guys and have allowed me to enjoyed some unbelievable experiences, including my first BBC gangbang where my pussy, ass and mouth were relentlessly fucked over a period of four hours as David watched and wanked. 

In the past few months, I've been hooking up with a guy called Harvey and things are progressing nicely. Although he lives in London (about 300 miles away from me) I've managed to meet him fairly regularly. He's also a member of a BBC gangbang group of ten guys and I'm currently mulling over his proposal for me to spend a night with them as mine and David's wedding gift. It'll certainly be unlike any other wedding gifts we receive and I can guarantee it'll be the best! 

In a nutshell, that is how my love for BBC began and how my relationship with David has evolved. And although we are getting wed later this year (he actually proposed on a trip to New York when it was appropriately Black Friday), I know that black men will always form a part of my life and continue to be instrumental in our sex lives as a married couple. 


  1. That is an absolutely incredible story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You sound delicious Sarah. So young, sexy and free. Mark, Harvey and your cuck are very lucky indeed. Will you be fucking Mark at your wedding for old times sake?

  3. Thanks! I'm pleased you enjoyed my story. In answer to your question BlackStar, it's unlikely I'll play with Mark on my wedding day, but never say never. David would like me to! x

  4. Thank you sharing your story Sarah, it's interesting and very exciting to read a story like yours from a woman's point of view. It's refreshing and encouraging to see non US people getting involved in this wonderful lifestyle. I'm happy for both you and David, you have found something not many couples are brave to try, let alone to embrace. Do it the right way and it will only get you closer and strengthen your relationship. By the way, since you started young (a plus) you ought it to yourselves to have a memorable wedding night, maybe even a honeymoon.

    Congratulations and please keep us updated.

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