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Chocolate Eye Candy - The Bespoke Mandingo

They say that nothing there is nothing better than a handsome man in a suit.  Well how about some fin Brothas in some well fitted suits. Enjoy Ladies.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Peggy and the Secret Society - Part II

To bring you up to date, in part one of this narrative you get some of the details as to how my life with the Secret Society began. Some of you have written in the comments about your concerns related to STDs and other aspects of this adventure. Believe me, I had the same concerns, but once your life is intertwined with something such as the Secret Society, it is like getting caught up in a rushing river, and you have no control over what happens next.

A few have expressed doubts about such things actually happening in today's society, but believe me, they are there, real and thriving. Regardless of what many believe, these organizations do not only exist, but they are expanding at a rapid rate on every level of society, and especially within the lower levels where you find gangs. But too, they are also flourishing at within the upper levels of society where money and sex are like a whirl wind.

Also, many non-believers seemingly doubt the expanding and dramatic interest in beautiful white women, married and single, by the affluent black men of today's society. The very real Secret Society was born and thrives today. My stories are partly from real life experiences and partly from fantasy or tales told to me by others. As you read Part II of the Secret Society, let your mind decide which is which.

To pickup where I left off... here are a few paragraphs from part one:

I placed my hands to my sides, palms out, spread my legs a full 18 inches apart and waited for further instructions. My cotton dress now allowed the black men on the sofa to see through it and clearly between my legs. My nipples had grown hard and were pushing against the tightness of the fabric that covered them. My breathing was short and fast. I could feel the wetness between my legs with the cool air now circulating there. I had long since removed my bra and panties. My mind was asking me again just what the hell was I doing there?!

The comments from the black men in the room were now in full chorus. "Damn man, this is a fine piece of white ass, and would you look at that diamond ring! She is married too!."

One of the new black men said, "She obviously needs some good fuckin! All married white women that look this good need a good fucking!"

"She's gonna get a good fuckin' if I have anything to say about it," said another.

Max got off the phone and walked over to me. He was facing me and just a little to my right side. He reached between my legs with his right hand and raised the hem of my skirt as he fondled my wet pussy lips with his big strong black thick fingers. I felt him insert his middle finger into my wet pussy. I took a quick short breath but held my position. He squeezed my crotch hard with his hand, his finger still in my pussy. I felt as though he could lift me off the floor with just one hand if he wanted to. He was that strong. His other hand reached behind me and undid one button at the top of my dress and then unzipped it all the way down past the top of my curvy ass crack. He pulled his finger out of my throbbing pussy and used both hands to pull the dress off my shoulders and down over my body. 

I stepped out of it. As noted, I was wearing nothing underneath. Now, fully naked except for my high heels, my freshly washed pussy as naked as she could ever be, I was totally exposed to the black strangers in the room.

There is no way to sit here at the keyboard and tell you of the feelings I was having, or of the many different thoughts that were shooting through my mind like lightning bolts. I was born in the south with deeply conservative views, and to realize what I had gotten myself into at this point in time was beyond reality. I am standing there completely naked except for my 5" pumps, actually feeling my knees shake. My mind is again asking me, "What the hell are you doing here... bare ass naked in front of five black men?" As I was growing up, the black men and boys in our small southern town were always making rude comments to us white girls. Most of us, although filled with fantasies about them, would never, ever consider letting them see more than the publicly accepted amount of white flesh. It just wasn't done!

Joe, Max, and the other black man were now fully involved in discussing membership applications, the business of the "Society," and scheduling of the next meeting. Without seemingly paying any attention to me at all, this went on for a full 30 minutes. It was almost like I wasn't there. Was this all just a dream? My mind wondered when reality would return.

Then, Max spoke first. "Peggy," he said, as I was startled to attention. "See the bar over here behind us? We drink Johnny Walker Black on the rocks. Prepare doubles for us. Move girl!" he instructed. 

I quickly walked over to the bar, feeling their eyes following my every naked move. I twisted my bare, curvy white ass much like runway models do as I walked to the bar. I prepared the drinks and carried first two to the table, placing a napkin on the table for each. Then I returned to the bar and brought the rest. 

Then, without being instructed to do so, I returned to the submissive position I was in prior receiving the instructions. This was a big deal within the Society, and is described in detail in part one of this narrative. That seemed to meet with their approval. I smiled on the outside, but on the inside, I was wondering if they had the slightest idea as to how much all of this was physically and mentally wearing on me. Their meeting continued, again, without any attention being paid to me. 

After these black men discussed a trip that was to take place, Joe said, "I believe our little married white lady friend would make for great entertainment at the event." The other men agreed, and all glanced in my direction. "Peggy, you will be going with us to the meeting in Grand Bahama in a few days, if you make it through tonight. Make your plans accordingly." 

My mind raced. What was he talking about... if I made it through tonight!? After another 20 minutes, they all agreed that they had taken care of their business for the evening, and now it was time for what was to come next.

Max stood and said he was going downstairs to make sure everything was ready for Mrs. Peggy's public appearance. I couldn't imagine what was to happen, but I really didn't have a choice at this point. By this time, I was a total and complete captive. My anxiety grew in dramatic leaps and bounds. My mouth was dry, but my pussy was very wet. This little lark that had begun as an erotic trip of curiosity had now overwhelmed me, and I was in way over my head. I remember thinking to myself, "What the hell had I gotten myself into!" I almost said the words out loud, and deep down inside, there was a feeling that I must either wake-up or run, and soon!

Joe told me to take position one. I stood. Spread my legs as if an inverted "V" and waited. I could feel his eyes as they focused on my somewhat pronounced labia minora, as the sexual tissue hung below my pussy lips. My mind said, "Men seem to like that. I wonder why." 

"Turn," he said. I begin to turn in a circle. I didn't know if he meant to turn and stop or keep turning. I kept turning. Then, he said, "Stop." Joe was seemingly in charge of the white women in the Secret Society. He managed all of us like a heard of paid for whores, and took little or nothing in the way of negative responses. I had seen him slap a beautiful young white gal earlier, and I didn't want any of that. 

I stopped with my back to him. I again assumed the position with my legs spread. Joe walked over and began rubbing my ass cheeks. I jumped in response to his initial touch. The warmth and strength of his large black hands was reassuring to me even though I knew I was going to be tested later. Then, without warning, he slapped the right cheek of my bare white fanny with a forceful slap! 

He spoke, "Peggy, this is Mr. G. He is our founder and C.E.O. of the Society. We are all participants at his direction and pleasure. Mr. G will lead the ceremony this evening in which you will be presented to our local membership, some of whom you met earlier. You will do as told without hesitation. Look up!"

He was a very large and very dark black man, probably 6'9", maybe more. His hands were large and his eyes were covered with large sunglasses. I looked at his long fingers, wondering if there was any relation between fingers and cocks. We've all heard of that by now, I guess. 

I raised my eyes from the floor, turning my face upwards from the submissive position I had been in. My eyes were locked on this big black man. He had a forceful appearance, towering over the other black men I had encountered. Although I could not see his eyes, it was obvious from my inner feeling that we was checking out every inch of me, my eyes, my face, my snow white breasts and then my pussy and legs. He was looking, oh yes, he was really devouring every inch of my white flesh. 

He smiled, reached out and cupped my right breast and said, "Very nice, Ms. Peggy, VERY nice." Then he released my tit and walked away.

Max continued, "The ceremony will last only an hour. and then you will be brought back up here and allowed to dress and leave. You may speak when asked, then and only then, do you understand? Are you prepared to be presented to the membership?"

I answered with a shy, "Yes," my head now bowed again, naked as the day I was born, standing there in nothing but high heels. I was shaking so much that I could feel my legs tremble! I was looking for an erotic adventure when I got myself into this, and I suddenly realized I had certainly found it!

"Are you willing to publicly affirm your willingness to devote yourself to the use and pleasure of the membership of The Society?" Max was looking at my nipples as he asked, and then he reached down between my legs and fondled my extended labia, commenting that he liked fully grown and mature white ladies, especially married ones. 

"Yes Sir," I shyly responded knowing any other response might be a disaster at this point. Time and place had now become a blur, and I had that feeling again. It was indeed time to wake up and find myself at home, safely snuggled in my bed next to my husband. Clearly, that wasn't happening, and I was now into an erotic adventure way over my head. My mind raced back to the evening I saw the old porn movie, Behind the Green Door, and how I wondered at the time just how could a girl could get herself into such a situation. Well, now I was there and this wasn't a movie or a dream! 

Joe walked over to me with blacked out designer sunglasses, and proceeded to place on my head totally blocking my vision. My anxiety was building. Next, I heard Mr. G. say, "It is time." With that, Joe took me by the hand and walked me over to the door and opened it. I remembered there was a landing and then several stair steps. Joe said, "I will lead you down the stairs."

He not only managed the white pussy for the Society. He took care of it, getting his share anytime he felt the need. As we were walking down the steps, he said to me, "Mrs. Peggy, tonight you'll find there is new meaning to the saying, 'White men have white cocks, and black men have big black dicks." 

I could hear the music from the juke box and lots of people talking and laughing, some of them men and some women. My embarrassment began to build. I felt weak at the knees, and I could feel my heart racing. The anxiety was almost overwhelming. What was to be done with me and how many people were in the downstairs bar? Would any of them know me? After all, I did live just one town to the south! My mind was in such a whirl that I had almost forgotten that I was totally naked except for the blacked-out sunglasses and my five inch pumps. 

I held firmly to Joe's hand as I took one step at a time. It wasn't easy to go down the steps blindfolded in five inch pumps. Finally, we reached the bottom step, and I heard the music begin to fade and the conversations suddenly turned to silence and whispers. I could sense the presence of all eyes on my total nakedness. As the whisper directed, I stood tall. I arched my back letting my curvy ass become more pronounced, and my breasts tilt upwards with my nipples reaching outward into the cool air. My legs felt taught from descending the steep steps in the five inch heels. My spade ankle bracelet brought a chill as I became aware of it dangling on my right ankle. 

There was a hush in the room. I could hear Mr. G. walking across the floor in front of us. 

Joe led me to the stage. He then turned me facing the room, then said, "Member of the Society, guests, please allow me to introduce you to our newest servant. This is Mrs. Peggy Sanford. This fine married white specimen of womanhood has pledged and demonstrated her devotion to the Society and the members thereof. She is here tonight to experience her first public display, as those white women who have come before her have done. I welcome each and everyone of you, and encourage your participation in her initiation this evening. As you know, she is here willingly, because she now knows and understands her place in life's modern order where the black man will soon rule. Your patience and assistance is called for. Her public display will be limited to one hour this evening. After her welcome, some of you will be invited upstairs to further initiate her into the service of the Society. I now present you our founder and leader who will personally oversee Mrs. Peggy's initiation, as only he can do. Mr. G!"

The people around the room stood and applauded. I heard Mr. G. say, "Thank you," several times. Then, the room again became quiet. Mr. G. spoke, "I thank you for your attendance here this evening. As you know, our Society exists on being secretive and not allowing what we see and do here to be known outside the walls of our membership. Our objectives in society will not work if we are exposed before our day arrives. This activity tonight falls into that same category. I would encourage you to display your approval and welcome another exceptionally beautiful white woman into the Society. Her initiation acknowledging the physical sexual superiority of black men over our white male counterparts is part of her public initiation. During her willing sexual submission, you will be invited to participate as you have done in the past with other notable white women of our fine community. I highly encourage you to enjoy this married white woman who now places her allegiance to black man. Only those of you who have recently undergone medical testing will be allowed to participate, as in the past, as we do not want to soil our white ladies. Let us now begin."

There I am, standing there bare ass naked, legs apart, facing the crowd wearing only my high heels, my black blindfold, my ankle bracelet, and nothing else. I had no knowledge of what was coming next, but with the word "sexual" in Mr. G's comment, things were starting to come together! I then heard Mr. G. walking toward me. He reached down between my legs and fondled my pussy, saying, "You and this willing white pussy will serve us well, my dear."

The room was mostly silent. I hadn't been able to determine the number of people in the room but I remembered how large the room was when I entered, and could now picture in my mind what it must look like, now filled to the maximum. 

My glasses still firmly in place prevented me from actually seeing anything. My awareness of my total nakedness in front of all of the strangers was both exciting and embarrassing. I remember thinking that those who knew me as a country club wife would imagine me here, in this place, naked, in front of who knows how many blacks! To make it seem even more insane, I was here because I had walked through the door on my on. 

Mr. G began to talk again. "My friends, members and guests, there was a time not so long ago that the black man was slave to the white man. Our ancestors were servants to both the white man and the white women, as history clearly describes. Unknown to most white men, there was a darker side to many of the white women. This was a lustful side. The white woman has long has a deep wanton for the black man because of our well known and rumored sexual superiority." 

"Today, as has been discussed within our Society here and within our black brother Societies elsewhere, that if the perfect race is to be born and survive, black men are not only to be superior to the white man, but it is our destiny to breed the beautiful white woman to create the new human race of perfection. We pick only the most beautiful and talented white woman, and those with the exceptional white bodies that can accomplish our objectives. To do this, in many situations, we must educate and seduce the classic and unique white woman to make her realize her destiny is with the black man. That is ever more obvious today in our modern society, now that the black man has and is taking his proper place as leaders."

"On any given day, you see this on the street, in the movies, in the modern society dress, and at the altar. The Society was formed to provide an avenue that black men and white women could travel together, living out wanton lust for each other. This is a new opportunity in which black men can openly dominate the willing beautiful white female, single or married for the benefit of all. This does not exclude black women but instead raises them above their white counterparts for they are no longer to be subordinate."

"Tonight you are witness to the public initiation of an exceptionally beautiful white woman. Our subject tonight is married, which often presents a challenge. But, her mind and body are now ours, as are the other married women in the Society before her. She holds a respectable position with a prominent company and in the eyes of the white community. She can be described as proud, beautiful, and among her white counterparts, as proper and perfect. Tonight she is here to commit herself, her mind, and her beautiful white body serve the black man totally and without reservation. I will take my seat now to enjoy, as you will, the initiation of this beautiful married white woman. I ask for your cooperation and assistance in the use of this beautiful white woman's sexual charms after this night is over, as she will soon be a true servant of the Society. Her commitment tonight is an open display that she is here to serve you, all of you, when you like and where you like, any time and anywhere." 

With that I heard him walk away off the tiny stage. Immediately after, I heard two men walking toward me. Each took me by my arm and guided me across the floor. They then placed me on a slanted table. Although I was on my back, I was tilted so those watching could see everything. 

My head was placed so it leaned back. I could feel my ankles being stapped with cuffs and soon my legs were opened and I was sexually completely exposed. I felt as if the world was looking at my pussy. My wrists were then cuffed and held firmly attached to the table on each side. My breasts were thrust upward by the tilt of the table, and my nipples were made more prominent as turned hard as rocks. My breathing rapid and shallow. My face was flushed. My pussy wet with anticipation. Then, one of the men took the black glasses off. 

From my position I could see most likely 30 or 40 mostly black men and a few very pretty white women in the room. The white women were either naked or mostly naked. 

Then it began. 

A black man who was totally dressed in black, compete with hoodie, walked out with a cord and some kind of instrument on the end. I couldn't move. What the hell is that thing? Is this something electrical he's going to torture my pussy with?

In answer to my mental questions, I suddenly realized he was holding a tattoo needle! "Oh my gosh, what is he going to do to me?!"

His black hands caressed up my right thigh all the way to my very exposed pussy. Then, he reached for the tattoo needle. I closed my eyes. I didn't want to know what was coming!

The needle had a soft buzz. I opened my mouth to say, "Please, don't do this to me!" Nothing came out. I tried to swallow. My hands gripped the edges of the table. I was tied so tightly that I could not move! There was NO escape! 

I started saying over and over, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Then, suddenly, about two inches down from my pussy on the inner part of my right thigh, the tattoo needle found it's mark. "Oh, please don't do this to me!" My words were weak and muffled, as I started to have a panic attack! I was about to be marked!

Two large black men came out of the darkness and put the black-out glasses back on me, and their strong hands held my legs down and wide apart! As much as I tired, I could not move! That tattoo needle was putting something on my inner thigh! His hands brushed the hairs on my pussy as he worked. It hurt like hell! The only place that would have been more tender was on my pussy itself! My mind was whirling, and I was screaming inside. As quickly as it started, the needle stopped and it was over. I took a deep breath. It was over, although whatever he did burned like hell. He patted the spot with something cool and damp, and that helped the burning, but what the hell had he tattooed on my thigh?!

What was coming next? I couldn't see anything and nobody was talking to me. I was totally and completely restrained, completely naked on this small stage. The lights were bright. I couldn't imagine what was coming next!

Again, the buzz of the tattoo needle began! Oh my gosh, what were they going to tattoo on me next? All I could think of was maybe words like "this pussy belongs to black men" on my lower tummy! How could I go home with something like that on me!?

Suddenly, the hands grabbed my right foot, which I could wiggle if I tried, but no longer! The burn of the tattoo needle again touched my white skin, this time just above my right ankle on the outside of my leg. It burned like hell, but whatever they were putting on me, it wasn't very big and it again, was over in a matter of a few minutes. Then, the anklet was removed.

Once it was over, the two black men who looked like bouncers, released me and removed the restraints on my arms and legs. As I struggled to stand up, I saw what they had tattooed on me! It was a black ace of spades! I had one on my right inner thigh and one just above my ankle on my outer right leg! It wasn't a very large tattoo, but it was obviously there. 

Was I to assume they branded all of their white women this way? I had certainly been branded! Any member of the Society, or others for that matter, would certainly see the black ace of spades on my snow white skin. Would they know where this had come from and what it stood for? In a flash back, I seemed to remember seeing the black ace of spades on the ankle of other white women I had casually seen in passing. Had they marked all of us? My mind told me I wouldn't be the last.

Suddenly, Mr. G walked on the stage. He walked up to me and gave me a hug. "Welcome, Peggy! You are now one of the special white women in the world who wears the black ace of the Society. You are now going to experience the initiation. This will convert your mind and your body to our cause and to black men. For your peace of mind, each man has been tested and carries no disease. You are safe in our hands, much like the queen bee is to the hive, and who knows, perhaps the events of tonight will present us with your first superior race offspring." 

What the hell was he talking about... a black baby? I had gotten myself into this for sexual excitement, not to become a breeding device! Oh MY gosh! Oh fuck! 

With that, Mr. G exited. In less than a minute, a bed covered with white sheets and was wheeled out on stage. The nude black man who pushed the bed on stage took me by the hand and placed me on the bed. Then, other black men, all nude, walked on stage and circled the side of the bed away from the audience that was watching. Their cocks were huge and they matched the blackness, not just the darkness, of their bodies. There wasn't a light skinned black man in the group! These were all very black men with huge cocks! Oh my gosh! It was now very obvious that to be an "active Society member" the men had to be very black and have a huge black cock and the white women had to be drop dead beautiful with bodies that could produce black babies! 

I felt a hand on my pussy with some sort of lubricant. It was rubbed on and in me. I could feel the heat building from what ever had been applied to me. It was at first uncomfortable and then the warm feeling began to excite me. It was liberally applied to my ass as well. Then, this first black man mounted and entered me! He fucked me quickly, with no concern for my possible orgasm. I had a flash back. I was there to serve! I had served him alright! 

I squirmed and shrieked, and as I did, my arms were pulled upwards and above my head. My legs were also cuffed and pulled in the same direction! I tired to resist but the cuffs held me firm. I was now well oiled. My arms and legs were tied above my head. My legs were tied open, and my pussy and ass hole were fully exposed and lubricated with the warm oil, to be ready for what was coming!

Soon, mounted again, I felt the next black man thrusting his huge black cock deep in my hot wet slick pussy. He was as large as the any black man I had experienced. The anxiety that had been building now turned into relief as I was finally being used. I was content with that. He fucked me hard and deep, pumping the sperm from his huge black balls into my waiting pussy. Then another man walked up and offered his large black cock to my mouth which I opened wide and sucked him inside. He then proceeded to fuck my face deep into the back of my throat causing my eyes to tear. I fought back the gag reflex. 

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see the group had grown and had gathered closer, and there were lots of them, all naked and all ready to violate my waiting openings. How could my body handle all of this? 

As soon as one black man would cum, he would remove himself than another would mount and enter me. After what seemed like an endless string black men had fucked my pussy for minutes at a time, one man walked up and raised my ass with his large strong hands, placed the bulbous head of his large black dick against my rectum and slowly entered me there. I squirmed and almost screamed a muffled complaint as my mouth was still full of another man's black dick, and he was close to spurting. It hurt, even with the lubrication, but there was something wildly exciting about being ass fucked by this handsome black stranger! 

I had another flash back! There was a sign in one of the offices upstairs that said, "Once a white woman is fucked in the ass by a black man, her ass belongs to back men forever!" Oh MY gosh! 

Slowly, all of his huge black cock was impaled deep inside my bowels. He then began a slow in and out motion fucking my intestines with his swollen big black monster. After a few minutes he came, filling my ass with his massive load, and withdrew. Keep in mind that my pussy is also being fucked during all of this! As soon as he withdrew, I could feel another man enter my now gapping rectum. 

For nearly an hour, one black man after another entered me, switching from my ass to my mouth, from my pussy to my ass. I tried but could not count the number of black men who fucked me or that had cum in one of my three openings! My mouth cramped as one huge black cock after another pumped cum down my throat!

With my mouth full of freshly spurted cum, I gagged and let a large amount of hot cum flow from my lips. Suddenly, I felt the sting of a forceful slap! "Swallow that cum, you fucking white bitch! Never, ever let any of this black seed leave your mouth again!" 

That hurt! I would remember it, no doubt! 

As one black man would cum and slip off my white body, I could see other naked white women on their knees sucking other black men and others being fucked by still more. I could have never imagined anything like this! Then, almost as on cue, the man in my ass filled me with his hot cum. I could feel it heat up my inner sanctum. He withdrew just as the man I was sucking came, and pulled out of my mouth. I can still taste his sticky goo! My ass burned from the fucking, the lubricant all but gone. Then, I was entered by another and he came. Over and over my pussy and ass was filled by the endless parade of black men and their endless orgasms. My face was now covered with a combination of their cum and my juices. It seemed endless! One man after another climbed on me and then another and another! It became a blur! 

As suddenly as it started, the men retreated and the crowd moved back. There I was, a display of public humiliation. Used. Filled. I was a cum filled, cum covered mess. The taste was still in my mouth, the smell still on my face, and in my nostrils as I lay there. The cum slowly running out of my white, very well used pussy. My sphincter muscles holding my over filled rectum were open and I leaked cum on the white sheets. My pussy and wide open labia were gaping as cum ran down my legs in streams. 

I had managed an orgasm a couple of times, but with the discomfort of the parade that used me, I could think of little else! 

I heard a man walking toward me. It was Mr. G. He spoke. "This is what white women crave. She has been filled but not fulfilled. He was nude, and I could not believe my eyes! His black "dick" (remembering the saying quoted to me earlier) was huge. It must have been at least fourteen or fifteen inches. It didn't tilt upwards like most erect cocks do. It was obviously firm and ready to use, but too heavy to point upwards. The watchers were quiet. Mr. G walked up to me and mounted my white body. His big lips kissed mine. Then, his hand guided his massive black monster into my well used pussy! He fucked me slowly at first, then faster and deeper. I wondered if I could take it all, but when the enlarged head of his black penis popped into my cervix, I knew my question had been answered! This was a massive black dick, the biggest anyone could ever imagine!

I came so hard as he fucked my cervix, I thought I would convulse and pass out as his massive black balls pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into my opened cervix! I could feel the flood of his hot semen as it filled every inch of my vagina, my cervix and other places that had never been touched by a man! Soon, it was over and he slipped out of my pussy. Then, he stood before the group in the darkness.

"This concluded our meeting tonight. Our beautiful married white lady as passed the tests and your approval, and she will be taken upstairs where some of you will be invited to join her so her use can be continued. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Welcome again, Mrs Peggy! I like your pussy. I'll allow you to please me often!" 

I felt the cuffs being removed. My legs lowered. More cum oozed from my pussy as my legs touched the table. I was helped to my feet and led directly upstairs to the meeting room. The lights had been lowered from the time I was there before. Some 12 people came into the room. Joe, Max and others were there. 

I was taken then to the table that Joe and Max and the others had used in their meeting earlier and bent over. Three more men took me from behind, all fucking me deep in my ass. Now my gapping hole could no longer hold the cum inside. I had to grasped the other side of the table to hold myself upright. Then, I felt a face against my ass cheeks. I didn't turn to see who it was. I knew. 

One of the other beautiful white girls from downstairs was now licking and sucking my gapping cum filled ass. She sucked with intent. I felt obliged to give her what she had been told to consume. Oh, she felt good! I relaxed my muscles enough to let the massive amount of cum out. She slobbered her way through all of it. Then, she moved away and another pretty white girl took her place, then another. Not a drop was lost. I was reminded that we were to never talk! 

Then, they left. I was still bent over the table when I heard Joe say, "Get your dress on! It is time for you to leave. Use the back door and the back stair way." Then, he left the room, muttering something about my white cunt. 

I wiped my mouth with my arm. Raised myself off the table. Somewhat in a fog, I staggered across the room to the bar, found my skimpy short tight black stretchy dress and slid it over my filthy body. Cum was still running down my inner thighs. My butt was aching. The taste in my mouth and throat would probably never go away. I could smell cum on my face. The black ace tattoos were burning!

I found the door and gingerly walked down the back stairs. Everyone was inside. No one was on the street. It was dark and isolated as I walked the block in the darkness to my car and got in. I had to find a place to clean up. I drove a mile or so and found a cheap motel. I went in and paid $45 for a room. I went inside and showered and changed into the outfit my husband saw me leave in, went back to the car and drove home. Luckily for me he was sleeping. I slid into bed and lay there thinking of the nights activities, wondering how much cum was still in my pussy. What could possibly be expected of me next?

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Celebrity Mandingo of the Month - September

We know for the Ladies it won't get much better than the Celebrity Mandingo for the month of September - actor and model Tyson Beckford.  So we are going to let you get to it and you can read the rest on Wikipedia.  Enjoy and leave comments.

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Introducing Queen of Spades Holly Berry

At least once a month Spades Magazine tries to introduce you to a new Queen of Spades that you may or may not have heard of.  This month we want to introduce you to a true BBC slut from the Midwest, the insatiable Holly Berry.  I first heard of Holly around 2008 or 2009 on one of the tube sites and I have been a fan ever since.  Holly has one of the hottest profiles on Twitter (@hollyberryxxx69) and her own website - www.hollyberry.xxx. Enjoy and leave comments for Holly.