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Queen of Spades Interview of the Month - October

Its that time again folks. The Queen of Spades Interview of the Month is finally here.  I want to apologize for not posting one last month but we had a few individuals who did not come through on their commitments.  This month however, I am pleased to present a very voluptuous and insatiable Queen of Spades for your viewing pleasure - Ms. Sensual Sammie.  Sammie contacted me last week about doing an interview and I jumped at the chance.  She has been on my list of Queens of Spades that I wanted to interview since I launched this blog 5 months ago.  So without further adieu check this amazing interview and sexy pics she sent for you, our loyal readers.  Please leave comments and let Sammie know what you think.

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"I know that old saying is so cliche, but it's true. Once you go black you never go back."

Spades Magazine: Hi Sammie. Its so great to be doing with this interview with you.  Tell us all about you. (Here you can put your age, relationship status, occupation - you can be vague, location, anything you would want to appear in an introductory paragraph(s) about you.)  

Sammie: Hi there! Thank you for having me. I am a former Chicagoan, transplanted to Florida, and moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago, exchanging the humid heat for dry heat. I hate cold weather.  people tell me I still look like I'm in my forties, but I am older than that. Let's just say I'm probably old enough to be most of your readers' mom but not quite old enough to be their grandmother :-)  I am happily single, and my motto for decades has been "it's better to be single and happy, than partnered and miserable."  I would be open to being in a relationship if the right person came along, however.  but I am not actively looking.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?  What drew you to it?
Sammie: I'm a pretty open minded person so I've been in a lot of lifestyles. I am a nudist, I am into BDSM, I am bisexual, I have been in an open marriage, I am a swinger, and last but not least, I love being with black men. I enjoy new experiences in all forms. I suppose interracial was bound to happen sooner or later. My only regret is that it didn't happen sooner.

SM: Have you always been attracted to Black men or is that something that developed later?  

Sammie: When I was growing up, I was what you would call boy crazy. My sexuality developed very early. But for many years, due to my environment and lack of opportunity, I only had sex with white men, but that all changed at a particular swing party that I went to. after that, when I found out about the different Florida mandingo clubs, there was no turning back.

SM: What drew you to Black men? 

Sammie: I was approached at a swing party by a very handsome, articulate, intelligent, well groomed young black man who said that he loved older women especially white women. I really connected with him on an emotional and mental level. the more we talked, the more we clicked. And I knew that physically it would be absolutely amazing. I was right! The sex we had was incredible and I was disappointed when the night was over and the party shut down. I would have enjoyed a few more rounds with him!

"In my personal life, I am very submissive in the bedroom. I love for a black man to take charge and just tell me what to do."

SM: Did your taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?  

Sammie: Absolutely. I know that old saying is so cliche, but it's true. Once you go black you never go back. he did not disappoint in any way, and I had never felt so feminine in woman in my entire life. the masculine/feminine energy exchange was out of this world. he was rough at the right time, he was gentle at the right time, his stamina was amazing, and somehow he just knew where all my erogenous zones were.

SM: How has your IR sex life progressed since that 1st Black experience?  

Sammie: I started noticing that while I always enjoyed having sex with my white partners, after a while it just wasn't as deeply fulfilling. I can't quite put my finger on it, but having sex with a black male is always more energizing and arousing. It just seems like there's a connection on a different level that doesn't happen with white men. it always seems so much more raw and elemental and I love being brought to that state of 100% SEX where the rest of the world is just totally phased out. it's almost like having an out of body experience. 

SM: Any regular BBC lovers? 

Sammie: Yes, I am very, very lucky to have several friends with benefits who are black that I see whenever possible

SM: What's your favorite way to pleasure BBC or be pleasured by them? Do you prefer one or groups? 

Sammie: In my personal life, I am very submissive in the bedroom. I love for a black man to take charge and just tell me what to do. I love being told to give him foot worship, cock worship, ball worship, asshole worship, whatever he wants I will give to him. I will do just about anything to please him.That gives me so much pleasure and I love it when a guy is vocal and will moan and groan as I do what he tells me to do, expressing his pleasure, and when he calls me dirty filthy names while making me do nasty things. I also love being in bondage. There is nothing better than being tied up and having a black man has his way with me.

SM: Are you strictly for BBC or you date and fuck other races?  

Sammie: Because I am involved with porn, I will shoot with people of any race, but in my personal life, I can't even remember the last time I was on a date with a white man

SM: Are you married? 

Sammie: I was married for many many years. We had an open non-monogamous relationship. I have said this before, that I truly think the marriage lasted as long as it did because he allowed me to pursue my sexuality outside the marriage.
    SM: What is the hottest thing you have done to date with a BBC?  

    "There is nothing that puts me in a submissive mind frame as being fucked in the ass by a big black bull."

    Sammie: When you are a nymphomaniac and also working porn as well, you have many chances to do hot things with a BBC, lol! and I have loved every single one of them. but I would have to say the hottest thing I have done was have sex with multiple BBCs at one time. It is an absolutely incredible experience that I can't even begin to describe when there is a BBC in your ass, in your pussy, in your mouth, and both of your hands are holding yet another BBC and you know that those cocks in your hands will be next!

    SM: Are you a size queen? What's the biggest cock you have had? What is the perfect size cock for you? 

    Sammie: No, I would not say I am a size queen. I enjoy cocks of all length and width. The biggest cock I have had was about as thick as a redbull can. it was almost too big for me. We ended up having to use lube most of the time which I normally don't have to do even with bigger sized cock. the perfect size for me would be about 7 or 8 inches long because I have a short vagina and ramming up against my cervix hurts but I do enjoy a nice thick girth on a cock. I love that all filled up feeling. 

    SM: What do you want to do most in the lifestyle that you haven't done yet? Is that your biggest sexual fantasy? and if not, what is your biggest sexual fantasy? 

    Sammie: I had a dear friend in Florida who would organize sexual encounters for women,  and the women could pick from his group of men who she wanted to get together with, whether it was one man or many men. He loved to facilitate a woman having sex anyway she desired with however many men she desired. So, we were working on my utmost fantasy of being kidnapped by black men and held by them for a weekend and being used for their sexual pleasure day and night. He even went so far as organising a mock trial run for it. during the trial run, he found out that I could get away from four man, but when a fifth man showed up during our trial run on his lunch hour, then I was not able to get away. So, we learned that it takes 5 men to overpower me. He was going to set up my kidnapping weekend for me and I would not know when it would happen or where it with happen. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack and he dropped out of sight for several months. When he recovered, he was not able to facilitate that anymore. That is still my remaining fantasy

    SM: Are you into anal? 

    Sammie: There is nothing that puts me in a submissive mind frame as being fucked in the ass by a big black bull

    SM: Swallow or spit? 

    Sammie: I'll be honest here. It depends on the man's diet. for instance, if he eats a lot of pineapple and its sweet, I will guzzle it down. However if it tastes bitter, I will spit it out and go use mouthwash lol! 

    SM: Do you have a Queen of Spades tattoo? 

    Sammie: I am very proud to say that I have two permanent Queen of Spades tattoos. I wore temporary tattoos for a while, to see how it would feel. I would always get sad when they would rub off. So I knew it was only a matter of time before I would permanently mark myself as a woman who loves black men.

    "I would have to say the hottest thing I have done was have sex with multiple BBCs at one time. It is an absolutely incredible experience that I can't even begin to describe when there is a BBC in your ass, in your pussy, in your mouth, and both of your hands"

    SM: Does any of your family or friends know about your involvement in the lifestyle or your love for BBC? 

    Sammie: Different members of my family know different things. Some of them know I'm into BDSM. Some of them know that my ex husband and I were into swinging. Most of them know I am a nudist. I really think them knowing I am into interracial would not phase them in the least. They are pretty used to me thinking outside the box. besides, most of my friends on Facebook are black men, so it's pretty obvious where I stand on that lol.

    SM: What turns you on? 

    Sammie: Honesty, intelligence, self confidence but not arrogance, a man who has his life together emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, and relationship wise. 

    SM: Turn offs? 

    Sammie: I absolutely positively cannot tolerate lying in any form. Even little white lies. If you cannot tell me the truth, you are not the one for me. I do not enjoy being with  people who judge other people. I do not get along with people who will not think outside the box and open up their mind and try something new. What do you look for in a guy?  while physical appearance is important, and I totally admit to being turned on by a buff black man who works out and takes care of himself, (and nothing is more sexy to me than being taken by a big strong black man whose muscles are all oiled up next to my creamy white skin) personality is always very important. While we will be in the bedroom a lot of the time, haha, because hopefully he has the same strong sex drive I do, we will also be spending time out of the bedroom together. I would like to be with a man who enjoys the same things I do recreationally and who was also willing to try new things together. Having a sense of humor is also a must. plus, with me being a submissive, I absolutely must be with a dominant man.

    SM: Are you bisexual? 

    Sammie: I sure am.

    SM: In case they are reading this blog, do you have a celebrity crush? 

    Sammie: I have several! TI, usher, Chris Brown, most of the Wayans brothers, just to name a few. even though someone's personal life may be in shambles and they have a lot of personal growth and development to conquer, I still respect their work and find them incredibly sexy

    SM: You have your own website.  Have you always wanted to be a pornstar? How did you get involved in it?  

    Sammie: It never occurred to me that I would be in porn. I always wanted to be an escort, ever since I was very young because I have just always loved giving pleasure to men, so I have always been open to the idea of sex work.The porn came about as an accident about 9 years ago. I needed to make money very quickly when my regular job came to an abrupt end so I started working webcam and phone sex and immediately i knew it was a good match. it was fun, & I loved doing it. Such a wonderful change from waking up every morning hating to do my former job to waking up every morning and looking forward to starting work.The videos and photo sets were a natural progression. Once again, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. I will keep doing porn until it's not fun anymore.

    SM: Have you filmed with any big names in the biz? 

    Sammie: I have filmed with what I consider big names in the amateur market. and amateur porn is a force to be reckoned with. it is possible to make good money in amateur porn and I have loved all of the black men I have shot with. But I have not worked with any one in the interracial professional studios yet except d. Wise.

    SM: Who haven't you filmed with that you would love to do a scene with? 

    Sammie: Seriously? I truly want to work with every single interracial guy out there. I am not exaggerating. if they are sexy and we have chemistry, sign me up!

    SM: How do you want your porn career to progress? What do you have in store for the future? 

    Sammie: I am currently in the BBW niche. I have thought about getting weight loss surgery, but I haven't made up my mind about that yet. Believe it or not, I used to be very slender and went to the gym everyday. But I was miserable. I don't ever see myself doing that again. So, if I have the surgery, I might do work in the plumper market instead of the bbw niche because I know I will never be skinny again! And that's fine with me. I also see myself going into the gilf market when I'm a little bit older. However, I will always be in the interracial market because it is so enjoyable to me personally.  my next big project is to turn from a redirect website in to my own website with voyeur cam capability, weekly live interactive shows with my fans, direct webcam and phone sex shows, videos and photos, and a lot more

    SM: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Sammie.  Where can someone keep up with you and get in contact with you? 

    Sammie: Thank you so much for this opportunity. I really do love your website. I visit it every month to see which new interesting person you have featured. Thank you for doing this. you can see most of my work at I have several clips4sale stores but my interracial store is Sammie's big time interracial, store #60221. I am on Twitter @sammieSC2. My email is I am always looking for new guys to shoot with. You do not have to be experienced. I am a great person to pop your porn cherry! Most of the guys I shoot with come back to shoot some more so it must be fun for them and I will make it fun for you. Just email me to get more information.

    "When you are a nymphomaniac and also working porn as well, you have many chances to do hot things with a BBC, lol! and I have loved every single one of them."


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