Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Introducing Queen of Spades Selena Stone

Every month Spades Magazine tries to introduce our readers to a new Queen of Spades that they may or may not have heard of.  This month we want to introduce you to smoking hot Lebanese Queen of Spades Selena Stone.  We discovered Selena through her Twitter (twitter.com/SelanaStoneBBC) and Tumblr (selenastonebbc.tumblr.com) pages.  This Middle Eastern born stunner is a true Queen of Spades with an insatiable hunger for BBC.  Just check it out for yourself.


  1. Interesting account. But I think they are using someonelses pics, I think its a fake account

  2. she is a true Queen Of Spades that fucks only black cock... a dream cuckoldress for white cucks.

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  4. it's not fake well somewhat she is not Lebanese she's Mexican and she uses many different names Amanda River, Selena Stone, Sandy Evander. She's my cousin and I was shocked to find her in the porn industry since she's a mother of 2 girls teenagers and has a husband and not divorced at all. Apparently they are swingers.

    1. She is not in porn, someone using her photos. its bad fake people. Is she still in LA or moved somewhere?