Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mandingo Interview for the Month of August

Its time for another great Mandingo interview.  This month's interview is with Marcellus, a black bull who has been reading Spades Magazine since the beginning.  Ladies enjoy and if you like what you see get in contact with him.  And leave comments.


"My best IR experience was doing two sisters at the same time in a threesome situation."

SM: Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview and congrats on being the first Mandingo to be interviewed by Spades Magazine.  Tell us a little about you.

Marcellus: My name is Marcellus Antonius St.Croix. I am 33, part Dominican and Black. I am a Vet of the Army and Marines and currently I am in the process of opening my own business as well as being a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder.

SM: So lets start with the question everybody is wanting to know - Why do you love about Queens of Spades?

Marcellus: What I love about the QOS is that they know what they want. Now of course I realize there are many fakes, but its my goal to find those who are interested in having real encounters and pairing them up with REAL Mandingos and make it a great encounter. I would like possibly to even release a new series of adult videos of these encounters. When you are a busy man such as myself, you don't have time or patience for a lot of games and fakes. I like to get off work, relax, have some good food and good fun and good conversation.

SM: Have you always been attracted to white women?

Marcellus: Yes.

SM: Do you prefer only white women or are you equal opportunity?

Marcellus: I prefer only white women. I deal with others if I cannot find the one that I want. I am very picky of the white woman I want. I tend to be on the kinky side so It may take me a while to find one that really strikes me the right way.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle? What attracted you to it?

Marcellus: I have been in the lifestyle since I was about 17 yrs old.  When I came into the business the internet wasn't what it is today so it was more hands on. Meaning I visited sex clubs and so on. What attracted me to it was the amount of attention I received from the women I was serving at that time. I was real and was there instead of the guys that would stand them up, so because of that, they were very accommodating, to say the least.

SM: Invariably there will be some size queens reading this and I know that they want to know - how big are you? 

Marcellus: Length wise I am right at 10 inches and girth around 6 inches all the way around. Added the downward curve which is a g-spot favorite.

SM: What's your favorite feature on a woman's body? What grabs your attention? 

Marcellus: Her eyes and legs. But what Attracts me the most is her ability to carry a decent conversation. 

SM: What has been your best IR experience?

Marcellus: My best IR experience was doing two sisters at the same time in a threesome situation

SM: What's the freakiest thing a QoS has ever done to you?

Marcellus: I've had a woman that wanted to be fisted. But the freakiest was a woman who wouldnt go home. Like she actually slept in her car til the next day til i was ready to fuck her some more. 

SM: What is one fantasy that you haven't fulfilled yet?

Marcellus: An interracial orgy
SM: What do you look for in a playmate in the lifestyle? 

Marcellus: I love conversation. But i love a woman who is fun to be around and yet a person I can come to when things arent always going good. I feel that our lifestyle lacks the true friendship bonds that we should have. 

SM: A lot guys get in amateur porn and film their adventures.  Is that something you are interested in?

Marcellus: Well i have been involved in selling porn and sex novelties, one of my business ventures is to open my own store as well as producing interracial EROTICA. 

SM: Do you have a celebrity crush - just in case they are reading this?

Marcellus: MY celebrity crush would be Sharon Stone

SM: Ok, I got a bit of curveball question for you. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only take one QoS with you, who would it be and why?

Marcellus: Mandingo Blonde Mandi partly because I have known her for awhile and because she is a true friend and i know she will always make a bad situation great.

SM: Thanks for so much for the interview and best of luck to you in the future. Tell our readers where they reach you at.

Marcellus: I can be emailed at

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Peggy and the Secret Society - Part I

Peggy is back and this time she has a hot and steamy half fiction/half non fiction story for our readers. This is Part I of the story of how Peggy stumbled onto the existence of a BBC secret society and became black owned.  Its a little bit longer than our stories so far but its a smoking hot read.  You can find Peggy's first post here.


Here I am, giving you another glance into a chapter of my crazy life. The year 2007 was filled with travel and sexual excitement for me. One of you asked me a few months ago if I was ever going to write again, as he was hungry for another chapter of my real life. Well, what you are about to read is just that, just another chapter of what a woman of 47 can get herself into when all alone. Come along with me and let me tell you what really happened.

I first met Joe as a result of having a car wreck. Someone ran into the back of me on an interstate close to where I live. I was on my way to meet a girl friend. I drive a baby blue BMW 325i. My husband was out of town on business, and I was overdue to catch up on things. 

As the traffic slowed, I slowed but the guy behind me didn't. Boom! There we were, right in the middle of an accident. All I could think of was my poor BMW!

Sitting on the side of the highway, I looked at my watch. It was 6:30 pm It was pouring rain, and as soon as the police arrived, he directed us to a nearby parking lot so he could finish his report. Soon, the wreckers arrived. One of the wrecker drivers approached me and said, "Your car won't be able to be driven. I will have to tow it. Why don't you wait in the cab of my wrecker until the cops are finished. I'll get hooked up to your car and then take it to a repair shop. It will not take long, and you can get where you need to go." By this time, I just wanted to get things moving again, so I quickly agreed. 

It was warm inside the wrecker cab. My summer dress was obviously not intended to keep me warm or dry on what had turned out to be a cool and rainy summer evening. Now it was wet and a little more transparent than the designer had intended it to be. I hardly ever wear a bra these days, and the cool air was making my obvious nipples stand at attention. 

The wrecker driver walked back to the cab of the truck, climbed in and quickly introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Joe. I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. Are you okay?", He asked. 

I assured him I was fine, just a bit nervous and cold and wet. He took off his black leather jacket and wrapped it around me and then turned the heat up in the cab. The police directed him around in front of my car, he got out, hooked it up and off we went. On the way to the shop he said, "I hope I don't offend you but I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are." I responded by saying I wasn't offended and thanked him for the complement. He then asked if I always dressed so sexy. I asked him what he meant by "that way." "Without a bra?," he responded, adding, "It is very apparent you don't have one on". I blushed, knowing how obvious it must have been. As I glanced down at my very enlarged and obviously erect nipples, I pulled the coat closer around me and then replied, in a rather shameful voice commented that the sundress was just more comfortable without one on. He paused, focused his eyes on my 35C's and just smiled. 

When we arrived at the shop, he dropped the car off and climbed back inside the cab. "Now where?" he asked. 

I was a bit taken back by his offer, but responded by telling him I had planned to meet my girlfriend. Then without thinking, I mentioned that my husband was out of town. Then, I added that I was too wet and in too much disarray to go any where in public. Then he said, "Would you like to come to my place for a drink and then I can take you home?" 

"Oh, I couldn't do that. I don't even know you," I said. 

Joe then pointed to his wrecker license with his photo on it and said, "That is who I am. I am licensed. That is my license number. The name on the truck is my company. It is not like you don't know who I am." 

I thought for a moment, having taken notice of how ruggedly handsome he was, not to mention he was obviously a full 10 years younger than my 47 years. Pausing, then looking up at him, I said "okay, I'll trust you. I'll go, but I can't stay long."

In less than 10 minutes we pulled up in front of a town home. He got out, ran around and opened the door. My mind said, "What a gentleman!" I awkwardly climbed down trying to keep my summer dress down as far as I could but still high enough to allow me to bend my legs and step down out of the high cab. I was sure he got a full view of me of which he would confirm later. I always wear sheer white, unlined bikini panties, and with my bush, there is never a doubt when you get a flash of my crotch and pussy.

We entered the town home, which was modestly furnished and clean for what I assumed was a bachelor pad. He brought me a scotch and soda. I asked how he knew that was my choice of drinks. "A good guess," was his answer. I drank that first drink way too fast and found another in my hand before I realized the first one was gone. "Are you feeling warmer yet," he asked. 

I said, "Yes, some." With that, he responded that he had an idea that would warm me up quickly. He didn't want me catching cold. With that he left and went up stairs. I heard water running. He came back down and said, "Please go upstairs, I have prepared a warm bath for you. I'll put your dress in the dryer and it will be dry in minutes. There really isn't a lot to dry." He followed that with a warm smile. 

I thought, with my mind starting to whirl, how could I resist? I thought about how to say no. But, by then, after a couple drinks, I couldn't really think of a good reason. Okay, so I am married. But he doesn't seem to care and my husband won't ever find out. Then my drink fogged mind says I don't know this guy but I know who he is. Like I said, I couldn't think of a good reason. So, I said, "After you."

He responded with, "No, after you, I insist." I walked up the stairs knowing he was behind me watching my ass and legs exposed by my very short, very wet, semi transparent summer dress. I blushed but up the stairs we went, with me in front. 

When we reached the bedroom he told me, "I'll give you a couple of minutes to get comfortable and then I will join you." That took me back a bit, but by this time the drinks had taken away most of my common sense.

I entered the bathroom and found a large whirlpool tub full of water and bubble bath. I quickly slipped out of my wet summer dress and high heels. Since I was wearing absolutely nothing underneath and it didn't take me long to be fully submersed in the warm water. 

I knew Joe was going to join me and that he was most likely going to try and fuck me, I was fully prepared for his advances. He came in and pulled up a bench and took a seat on it. He then said, "Like I said earlier, you are a beautiful woman. I am very tempted to join you in your bath and then have sex with you but I choose to only do that kind of thing on my own terms." 

I looked at him with a question mark on my forehead. He said, "Let me explain." "I would love nothing more than to have sex with you but, my guess is, after that, you would then go home and I would never see or hear from you again. That wouldn't be all bad except I don't want it to be that way. I want to have sex with you tonight, but I want you come back to me whenever I tell you to, and, I want you to respond to me the way I tell you to." The question mark on my forehead grew larger. Then he said, "Think about that for a few moments while you enjoy your bath. If you want to play by my rules, I will be in the bedroom, you may join me there or not. But, if you do it will be on my terms." Then he left the bathroom.

I thought about what he had said. I wondered what he meant by sex being on his terms. Here I was, naked in his bathtub, and a man I had only met an hour earlier was telling me HE was willing to have sex with me, but under his terms! What kind of insane approach was this? Perhaps it was my curiosity, my fear of not ever knowing, or just my wanton lust for sexual excitement, but I decided to get out of the bathtub, dry myself off, put my high heels back on and walk into the bedroom, bare ass naked, and see just what kind of man I was dealing with. Naked, I can bring most men to their knees they want me so badly! 

When I entered the bedroom naked, with only my high heels on, I was expecting him to be waiting in the bed for me. No, that wasn't the case. There he was, setting in a chair in the far corner of the room, wearing a silk robe. He spoke, "I take it you have decided to accept my terms and do as you are told." I nodded my head. 

"I need to hear you say it," he demanded. I spoke softly, "I will do as you say and I agree to have sex with you on your terms." I could feel myself growing wet between my legs from the building anxiety. As I think back now, by this time I still had the belief that this was some kind of foreplay. I would soon learn I was very wrong. 

"I have a contract I need you to read and then sign," he said. A contract I thought! What could it possibly say. He reached over to a table setting next to him and picked up a single piece of paper and held it out to me. 

"Here, read this and if you agree with every word, and you are willing to abide by it, then you will sign it, date it and we can proceed." 

I walked toward him to retrieve the "contract." For those of you that don't know me, I am 5''3" and with my heels on I am a full 5''7" or more, depending on the height of my heels. I have wavy auburn hair that is past my shoulders and I wear it down most of the time. I weigh 105 pounds and have 35C upturned, natural breasts with perky upturned nipples that are a full 3/4 inch long. They are so sensitive that I can cum when a cool breeze blows over them. Their sensitivity also makes them almost always rock hard and erect. I have a smooth flat belly, a full round, very curvy ass, and I keep my pussy natural, trimming only the edges. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked closer. I retrieved the contract and then turned to walk back into the light toward the bathroom to read it. Here is an summary of what it said:


It is hereby agreed that I now declare myself the personal property of the Master and I hereby agree to deliver my body and mind in totality to the demands and wishes of the Master at all times and in all ways, immediately, and without restraint or reservation as instructed. At such times as the Master wishes I hereby agree to be assigned to the servitude of other Masters as instructed to do so. I hereby agree to always have myself available and prepared as instructed to serve the Master or other Masters as instructed to do so. I will not disclose to anyone under any circumstances of my servitude or the identity of the Master or other Masters.

At times I am requested to do so I will recruit others to submit to servitude under the Master and other Masters. I agree to provide monies to cover all expenses incurred during times of my use, including acquiring proper dress, travel, food, drink and accommodations when needed. I also agree to pay fees that are required by certain Masters for their use of me. 

By agreeing hereto I will now be known by just my first name, Peggy, sex slave to the Master and all Masters.

I hereby agree, being of sound mind, the terms contained herein.

Below that I found a signature line, a place to print my name, my present address, home phone number, mobile phone, place of work, and work phone number.

Still with the belief that this was some kind of foreplay game I turned to Joe and said, "This sounds like fun but when does it expire?" 

He smiled and said, "It doesn't." Then he instructed me to kneel before him so he could explain a couple of things to me. I walked over, knelt before him on my knees, squatting to rest my butt on the calves of my legs. He began to talk. 

"I am a member of an organization that believes women are here to serve man's needs, without restriction or reservation, in every way. That includes sexually, of course. It is our belief that women, not all women, want and need to be subservient and enjoy the lifestyle. By signing this Contract you will become one of those women. You will serve me, your Master, and all others, as I direct. You will learn how to identify other Masters when you meet them, and you will be taught how to serve them upon request and not just in my presence.", he continued.

"You will be allowed to live a normal life with your husband, at your home, at your work place, and enjoy your friends and family almost as usual. Then, there will be times when you will be required to be with me and serve me and other Masters. There may be times you have to explain to those around you that there are circumstances in which you must have time away. This time away, of course, will be so you can make yourself available for your agreed to servitude. If you agree to the contract, you are entering a world you know nothing about. This highly erotic secret society that will take you places in your mind and physically that you have never dreamed of. You must ask yourself, do you have the courage and real desire to expand your horizons and live life to it's fullest. If the answer to that question is yes, then sign the contract and we will begin."

With that he held out a pen for me. My heart was beating fast. I felt flushed. The wetness still building between my legs that were now pressed tightly together. I felt as though I needed a tissue between my legs. Afraid to do and unwilling to give in to my fear, I took the pen. What the heck, he couldn't be totally serious. After all, this had to be a game, and I was fully awake and found it exciting, to say the least. 

I stood, walked into the bathroom, placed the contract on the counter top, signed my name, filled in the other information and walked back over to "my Master" and knelt before him and held out the contract and the pen.

It was with tremendous anxiety that I knelt before my Master who I had only met a couple of hours earlier as a result of a freak accident on the highway. He literally came to my rescue in the form of a wrecker driver. Now, here I am kneeling before him, paying my respect to him as the controller of my destiny. I had signed the contract he presented to me, turning over my body and mind for him to use as he so chose and for those other Masters of which the contract disclosed that would also have use of me as they chose. This was a fun game. But too, I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. My mind said, "This would never hold up in a court of law, so what was the real risk?" I was game. Let's play. 

It is time I disclose to you that this man, calling himself "my Master," is a black man. He is 6'2" tall and weighs in a muscular 230 pounds. He is clean shaven on his face and he has chosen to shave his head as well. He is very dark. That alone made this a completely new and totally unique experience for me! 

He was still in his chair in the corner of the bedroom, dressed in his silk robe. He took the contract from my hand, then the pen I used to sign with. He spoke, "Congratulations Peggy, you have chosen to open yourself to a new life. One that will enrich your emotions, your very existence, your sensitivities, your awareness of yourself and the appreciation of those you have chosen to serve." He stood and walked over to an upright chest. He opened one of the doors and took out a metal box. It had a combination lock built into it. He dialed the combination and then with a click opened the box. He first took out a gold anklet and then placed the folded signed contract inside the box. He then turned and walked back to me holding the anklet. I had heard and knew that when white women wore an anklet on their right ankle, it was a sign that they were available for black men to openly pursue and then to fuck. This wasn't new to me.

"Peggy," he said, "With this anklet that I will now place around right ankle, you will be recognized by all the members of the secret society of which I spoke earlier as a contracted servant. Note the charm that has the special symbol on it. Every where you go you are to wear this anklet and keep it in plain view for all to see." He then leaned over and placed the anklet around my right ankle and clasped it. He then took my hand and had me follow him to the mirror in the bathroom. He then instructed me to view the anklet. I looked down and saw a gold chain that just fit around my ankle, with the special symbol charm in the shape of a spade that was most likely made out of black onyx. It was attached so the bottom of the spade with the point aimed downward. The chain was short enough that the spade would be in plain view at all times unless I was wearing slacks.

Then Joe led me back into the bedroom and instructed me to kneel again. He showed me how I was to place myself on my knees, setting back with my buttocks on my calves, my hands behind me with my palms facing out. I was to keep my white breasts up high but my head tilted downward unless told to look at him. I was instructed to remember that this was position two and to remember that. He then went back to the upright chest and took out a one inch thick binder. It had a black cover with a spade on the front just like the one now hanging on my right ankle. 

He spoke, "Peggy, this is your new life. You will read this and know it from front to back. You will be required to live your life the way it is described herein. You are to keep this and read it and study it and learn it. Failure to perform as instructed herein will bring harsh punishment to you. When you leave later you will take this with you and protect it at all cost. You will not disclose it to anyone. You will not talk to anyone about it. Now stand and I will show you position one." I stood. 

He instructed me to stand with my hands in the same position, behind me with my palms out. To spread my legs so that my feet were a full two feet apart. I did as instructed, although my heels made me wonder how long I would last. I could feel the coolness of the air in the room as it passed over the hairs of my moist pussy. My breasts were to be held up, shoulders back, my head tilted forward unless told to look at him. I would remember this as position one. Then, on to position three. 

Just as in position one, only bent ninety degrees at the waist, my arms and hands up and along side me and behind and with palms open. Position four had me bent further over, legs still spread wide and straight, now with my hands holding my ankles and my head tilted out so I was looking straight at the floor. Then on to position five. On my hands and knees with my head up and looking straight forward, my legs spread and my lower legs and feet straight out not together. My back arched with my ass tilted up. Need I mention I was fully exposed and fully flushed from excitement and embarrassment. 

Position six had me flat of my belly with my hands along my side, palms up, legs straight and spread, head upward with my chin flat on the floor, back arched with my ass up. Position seven had me flat of my back, arms along my sides, palms up, legs straight and spread. Position eight was the same as seven except with my legs straight up in the air and spread. My mind wondered if this was really a game or if this black man was totally serious! Most men would have been humping me by this time. After all, my pussy was totally and completely exposed, making my cunt completely available. 

There I was. Fully exposed with absolutely with nothing left to the imagination. My wet pussy spread for Joe to see. I was sure it was glistening in the light from being so wet. I could feel my pussy lips part as I raised my legs and spread them. I could feel his glaring stare. Then on to position nine. "Bring your legs back so your knees touch you, keeping your legs straight, hold them with your hands tight against your breasts and shoulders, spread them wider," he demanded. 

I was breathing heavy from just the anxiety! I only thought I was exposed before! Now even my ass was spread and open for him to see. Then, he told me when I received instruction, I was to take a exact position I had been instructed on, and stay in that position until told to take another one, even if "the master" left the room. I was to stay as instructed, without moving, until he returned. It would be to my personal benefit to always to do as told, especially with regard to positions. 

With that, Joe left the bedroom. I could hear him walking down the stairs. Position nine had me more exposed than any of the other positions, and was the most demanding to stay in. I strained to hold my legs tight against my breasts and shoulders and wide apart. My ass turned up ever so slightly off the carpeted floor. It seemed like forever but finally I heard him coming back up the stairs. 

"Very good, Peggy.", he said. "You learn quickly and you are behaving quite well." Then he touched me. I jumped from the unexpected touch. This was the first time he had touched me in any way, and he had touched me "there." No, not on my pussy but with his middle finger pointedly against my rectum! I managed to stay in position but he could tell I was startled. I froze. I waited to see just what was going to happen. I could feel the pressure of his middle finger against my asshole. I then realized he had lubricated his finger prior to touching me. I tried to control my anxiety and tried to relax my sphincter muscles. I could feel the pressure, and slowly his large black middle finger entered my white ass, right there. And, moving his larger finger, he kept entering me, over and over. 

His finger must have been at least four or more inches long! I felt every part of it. Finally, I could feel his fist against my buttocks telling me that all of his finger was now in me, in my ass! Good grief, what had I gotten myself into? Then he began massaging the inside walls of my rectum without withdrawing his finger! I had never known such a feeling! In the beginning, I thought I would die from embarassment, then the poop feeling redirected my thoughts. And now, he was really giving me some very erotic sensations by turning his hand to allow a full revolution of his finger as it massaged me deep inside, first in one direction and then back the other direction, and back again! 

I was unable to hold my excitement and the feeling that was building deep inside me. My pussy gushed with wetness. My pelvis rocked back and forth. I moaned. Then, I grunted. Then, I came hard and long with a deep groan.

I lay there, flat on my back, my legs pressed firmly against my heaving breasts. My breathing fast and deep. I felt my face flush. My pussy wet and glistening in the light and cool air. Without warning, he withdrew his large, long very black finger from deep inside my ass. The lubricant leaving a coolness inside my otherwise heated, most private and sensitive orifice. Embarrassed for my wanton orgasmic release and excited about my willing abandon of all my inhibitions, I lay there not knowing what was next. 

"Position 5", he demanded. I searched my memory, which was difficult to do under my present state of mind. I thought back at the recent events. Trying to put them in order. I let go of my legs, rolled over and placed myself on my hands and knees, spreading my legs wide and holding my ass upward and outward. "Very good," he said. "You learn fast for an inexperienced white woman, Peggy."

He moved behind me. I caught a glimpse of his silk robe as it fell to the floor. I had yet to see him naked. I soon felt what I had not yet seen! First, the pressure between my wet spread pussy lips told me what was coming! A warm large bulbous weapon of a huge black cock. Slowly it pressed with more pressure until it began to pry my white pussy open. I could feel every part of the huge black cock head as it slowly entered me. I could feel my pussy stretch to it's fullest and then tighten around the head as it moved further inside. Then, the black shaft rubbing it's way past my wet, pink pussy lips, drying them as it moved in further and further. I noticed I wasn't breathing and took a short deep breath and held it. Deeper inside me it slid. I had never felt anything like it! Like all prim and proper married white ladies, I had heard stories about black men and the size of their cocks. This surpassed anything I had ever imagined! No toy and certainly not my husband ever filled me or stretched me this way. I had a feeling of complete fullness. But, it still entered me deeper! My eyes were closed.

My hands clenched the carpet and I strained against the push, the thrust, of this oversize black ram entering me. I began to wonder if it was really his cock. How big could it possibly be? Just as I knew there was no more room inside me I could feel his thighs touch my buttocks. Then, he pressed hard against me placing the final inch of his cock deep against my inner womb and into my cervix! I had never been touched there before. Again, I took a quick deep breath. 

Then, he began his withdrawal. Equally, he pulled out as slowly as he had gone in. I was thankful for that! He would have killed me, even with my juices, had he just rammed it in. Again, I felt every bit of his shaft on it's way out just as much as I did on it's way in. My pussy stretched tight around his now hot big black cock. I felt the head ridge as it exited me. Then he was fully out. I breathed again. 

Without warning, he said, "Like all white women, you like the feeling of a big black cock, don't you, Peggy?" I nodded yes. With that, his hand slapped my ass, and I mean slapped it hard! It really hurt! Then he said to me, "Peggy, remember what I am about to tell you! White men have white cocks. Black men have big black dicks! You'll never, ever refer to a black man's dick as a cock! Do you hear me?" I again nodded yes, trying to hold back my tears!

Then he was back against me. This time with more thrust and a faster entry. In a blink, he was fully inside me again. Then, he was back out fully again. He repeated this over and over, I came, then I came again. He began then to thrust in and out of me without pulling all the way out. I began now to realize I had not bothered nor had he to use any protection and I didn't care. I wanted this big black dick inside me. I wanted his hot black seeds to fill me... the consequences be damned. I came again just thinking about it. My pussy now dripping and wetting his black dick with every thrust. His cum ran down both of my legs and over his ball sack dripping onto the carpet as he fucked me. One cum didn't even slow him down! 

I felt his shaft grow harder, bigger, hotter as he plunged in and out of me. I could feel my insides agitating from the battering, the plunging, as he went in, the suction from his withdrawing. Faster and faster he moved. I came again. Then, with a deep groan, I felt his hot semen flood my deepest void, my cervix. I knew then if I could conceive I would, at this very moment. For what seemed like minutes, his big black dick filled me. I literally had my knees lifted off the floor suspended on his dick, my hands holding firmly onto the carpet. His large black hands holding me around my waist. Slowly he placed me back down on the floor. My knees touching ever so gently. He began his slow withdrawal. His semen filling every crevice of my inner sanctum as he withdrew. His fluids joining my flooded vagina. Then, he was out and it was over! Whew! I knew I had been fucked. There was no doubt in my mind OR in my pink pussy!

"Turn and face me," He instructed. I did immediately. Then, I saw it. A full throbbing black shaft still standing straight and hard, glistening with a mixture of my fluids and his. My face within inches of this shimmering tool I could smell us both. In a firm voice he said, "Your place now is to clean me completely using your tongue and mouth." I moved closer, his cum still oozing out, I opened my mouth and let my lips touch the head of his shaft. I could taste us both. I could feel the semen inside my mouth. I began to lick the bottom of the huge black head, and then spread my mouth wide and took as much of it inside my mouth as I could. He was bigger than huge. I had never imagined anything like this. 

I then slid back off his shaft and began to lick and suck on him as I moved up and down his black dick, first on one side, then the other, and then on top and then below. Letting my face work as a guide to hold him while I licked up and down on the long black dick, which was still hard as steel. I worked at cleaning him as I licked and sucked every morsel of our wetness from his shaft, leaving it glistening in the light only from my saliva. 

"Very good," He said. Now you are to dress yourself just as you were when you arrived, only this time you will be wearing your permanent anklet. You are not to clean your ass before leaving. I will now take you home in your present condition. You will be in this condition every time you are used by either me or one of the other black men in the society." He then left the room, entered the bathroom, closed the door and I could hear the shower running. I found my dress and slid it over my sweaty and cum covered legs. Still wearing my black high heels, I then found my way down stairs. I stood in the middle of the living room and waited. He came down shortly, fully dressed and groomed. He opened the front door and instructed me to walk directly to the wrecker and get inside. He soon followed. I sat there in the cab of the truck thinking back over the past few hours. How could this have happened and how could I be enjoying it so much? Will it keep happening? 

Finally he spoke. "Peggy, even though you are married and have an unknowing husband, you will be contacted either by me or by another black master in the next day or so. Handle it so it isn't a problem, if necessary. We have an event planned for this Saturday night. You will attend. Before you object, I must tell you, you will find a way to be there. There will be no excuses."

I didn't have to answer. I knew I would find a way to be there. I was not going to miss this. I was hooked, so to speak. As ashamed and embarrassed as I was, I was determined to let this happen. After all, I did sign a contract, didn't I?. 

He drove up to my house, instructed me to get out. I did, without a good bye, and without anything being said. I knew I had been used and hoped I would be again. Soon! That was the best fuck and the wildest night of sex I had ever known! He drove off before I even got to the front door. I used my key, opened the door to my home and entered, knowing my life had been changed forever.

Without cleaning myself, without brushing my teeth, without showering, only sliding my still damp dress off and finally shedding my black high heels, I found my bed and slid in, thinking if my husband were there, this would be an interesting night. As I lay there in a state of recovery, and trying to slow my thoughts about the events of the late afternoon and evening, I couldn't help but wonder what the future holds. Mostly from exhaustion I finally was able to drift off to sleep.

I expect it was my state of mind when I went to sleep that caused me to startle myself to consciousness around 7:00 AM. The first thing that crossed my mind was a memory of what had been told to me the night before. I would always prepare myself for use. I remembered then it was in the contract I had signed. "The Contract," I thought. Then, it all began coming back to me! I set up in bed, looked around my beautiful bedroom, thinking how good I had it here with my home and my husband. What was I doing? Then, I remembered the anklet. It was sure enough there. So, I couldn't have dreamed any of this. I knew one thing I had to do. I got out of bed, went straight to the shower and washed every part of me, inside and out. It wasn't that I wanted to get rid of anything, but instead I wanted to be fresh and prepared just in case. I had this feeling that I should. I did my hair and make up with extra special care. I had shaved my legs and feeling my tender pussy as I moved. I rubbed moisturizer every where. 

As I entered my walk-in closet and began to look at my wardrobe, my selection was to be different than ever before. What should I wear? I chose another summer dress. A little shorter than the one I wore yesterday. It was white, mid thigh in length, belted at the waist, cut just low enough to show some cleavage, and being so short, my legs would certainly allow the anklet to show. The pattern actually had some black swirls that looked good with the onyx spade dangling on my right leg. I chose high heels that were made of black patent leather with a white heel, sort of a classic oxford look. I would wear no panties or bra.

Remembering that this was Friday, I had an easy work schedule. Most of the clients I would call on today would actually be out of their office playing golf. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am a rep for an insurance claims processing company. As I stood in front of the mirror, I thought what a shame most of my clients would be out today. They would miss seeing me at my best. 

Hoping I wasn't just living a dream, I knew I was going to be approached, contacted or called on in some way by a black man today. Could the anklet be all that noticeable? I chose to just go on with my routine, doing what I normally do, and wait to see what happened next. I didn't have to wait long. 

I left the house, driving my husbands Mercedes. I made shopping stops before 10:00 AM. I needed to put gas in the car. I pulled into a station just on the edge of downtown off one of the major highways. As I got out of the car, every eye around stopped and stared at me. I knew with the dress I had selected, and the way you could just see through me, I was a sight to see. I proceeded to start the gas pump and waited. 

A black Mercedes sedan pulled up on the other side of the gas pump. I payed little attention. My mind was thinking about my freshly fucked pussy and how uncomfortable I was. The pump clicked to indicate the tank was full. I turned and walked to the back of the car and proceeded to take the nozzle out and place it in the holder. Suddenly, I found myself being stared at by a very large black man. 

At first I was startled and then I noticed he was looking directly at my legs and the anklet. Not knowing what to do next. I stood there. Then he spoke. "I am Max and you?" 

I thought, what am I to say? Then, I remembered. "I am known as Peggy, sir," I responded. 

"There is a coffee shop just up on the right. Meet me there," he demanded. 

I got back in my car and thought, "Can I do this?" I soon found myself pulling into the parking lot next to a coffee shop, noting the black Mercedes pulling in next to me. I waited a moment only to see not one, not two but three very large black men exit the car and enter the coffee shop. I took a moment to gain my composure. I looked in the mirror to make sure I was all there. I took a deep breath, and then got out and walked into the coffee shop. The three men were seated at a table over in the far corner of the cafĂ©. The place was mostly empty. I walked over and stood before them. "Please have a seat, Peggy," Max instructed. 

The three black men didn't bother to stand or to move a chair for me. They only stared at me. Max instructing me to have a seat. I pulled the chair from the table and gently lowered myself onto it. I was doing as instructed. I was doing what Joe had instructed me to do if approached by a black man, an obvious member of the society. I had no idea it would be today, here, right now, this soon after last night!

Was this just coincidence or was the world out there full of black society members that until last night I had no idea even existed? Holding my small clutch with both hands in my lap, I sat and waited. Max spoke first. "This is Doug and Charles," he informed me. I nodded my head at both and then returned my eyes to look at the table in front of me and waited. 

"I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you before, but my luck had us crossing paths today," he said. Again I nodded. "Please tell us Peggy, who gave you the anklet?" he questioned. I responded with an explanation, "I met Mister Joe yesterday and he introduced me to the society contract, which I signed last night." He then turned to Doug and asked him to contact Joe. 

I was startled thinking I had done something wrong. Would this offend Joe I wondered. Doug took out his mobile phone and within a moment said, "My brother, Doug here. Max and Charles and I are over at Dot's with Mrs Peggy. I understand you trained her."

"Yeah, I agree, 100%!" he went on. "I think we will. Just wanted to let you know and, of course, make sure the world is real, you know what I mean." he finished. "Catch you later and yeah, will get back with you on all that, brother", he said. After he closed his phone he nodded to both Charles and Max. 

Max then turned to me and said, "Mrs Peggy, we have a place a couple of blocks from here. My men here and I have a few things we have to take care of today but we will be finished around 2:00 PM. I am going to give you the address and the apartment number. We will expect you to make yourself available at 2PM, promptly." I nodded my approval. He then said, "You got a pen and paper?" Again, I nodded and opened my clutch and took out a pen and a small note pad that I kept. "804 Michigan, number 302, at 2:00 PM," he said. 

I wrote it down and put it back in my clutch. The men then stood and walked away, out the door and into the Mercedes. I sat there for a few moments in a daze as to what had just happened. I basically had agreed to meet 3 total strangers, all black men, at a downtown apartment at 2:00 PM on Friday afternoon for what I knew was going to be sex with all of them. And, I agreed to do it! Taking note of my physical and mental condition, my heart was racing. I was flushed. My pussy was wet and probably my dress which most likely would be apparent when I stood to leave. I reached and felt the anklet when my phone rang. I looked down, not recognizing the number, I answered it with a simple, "Hello."

"Hello Peggy, Joe here. Are Doug, Charles and Max still there with you?", he asked. 

"No, but I am to meet them at 2:00 PM," I answered. 

"If that is what they instructed you to do then you are to do exactly that," he replied.

"So, I did good?" I asked. 

"You are doing great, exactly as I instructed. You will be rewarded. I have to go now. I will get a full report from the boys. You just do as you are told and it will be good." And, with that, he was gone. I would be rewarded how, I thought. My husband is scheduled in around 7:30 PM. I am supposed to pick him up at the airport. I was sure he would want to have sex with me as soon as we got home. What kind of shape would I be in and would I have time to prepare myself for him? The anxiety was building. I still had a few stops to make in the area. Could I do them? I drove to my next stop. 

I made my three stops and noticed it is now 1:00 PM. I used my husbands GPS in his Mercedes. I entered the address and followed the voice commands to the apartment complex. There were no entry gates so I drove around until I found the building that matched the apartment number. Still more than 30 minutes early, I decided to not stop and wait. I left the apartment complex and found a fast food place to go in and freshen up as much as I could. I walked into the restaurant and headed to the bathroom. I couldn't help but notice that I was the only white person in the place. All eyes were on me. I glanced over at the counter on the way in and noticed a tall black man behind the counter that appeared to be the manager. He was staring at me as well but with a more intense look in his eye. I, at first, thought he must think I am a hooker. Then, I realized, it was the anklet! Did he know what it was? 

I quickly got in the restroom. I peed, and blotted myself. Remembering I had put lotion in my purse I took it out and squirted some on my fingers and rubbed my still wet pussy until it was well lubricated. All the time trying not to get too carried away. I was in a public place after all. I checked my makeup, washed my hands and quickly walked back through the restaurant, outside and into the car. All eyes followed me all the way to the car. 

I arrived back at the apartment with only 5 minutes to spare. The complex was busy with young black women and kids, and the yard crews preparing the landscaping for the weekend. Taking only my small clutch, I left the car, locked it and walked toward the building. It had an exterior stairway leading to the 3rd floor. After walking up the first two flights, I turned to check and see if I could find the car the men were in earlier. Sure enough, it was there. I made the final stairway noticing that my dress had ridden up almost to my ass cheeks by now. I pulled it back down, but was sure anyone watching from below got a good show. Just before knocking on the door I turned to look back just to make sure I knew where I was and where the car was. I couldn't help but notice the yard crews had stopped their work and was watching me. I quickly turned back and knocked on the door. 

Within a few seconds the door opened. I stepped inside to find not only the three men I had met earlier but two more as well. The man that had been introduced to me as Doug had opened the door for me. He took me by the hand and walked me over into the middle of the living room. The furniture was well used but clean as was the rest of the place. There were two new black guys setting on the sofa. Max was standing at the breakfast bar on his mobile phone. Charles was in a chair to the side of the room. Doug took my clutch and walked over and placed it on the bar. "You won't be needing this for a while.", he said as he took it from my hand. I was now standing in the middle of the room and remembered I was to always present myself in the proper way! 

I placed my hands to my sides, palms out, spread my legs a full 18 inches apart and waited for further instructions. My cotton dress now allowed the men on the sofa to see through it between my legs. My nipples had grown hard and were pushing against the tightness of the fabric that covered them. My breathing was short and fast. I could feel the wetness between my legs with the cool air now circulating there. My mind was asking me again just what the hell was I doing there?! 

The comments from the men in the room were now in full chorus. "Damn man, this is a fine piece of white ass, and would you look at that ring! She is married too!." 

One of the new black men said, "She obviously needs some good fuckin!" 

"She's gonna get a good fuckin' if I have anything to say about it," said another. Max got off the phone and walked over to me. He was facing me and just to my right side. He reached between my legs with his right hand and raised the hem of my skirt as he reached my open pussy lips with his big strong thick fingers. I felt him insert his middle finger into my wet pussy. I took a quick short breath but held my position. He squeezed my crotch with his one hand with his finger still in me. I felt as though he could lift me off the floor with his one hand if he wanted to. With his other hand he reached behind me and undid one button at the top of my dress and then unzipped it all the way down past my ass crack. He pulled his finger out of my throbbing pussy and used both hands to pull the dress off my shoulders and down over my body. I stepped out of it. Now fully naked except for my high heels, my freshly washed pussy as naked as it could ever be, totally exposed to the five black strangers in the room. 

This all caused more comments. Degrading in nature but exciting in reality. I wanted to be their slut. I wanted them to use me. To make me do things I would never have thought of before. To own me. To use me up entirely. I was ready for it all....or so I thought. There I was, almost frozen, and already the black men were starting to undress, all ready for their turn!