Thursday, January 15, 2015

Queen of Spades Interview of the Month - January

Spades Magazine is getting 2015 off to a great start with a sexy interview with Ms. Lucky.  Ms. Lucky is a Hotwife/Queen of Spades from New York who is just simply stunning.  She has an insatiable desire for Big Black Cock and an awesome personality that really shines through here.  This isn't Ms. Lucky's first post with Spades Magazine.  She is the author of the wildly popular The Healthy Side of Being A Slut which has accumulated over 30,000 views in just 1 month.  Enjoy and leave comments and look forward to plenty more from Ms. Lucky.

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"My biggest turn on is being filled deeply with cum while a man looses himself in me, whether it’s in my pussy or ass. When I can feel it spray inside me, I am in heaven."

Spades Mag: Hi Ms. Lucky. Tell us all about you.

Ms. Lucky: All about me (giggle) or just the sexy stuff? Well, first off, sorry about the pseudonym. I enjoy my reputation as a wholesome person, mother, wife and professional just as much as I enjoy my wild side. I’m 44, weigh 130 at most, and I’m mostly muscle.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?  What drew you to it?

ML: My husband and I have been in the lifestyle for fifteen years. We got into this lifestyle by being honest with each other. Both of us had had a few out of the ordinary sexual experiences before we met, him usually watching a woman being fucked before he got to have her and me sandwiched between either a man and a woman or between two men. When we discovered there was a high-class modern swinging community,  I fantasized about a room full of handsome men in suits sitting on bar stools having cocktails. I imagined being the only woman there as I walked up, kissed and unzipped their pants, pulling each cock out to suck it. That would be one way to find out if we had chemistry! Unfortunately that fantasy has never been fulfilled but I’m getting a feeling it will some day soon now that I’ve asked for it.

SM: Have you always been attracted to Black men or is that something that developed later?

ML: I always thought of myself as bisexual and open-minded to ethnicity. I have some early memories of black guys. I remember the sensation of sinking my fingers into Idris’s afro in the sixth grade. Reaching his smooth, slightly oily skin under all that hair was so sensuous. I had my first black boyfriend in college, well, fuck buddy to tell the truth. He was tall, dark and handsome and had amazing skin to touch. Not many years later I lived in Africa and fell in love with the idea of having black children come out of my body. Over the past few years, I am a little embarrassed to say, I have started seeing black men as sex objects and many of them look back. In fact, I’m quite sure black men respond better to me than white men.

SM: What drew you to Black men? Why do you like making love to Black men?

ML: While I had five black lovers before I met my husband, I have to say, he is the one who has promoted my play with the dark knight. My man loves the contrasting skin tones and really enjoys seeing me overwhelmed by large cocks. He is the one who told me I love black men when I said I love Men. He is the one who told me I was a size queen when I didn’t even know it. He studies me. He makes pleasing me a high priority in our relationship and luckily he benefits too.


When I think about the black lovers I’ve had since my college days, a few things stick out in my mind: full lips that engulf me in theirs, smooth, almost hairless skin that feels like it’s been lubed, eye contact and attention that make me feel like I am a queen, and a confident, classy seduction that tells me I am wanted.

SM: How did your first Black experience come about and did your taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

ML: My first black guy, the one in college, was great for what it was, but I wasn’t as liberated and experienced as I am now. I can’t really remember if I came or not. I like to cum now. Greedy bitch. ;-)

SM: How has your IR sex life progressed since that 1st Black experience?  Any regular Black lovers?

ML: Oh man. There’s a lot to say here. Yes to regular lovers. Hell yes. Thank god for the regulars. Sex with them keeps getting better and one of the guys we’ve been playing with for 7 years now! I say we because we hardly ever play alone, although my man isn’t into men.

SM: Who do you prefer to sleep with? Your husband or your Black lovers?

ML: I usually sleep with just my husband although I am super affectionate and love a puppy pile. Sleep is sleep. Lovers complicate sleeping, you know? Plus, guys sometimes think they can enter you without any foreplay because they’ve been lying there turned on.

SM: What's your favorite way to pleasure BBC or be pleasured by them? Do you prefer one or groups?

ML: I am a serious cock sucker. Ha! Did I just say that? It’s true. I like to make love to a cock when I suck it and it makes me outrageously wet. My pussy is hard-wired to my mouth. I get that stringy saliva as my pussy floods.

I’m very into one on one, two on one, a different one every hour, as well as crazy group scenes. Did I say I like sex, yet?

SM: Are you strictly for BBC or do you date and sleep with other races?

ML: Although I don’t believe we are different races (we all came from the same ancestors) I seem to prefer chocolate, every time.

SM: What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

ML: Hmm. Putting my black lover's cock in my girlfriend’s pussy after eating her and then lying on top of him imagining it was my dick fucking her? Being DPed in a hotel far from home by two black men I’d never met before? Picking up a well dressed handsome black business man from his place of work and sucking him off, suit still on, in the backseat of the car while my husband drives Manhattan streets at rush hour? Picking up a dancer while he was working a party we were attending and getting it on outside during his shift? Oh! The day at Desire in Mexico where I made four women cum in a row with my strap on and vibrator! That was awesome. I felt like the shit.

SM: Are you a size queen? What's the biggest cock you have had? What is the perfect size cock for you? 

ML: Yeah. I hate to admit it but I am a bit of a size queen. I’ve had a guy who was 7 inches around and I didn’t seem to mind. I’d take thick over long any day, although 8 to 10 inches long is quite nice.

SM: What do you want to do most in the lifestyle that you haven't done yet? Is that your biggest sexual fantasy? If not, what is your biggest sexual fantasy?

ML: What haven’t I done yet? I’ve been to mansion parties, swinger’s cruises, costume parties, nightclubs with back rooms, strip bars and hotel take overs. I’ve been tied up, spanked, set on fire, pet with fur gloves and watched by a room of people. I’ve been filmed but only in small clips.

Oh! I haven’t picked up a basketball player before. I love imagining the locker room scene with lots of strapping, tall athletes. Sneak me in there!

"When I think about the black lovers I’ve had since my college days, a few things stick out in my mind: full lips that engulf me in theirs, smooth, almost hairless skin that feels like it’s been lubed, eye contact and attention that makes me feel like I am a queen, and a confident, classy seduction that tells me I am wanted."

I’m in this game for the pleasure as well as for the new experiences. The more sex I have with different partners the more I learn about my preferences and about my own body. I don’t watch porn so I feel whatever happens is organic and has no script.

SM: Are you into anal?

ML: I would never have known it, but I love it now. Love it.

SM: Swallow or spit? 


ML: Who spits? Some men are so sweet tasting. I’d like to know why.

SM: Do you have a Queen of Spades tattoo? If not would you get one to show your love for BBC?

ML: I’m not really a tat girl although my guy has quite a few. I’ve got an anklet.Think anyone is looking?

SM: Do any of your family or friends know about your involvement in the lifestyle or your love for BBC? If not, how do you think they would react?

ML: A couple of my girlfriends know and they’re jealous.

SM: What turns you on? Turn offs? What do you look for in a guy?

ML: A lot of things turn me on. Quick wit, bold eye contact, having someone pay me compliments and tell me what he’d like to do with me. A good listener, a person who is open to try new things…

My biggest turn on is being filled deeply with cum while a man looses himself in me, whether it’s in my pussy or ass. When I can feel it spray inside me, I am in heaven.

SM: Are you bisexual? 

ML: Yes, although less so over the years.

SM: In case they are reading this blog, do you have a celebrity crush? 

ML: I’d love to meet a handsome powerful black man and be his love slave but I don’t know who I’d choose. Will he find me, I wonder?

SM: A lot of hotwives/Queen of Spades are getting into making their own adult movies. Is that something you would ever do?

ML: Yes. It feels kind of glamorous to see myself on film. I won’t always have this body.

SM: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Ms. Lucky. Where can someone keep up with you and get in contact with you?

ML: You can reach me by emailing


You can reach out to the bull in this video at
"I enjoy my reputation as a wholesome person, mother, wife and professional just as much as I enjoy my wild side."


  1. Great interview. Thank you. You spoke of enjoying your lovers cumming in you....does your husband eat you out after that? Clean you up? Do you both enjoy sloppy seconds after you've been with other men? I hope yes to all of the above but I'd love to know.

  2. Wow! You sound fantastic and your pictures are awesome. You and your husband are enjoying the fruits of life. Salute!

    I can't wait to for your videos to come out. I am already one Hard Fan.

    Regards, Got2

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  7. If you want me, let's chat. Email me.

    1. Sorry. The email I gave out may not work for folks outside of Lifestyle Lounge

      Ms. Lucky

  8. Great interview! Wish I could meet this wonderful lady. Her husband is one Lucky guy.

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