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Mandingo Interview of the Month - February

February's Mandingo Interview is with Pro-Am Porn Star Diamond Lou.  Lou has filmed with anybody who is anybody the biz and it is always a pleasure to watch his scenes.  Enjoy this awesome interview and leave comments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Queen of Spades to me are those sexy grew girls addicted to big black cock and I’m just as addicted to those ladies too. I like color contrast of course and their attitudes for the most part.  Anything goes."

Spades Magazine: Thanks for agreeing to an interview, Diamond Lou.  Glad to have you in Spades Magazine.  Tell our readers about you.

Diamond Lou: Hey all I’m Diamond Lou, Producer, Director, Male Talent, Radio Show Host and CEO of Diamond Net Media, LLC.

I was Jersey born and raised but Vegas and San Diego are my homes now.  I have houses in both cities and haven’t decided which I want to permanently reside in yet, so I have fun bouncing back and forth frequently. Even though I keep hearing the rumor I’m married, I’m happily single =)

SM: We have a few size queens who read Spades Magazine and I am sure they want to know how big are you? 

DL: I’m 8” on a good day, circumcised with a mushroom head. Some women have described it as a cobra =). I’m always clean shaven.

SM: How long have you been in the IR swinging scene?

DL: Since I was 19. Swingclubs!

SM: You are in the porn biz. How long have you been in the biz and how did you get started?

DL: I’ve been performing in adult movies for over 10 years and due to my past career I used to shoot with a mask under the stage names of Lucky Lou and D.L. 2 years ago I took the mask off and Diamond Lou stepped out of the shadows.  I formed my own production company DN Media because I have fun doing my own thing.  Every day is Friday in my world =).

SM: How and why did you get involved?

DL: I originally got my start back in San Diego when I used to play heavily in the swing lifestyle.  I was a regular at a swing club called Thad’s. I was young and always horny so it was typical for me to go in on a Friday night and fuck for hours. My goal was to thoroughly fuck at least 5 girls each night I went. Luckily for me the single women and couples who attended came there to get down so I met my goal on most nights.

I discovered quickly the swing lifestyle paralleled the adult industry as many who shot pro-am porn with me then turned out to be swingers as well. I started getting invited to gangbangs and was even stunt cocks for some in various movies.  I appeared in lots of videos just for fun and figured out how word of mouth was the ticket. I started meeting influential people such as Denni O and her husband Steph who started setting me up with more and more jobs. I often thought about leaving my first profession for porn, but it was Steph (Denni’s hubby) who convinced me to stick my career out and I am so grateful for that advice because I got to keep my cake, etc =)

Anyway here I am.  The first porn star I ever had the pleasure of fucking was Nina Hartley and my first onscreen performance was with Lisa Sparxxx.  It’s nice to see both of them are still active in the biz.  Quality ladies with keen senses of business!

SM: What is a Queen of Spades to you? Why do you like them?

DL: Queen of Spades to me are those sexy grew girls addicted to big black cock and I’m just as addicted to those ladies too. I like color contrast of course and their attitudes for the most part.  Anything goes. It’s funny when I first met sexy-ass Betty Bang I asked her if she liked to suck dick and her answer was “Of course, I’m white”. That sums it up for me!

SM: What is the sexiest, hottest, nastiest, freakiest thing that a Queen of Spades has done for you or to you?

DL: When I was in San Diego I had two eager sub’s (24 and 26 year old hot sluts) who did whatever I said. I used to fuck them anytime and anywhere I wanted and they fulfilled my every need.  I used to share them with whomever I wanted and I was welcomed and encouraged to fuck all of their friends.  That was the life, then I had to move to Japan for 9 years =( Speaking of Japan, another level of freaks there, but that’s a different story.  

SM: What has been your best IR swinging experience?

DL: There have been so many but I was in a 4 day long orgy in Liverpool, England with two of my girls and about 60 other couples. LAWD!!!! I am so lucky for all the experiences I’ve had but I quit swinging about 2 years ago when I started concentrating on shooting more movies. I’m NOT going to be THAT GUY who brings something unwanted to the industry AND testing is so damn expensive these days. I stay tested by the way and only play with those who have clean tests as well.

SM: What is it about White women that attracts you?  Do you like just White women or are you equal opportunity?

DL: Just for the record I love all types… Brown, Yellow, Puerto Rican, and Haitian, etc. BUT… I DO have a thing for white chicks who love black dick. I had not been with a white women before the age of 20 but I fucked so many sexy white wives at swing clubs so they grew on me.  At first it was the color contrast that did it for me and truthfully I don’t know what the exact attraction is about them now, but it’s there.

SM: What is one fantasy that you haven't fulfilled yet?

DL: I have been blessed to have been able to visit 47 countries over my past military career and have fulfilled every fantasy I’ve ever had and some I didn’t previously know I had =)

SM: What do you look for in a playmate in the lifestyle? What's a women's most attractive feature to you? 

DL: I love ever physical aspect of the female body, so the personality is what makes them stand out for me.

SM: Turns ons? Turn offs?

DL: Turn ons are passionate kissing, having my dick sucked well, balls licked (not sucked), pretty feet, nice tits and nice asses. I like big and small. I love when a woman takes care of herself so well groomed hair and nails are a must.  I have developed quite the foot fetish over the years.

Turn offs: Bad hygiene and bad attitudes. I don’t care how fine the girl is, if she’s a bitch I’ll be quick to tell her not to flatter herself. I am not thirsty and I can take it, leave it, or easily find others, no biggy.

SM: Favorite position? 

DL: My favorite position is definitely missionary with her legs over my arms, shoulders, or me holding her ankles while I pound. POWER! I love looking in her eyes while controlling the movements. Another favorite is doggy depending on the ass. I love to see a big ass jiggle! I have gotten women riding over the years, but not my favorite.

SM: Who have you shot with in the biz?

DL: Hmmmmmmmmm, good question, off the top of my head . . . Naughty Alysha, Ava Devine, Joslyn James, Dee Siren, Stacy Adams, Tara Holiday, Alura Jenson, Zoey Portland, Angelina Castro, Claudia Marie, Joclyn Stone, Zoey Andrews, Rosie Paige, Kayla Kleevage, Tawny Ocean, Devilz Candy, Veronica Bottoms, Kate Faucett, Kimberly Kupps, Selah Rain, Sexy Vanessa, Paige Pretty, Leilani Lei, Dennio, Slut Shelby, Samantha Kay, AmazingTy, Extreme Missy, Delightful Deb, Debrah Ann, Teen Lust, Honey White, Lisa Sparxxx, Carol Foxxx, Sally D’Angelo, Creampie Cathy, Alice of AliceInSwingland.comOasis of Cum2Oasis.comTracy Licks, Kristine Cumz, Mandi McGraw, Jenny Seemore, Cotton Candi, Lady Spice, Jade Jamison, Milky Diva, Kristi Maxx, Christie Wett, Candee Boxx, Jade Steele. There’s more and I apologize whomever I missed at the moment =).

SM: Who is your favorite person to shoot with?

DL: I don’t compare as everybody is different so I don’t have favorites. You know the saying, everyone is good at something. Sometimes I’m in the mood for an eye watering blowjob, sometimes I’m in the mood to jackhammer a girl’s tight ass, so I can’t pinpoint.

SM: Who haven't you filmed with that you would love to film a scene with?

DL: There are so many I am currently negotiating with so I will keep that long list private for now. Keep an eye out though, lots more coming soon.

SM: Do you have a celebrity crush? 

DL: Hell yeah I do! Scarlett Johansson and Fox New’s Joanne Nosuchinsky

SM: Thanks for the great interview.  Where can we keep with you at? 

DL: Thank you for the opportunity and your time!

"My favorite position is definitely missionary with her legs over my arms, shoulders, or me holding her ankles while I pound. POWER! I love looking in her eyes while controlling the movements."

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Emily's Story Part 1

Emily rolled her eyes discreetly as several women behind her giggled when Ulysses entered the room. She was one of 20 women, in varying degrees of pregnancy, enrolled in a yoga class. It was a special yoga class designed for pregnant women. Emily's older sister, 

Christine, suggested she try it out. The exercises and poses were easy on the joints and easy to do. After several weeks, Emily noticed a significant improvement with her mobility and strength. This helped out tremendously as her pregnant belly got bigger and bigger.

She was five months pregnant and this time around, she had fewer problems walking, standing, bathing, or taking care of her four other children – all under the age of 12. Emily married her high school sweetheart at age 22 upon discovering she was pregnant. Ten years later she found herself a 32 year old house wife with her fifth and sixth child on the way. It was her first time carrying twins.

Emily blushed when Ulysses made eye contact with her. Though she suspected it was an accident. He always smiled and glanced around the room when he arrived. She looked down to her large belly, placing her hands on its side. She told herself she was happy. She thought about Randy, her husband, and how lucky she was to be a mother of four – soon to be six. Sitting on her designated mat, she sighed, telling herself again she was happy.

The women behind her giggled again, continuing to whisper amongst themselves. They always made a point to talk to Ulysses, the assistant instructor, after class. He was always polite to them, letting them flirt and ramble on about anything they could come up with as an excuse to chat with him. Ulysses always flashed Emily a nod and soft smile as she left, making eye contact, ignoring the chattering pregnant women for a split second.

Waiting for the instructor, Devin, to arrive, Emily pushed thoughts of Ulysses out of her head. Several times lately she caught herself daydreaming about him. He was black, had a long ponytail of braids, and was all muscle. Emily overheard some of the ladies in the class talk about how they heard he was a fitness model and that he did this yoga class on the side. She didn't know if that was true, but the perfectly toned body he possessed certainly looked like that of a fitness model. She couldn't help but get flushed when he was near her, helping some of the other women with poses that Devin called out. There was one time he helped her. His touch was so soft and gentle. She could feel warmth radiating from his large black hand on her back. Emily thought about faking difficulty with certain poses in order to gain his assistance, but she quickly squashed that thought. She reminded herself how happy she was with her husband Randy.

Devin arrived a few minutes after Ulysses. She was his height, 5'10", she had beautiful blonde hair, and Emily guessed was probably in her late 30s. She had a body that also suggested she has never had children, but Emily had no way of knowing. Devin was sweet, but was all business and very professional. As a result, she didn't seem all that approachable, unlike Ulysses. He was basically trapped for 30 minutes after the class was over, chatting with different students. Emily never talked to him though. Reminding herself that she was a happily married woman, she only nodded and smiled as she left class immediately as it ended.

Today in yoga turned out to be a special day. Emily legitimately needed assistance with a certain pose Devin instructed the class on. Ulysses was right there as soon as she raised her hand. The pose was a bridge pose, where the ladies would lie on the mat, then propel their bodies upward, holding themselves up by their hands and feet only. It worked the back, glutes, legs and arms. She had trouble with rotating her wrist. He whispered quiet instructions and encouragement while placing his warm hand on the back of her arm. He smiled softly and Emily attempted to not blush.

When the class ended, the usual crowd of women flocked to Ulysses for their usual flirts. Today was special for another reason. Ulysses politely excused himself from the group and made his way to Emily.

"Hi, you ok?" He asked.

"Oh, um, yes. My forearm was giving a little trouble, but I'm fine," Emily answered, pushing her long brown hair behind an ear.

"Good. Takes some practice at first, but you've been doing so well in here, that you should have it by next class session," Ulysses complimented.

"Thank you," Emily blushed again, glancing to the group of ladies, watching them leave.

"Is this your first?" Ulysses asked, glancing down to her belly.

"Oh, no, I'm pregnant with twins. I already have four children," Emily answered, shyly looking down.

"Wow, that's incredible! Emily, right?" Ulysses asked.

"Yes and thank you," she replied.

There was an awkward silence for a moment then Ulysses spoke up, "Well I think that's fantastic. As you have probably guessed, I'm unable to get pregnant, so I think women are incredibly strong to go through pregnancy once. This is your fifth time!"

Emily laughed, "Thanks. Yeah I could tell right away you didn't appear to be female," they both chuckled at her sub-par attempt at humor.

At that moment Devin came over. The tall gorgeous blonde smiled at Emily and Ulysses. They chatted about yoga's benefits for both pregnant and non-pregnant people – she was always professional. Again, since this was a very special day and Devin did something out of the ordinary.

"Ulysses, why don't you give her your number, in case she has any questions or needs to get in touch with me but can't," Devin suggested, catching both Emily and Ulysses off guard.

Turning to smile at Emily, Ulysses said, "Oh, uh, sure. I know you have Devin's right? So yeah, just take mine to and call me if you can't get her or whatever," He handed Emily his card.

Ulysses escorted Emily to her car. They waved goodbye to Devin when she walked toward hers.

They were mostly quiet, only asking each other a few basic questions such as: how far do each other live from the gym, how long had he been involved in yoga, and basic biographical information. Emily surmised he was in his late 20s and that he lived not far from the gym in a new apartment complex.

"Ok, well it was great talking to you. I have to get going and I'll see you at the next class. Call me if you need anything!" Ulysses said, heading toward his car. Emily smiled again, averting her eyes from his large muscular buttocks, getting into her car and thinking about Randy. She wondered how his day was on the construction site and reminded herself how happy she was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

he rest of the week was another loud, headache inducing, annoyance for Emily. The kids took forever to settle down, her husband had to work late a few times leaving her alone to deal with dinner, and she got hardly any sleep – a pretty standard week for her.

She thought about Ulysses a few times, but quickly occupied herself with something else. Her three year old knocked over a carton of milk her six year forgot to put back in the refrigerator. This shook her out of any daydreaming she may have been doing.

During the next class Emily didn't need any assistance. A few of the other women did. Emily didn't question the legitimacy of their needs, instead quietly watching Ulysses with them. He was so gentle with the way he talked to and touched them. She couldn't help but look on admiringly. She wondered if Randy would ever touch her like that.

After class, Ulysses excused himself again from the same group of women. "You didn't need help today. See? Told you that you'd get the hang of the new poses quickly."

"Yeah, you're right," Emily blushed.

They shared smiles for a moment; it was obvious the other was trying to think of something to say. Luckily Devin saved the day when she ushered them out to lock up and turn off the lights. Devin asked Emily about her diet as they walked. She was almost like a doctor in her approach. Emily informed her she didn't get a lot of time to eat due to having to pick up kids from daycare and care for them the second half of the day. Breakfast and a light lunch was all she had time for it seemed.

"Ulysses, didn't you say a new place opened up near you? Some sort of vegan place right?" Devin asked.

"Oh yeah. I haven't been there yet."

"You should take Emily for lunch. Pregnant women need to make sure they are getting enough calories. Eating for two you know," Devin smiled at Emily.

"Sure, yeah, that'd be cool. Emily, would you want to go there? I'm not a vegan, but I read they serve a lot of 'super foods'."

"Yeah I can do that. I don't have to pick up any kids until 2pm." She blurted out without hesitation.
"Great, want to ride with me?" Ulysses asked.

"Sure," she said, a little too enthusiastically.

The conversation was surprisingly not awkward in the least. Emily told him about Randy. They were high school sweethearts that eventually married when she was 22. She explained that he's a construction worker and she's a stay-at-home mom. This has been their life for 10 years now.

Emily asked Ulysses about his life over her salad. "So do you teach other classes?"

"Oh no, I just do this part time," Ulysses explained.

"Oh. So what else do you do?"

"Um, well, I'd rather not say," Ulysses smiled, indicating he was joking.

"Why not?" Emily smiled back.

Ulysses feigned frustration and sighed, "I don't like telling people I'm a fitness model, or a model, period. It sounds so obnoxious!"

Emily laughed, "Well think of another way of putting it then." The rumor of his other profession was true.

"I could say that I stand around and let people take photos of me. That sounds a little less arrogant, right?" Ulysses asked.

"Yes! That's perfect!" Emily beamed.

"I started at 18, after high school, and have been traveling to Miami, LA, and a couple other places for various jobs. I work for an agency that manages that sort of thing. They send the models to various jobs for advertisements, magazines, and so on."

"It sounds exciting."

"It can be. I like to travel, so that's always nice. But that's my life in a nutshell," Ulysses smiled across to Emily.

"I better get going," Emily frowned, noticing the time. "Have to round up the kids."

"I gotcha, well let's head out." He said, discreetly paying the check. Emily smiled to herself noticing his generous nature.

Emily blushed again when Ulysses gave her a brief hug upon dropping her off at her car. "Thanks for lunch," she said, feeling her belly press up against his toned body.

"Thank you for the company, maybe we can again sometime," Ulysses suggested.

"I'd love that. See you at next class," Emily smiled and waved, getting into her car.

That night she had trouble getting to sleep again. She knew one of the kids would wake up to use the bathroom or try to get in the bed with her and Randy. He was sound asleep, snoring softly next to her. Emily lay there in the dark, wide awake and uncomfortable, with Ulysses’ kindness and after lunch hug running through her head.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

he January cold lessened its hostile assault by the time February arrived. However, there was one ice storm later in the month that prevented Emily from going to yoga. She had a reason to call Ulysses.

"Hi! It's Emily." She said to Ulysses after he picked up on the first ring.

"Hey Emily, hope you are staying warm," He replied.

"Yeah I'm trying to, but that's why I called. I don't think I should be out in this ice."

"Definitely not, I'd hate if something happened to you. I don't think the gym is even open anyway."

"Oh ok, great. Well I mean, not great, because I miss out on yoga, but you know what I mean."

Ulysses chuckled, "Yes, it's all good. Hey next time I'll take you out to lunch again after class, how's that?"

"Aww, that'd be wonderful. That's really sweet of you," Emily said.

"It's no problem!"

"Ok great, I'll look forward to it," Emily was starting to get distracted by her oldest child wrestling with the next one down. "Ugh, I better go, looks these iced in natives are getting restless."

"I understand," Ulysses chuckled, "I'll see you at next class."

Emily couldn't help but smile for the next several hours after their phone call ended. Her husband opted to go into work today, so it was another evening she was alone with the kids. Two fights had to be separated, three bouts of hysterical breakdowns over missing or taken toys, and the three year old shat all over themselves. Randy called at 8pm saying he was still stuck in traffic. Emily hung up the phone, barely evening saying goodbye. Another hour and a half, the house was finally quiet, and she was still alone.

Sitting up in her bed, propped up against pillows, Emily grabbed the moisturizing lotion from her bedside table. It was a nice vanilla scent. Pulling up her shirt to just below her breasts, she squirted some into her hands and began to rub all over her belly. Sitting there in a low lit room, her hands traveling all over the beach ball belly, she thought of Ulysses. She wondered what he was doing to keep warm. His relationship status hadn't come up yet and she assumed he wasn't seeing anyone since he never brought it up.

It was purely coincidental that her hand traveled far south enough to accidently slide into her sweatpants and caress her pubic bush when the image of Ulysses on top of a woman popped into her head. She tried to shake the image, but couldn't. With one hand on her belly, the other slid into her sweat pants again, going even further south. The woman's legs wrapped around him, causing his toned glutes to flex and further impale his cock into her.

Minutes of teasing herself passed. Before she knew it the woman looked exactly like her. She wasn't pregnant, her stomach was toned and flat and her breasts were a couple cup sizes larger than they were in real life. Emily moaned and before she realized it she was sitting there in bed, furiously rubbing her clit to images of Ulysses and her having sex.

"Yessss," she hissed, alone in her room. She felt her pussy contract and the babies kick. She placed her hand on spot the kick occurred.

"You two are awake now?" She asked the twins in an out-of-breath whisper. It was the first orgasm she'd had in about a year.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," She apologized to the unborn babies as she caught her breath. Thoughts of Ulysses faded and were replaced with Randy. She put the moisturizing lotion back on the table.

Turning to her side, she thought about Randy huffing and puffing and cumming inside her within minutes, knocking her up. She felt she'd been pregnant for a decade. Pushing thoughts of sadness and frustration of her head she told herself she was happy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

mily and Ulysses had lunch together after the next several class sessions. When Emily was hanging out with Ulysses she forgot about the late bills, the small, messy house, the constant crying or whining from her children, the lack of quality sleep and the lack of a quality sex life with Randy.

Each lunch ended with a hug that seemed a tad longer than the previous one. He rested his hand on the small of her back and continued chatting for a moment at the end of their last lunch date. Emily asked herself if it was a lunch "date," or just two friends eating lunch together. He did pay for all lunches; much against Emily's begging to pay for at least one lunch.

She masturbated a few more times to his image, but it wasn't as good as her first session. She would hide in the bathroom and rub herself on the toilet or perhaps in the shower. They were enjoyable, yes, but not as good as being alone in her bed, rubbing herself to orgasm. She usually went to bed with guilt and told herself it would be the last time she did that. It never was.

Valentine's Day was approaching and Emily thought up another reason to call Ulysses. She would wish him a friendly happy Valentine's Day. She didn't know what would come of it, but didn't care. She reasoned it was a friendly thing to do.

Emily picked up her cell phone after the older kids were watching a movie and the youngest was taking a nap – finally. She wouldn't see Ulysses for another two days until yoga class and didn't know if he'd answer. She thought for a second he might be on a real date with a lucky lady that night. She smiled, thinking she wouldn't mind going to dinner with him for Valentine's Day, then dialed his number.

As Emily is waiting for Ulysses to pick up . . . .

The hot steam from the shower rose, enveloping Ulysses and Devin. They were kissing, their tongues whirling around each other's, groping and grabbing at each other's flesh.

"I'm sorry you're having a bit of a dry spell," Devin said to Ulysses when he reached down to bring one of her breasts to his mouth.

"It's ok, you're taking care of me," He said, releasing a nipple. He grabbed her butt as she slowly stroked his cock. He bent at that knees slightly and Devin guided him in. Ulysses kissed at her neck, while driving his cock deep inside her. Her eyes closed, she moaned, as the steam rose.

Emily didn't leave a voicemail. She didn't have time to if she wanted to. One of the kids was throwing something and she needed to go the living room before a window was broken. She sighed, dreading the thought of have to sit through one of their kiddie movies yet again.

"Looks like Emily called me," Ulysses said, inspecting his phone later that day, standing nude next to his bed. Devin came up behind him, running her fingers over his six pack abs.

"Call her back," She kissed his shoulder.

"Yeah, I will," He said, dialing her number, sitting on the edge of his bed. Devin went to her knees, grabbing his cock at the base, licking and kissing along its length.

"Hi Emily! Sorry I missed your call. What's up?" Ulysses said.

"Hey! It's ok, hold on a sec," Emily got up and headed to bathroom where it was a little quieter.

"There. Anyway just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine's Day."

"Aww, that's sweet of you. Happy Valentine's Day to you too."

"Ask her out to dinner," Devin suggested, momentarily taking Ulysses' cock out of her mouth. He shot her a look, shaking his head, mouthing, "She's married."

"You got any special plans?" He asked.

"Oh, no, not really. You?" Emily asked awkwardly in return.

Devin shrugged and whispered, "So?" She kissed the tip of his cock and resumed sucking and slurping on that black dick.

There was a brief pause, "Well, uh, I was thinking we could get something to eat. Doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day, maybe this weekend. Saturday night?"

"Yes! I mean, sure, yeah that'd be cool." Emily blurted out, chastising herself for her over enthusiasm.

"Ok great, want me to pick you up, or we can meet there?"

Emily thought for a moment, the lies formulating in her head. "I can meet you at the gym parking lot, is that ok?"

"Sure, it's not a problem," Ulysses said, wincing from the cock sucking pleasure he was receiving. "Is 6pm ok?"

"Yes that's great, I'll meet you there." They ended their phone call. Ulysses stood, followed by Devin; she turned around, offering herself to him. He pushed her on all fours on the bed and mounted her.

Emily hung up and frowned when she heard a child yell at another. Rolling her eyes she fought back anger and resisted the urge of screaming like a crazy-person.

That night, while her husband snored softly, Emily sat in the bathtub slowly rubbing her clit while pinching a nipple; thinking of Ulysses.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

'm going to have dinner with a friend from yoga," was the half-truth Emily told her husband. He sighed, shaking his head, knowing he'd have to deal with the children for a while by himself. Emily felt zero sympathy for him.

Ulysses was already at the gym's parking lot waiting for her. They greeted each other with a hug and then got into his car. The restaurant wasn't anything fancy. It wasn't a romantic date spot, with lit candles, and string quartet playing in the corner. It was a chain restaurant but that didn't matter. Emily and Ulysses laughed and chatted their way through dinner, with her forgetting about her problems.

He told her of funny stories of his high school sports follies. She told him about her five other sisters. The one that suggested yoga is currently in Iraq, but should be home soon. That led to questions she hadn't asked before.

"So how long have you known Devin? She seems nice. Are you and her, uh, dating?" Emily asked.

"Oh, no, no we're not dating. I've known her for, gosh, almost 20 years. She's my step-mom." Ulysses explained.

Emily looked slightly confused; Devin was white and maybe 10 years older than Ulysses. He chuckled a bit and continued, "She married my dad when I was about 12. He went for a younger woman, so..." He trailed off.

"Ah, I see, sorry. It didn't occur to me," She explained.

"No, no it's fine. And to be honest, she's technically not my stepmom anymore. My dad and her split up a few years ago. It was messy, but her and I having always been very close; so I still call her that. She asked me to help her with the yoga class. I've never been able to say no to her since she's helped me in so many ways: with high school, college, helping me with my modeling career and so on."

For a moment Emily thought about Devin possibly trying to set her stepson up with someone, hence her initial suggestions for the phone number and lunch. She felt a sense of relief that Ulysses wasn't seeing someone. She admonished herself on the way back to the parking lot in car for feeling that way. She was a happily married woman after all.

Shortly after Ulysses parked his car, Emily gasped, "There it is again. They have been kicking all evening."

Ulysses smiled, turning to glance at her belly. Emily surprised him when she reached for his hand and placed it on the area where the baby kicked. "Here. Feel here."

"Oh wow, she did it again! That is so cool; I've never felt that before." Ulysses said. Emily didn't realize her hand was resting on Ulysses' as she watched him look to her belly with a look of wonder on his face. She stared at his full lips, imagining kissing them while she straddled him. She tried to slow her racing heart there in the empty parking lot, but she couldn't.

Ulysses smiled widely, feeling the baby kick against his hand. His eyes met Emily's, she attempted a smile in return, and then slowly pushed her coat aside and pulled her shirt up, just over her belly and underneath her breasts. She grabbed Ulysses' hand, placing it gently back on her bare stomach. They continued to gaze into each other's eyes as Ulysses felt gentle baby kicks against his palm.

Suddenly Emily, unable to resist or control herself any longer, lunged at Ulysses, grabbing his face, planting a kiss on his mouth. He grabbed her by the shoulder, pushing her back gently. "Emily! What are you doing?"

She was struggling, trying to kiss him, but Ulysses held her back as best he could. "Emily you're married."

"Please!" She pleaded, the frustrations, the annoyances of being a seemingly constantly pregnant house wife with no formal education, with a husband who barely paid any attention to her other than knocking her up came rushing out. She wanted cock, she wanted Ulysses' cock, and she wanted that magnificent black cock inside her now.

She managed to land another sloppy kiss on him, but Ulysses pushed her back. He was very strong. "Emily, what are you doing?"

She started crying, feeling the shame set in. She couldn't hold back the tears. Ulysses sat in the driver's seat watching her. "Emily, please don't cry. It'll be ok." That did little to calm her. The tears kept flowing, she was so embarrassed. She quickly got out of his car. Ulysses chased after her, grabbing her again, holding her close to his body, running his hands through her long dark hair.

"Where could we go?" He asked, kissing her head.

She looked up at him, wiping her eyes, her lips trembling, "I don't know."

Ulysses caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. "Emily."

She felt tears welling up again, looking down, resting her forehead on his chest. He tipped her chin up to meet his eyes. "You're beautiful," He said, planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

"So are you," She replied with a shaky voice.

"Are you able to come back to my apartment for a little while?" Ulysses asked. Emily sniffed, nodding her head "yes."

"Ok. Back in my car. You can ride with me."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

mily stood before Ulysses as he sat on the edge of his bed. Pulling her shirt up to expose her pregnant belly, he ran his hands all over it, admiring its full roundness. The first kiss he gave it caused shivers to crawl up Emily's spine. He kissed it again, she closed her eyes, he kissed it once more, and a soft moan escaped her lips.

Ulysses was kissing it gingerly, both hands holding the sides. He licked her nearly protruding navel. As he was kissing and licking her belly, he was helping her slide out of her pants and step out of them. She was able to remove her shirt and bra by her herself. Running his hands over her medium sized breasts, Emily blushed again. She had always been petite. Her breasts never swelled to massive, milk-filled jugs as other pregnant ladies did. Ulysses removed his shirt eliciting another blush. Emily paused for a moment, admiring his body, and then ran her hands over his dark chocolate musculature.
Not taking his eyes off Emily's, Ulysses undid his pants and slid them down along with his boxers. Emily's mouth salivated as she glanced over his body. Her mouth opened slightly when her eyes met his cock. It was almost an instinctive reaction.

Ulysses grabbed his cock, stroking it idly, and then let it fall against Emily's pregnancy. Looking down at his massive rod resting against her stomach, she started blushing and breathing heavily.
Ulysses chuckled softly when the twins inside her started kicking again – tiny little kicks fluttered against his cock. He looked back into Emily's eyes and watched her go to her knees. Resting a hand on her belly, she grabbed the base of Ulysses' cock with the other. She last sucked Randy's cock a couple years ago. His was nowhere near as impressive as this monster which twitched in front of her. Her mouth was watering. Bringing the pre-cum oozing tip to her lips, she licked it, her tongue lapping up the salty fluid, causing Ulysses to moan. Emily opened wide and attempted to engulf his member. She could only fit a few inches into her mouth. It was so wide and thick. Instead she opted to kiss and lick all over it, coating it in her saliva.

Ulysses lifted her chin with his index finger so he could look down into her eyes. He gave a slight nod and Emily stood. Ulysses guided her to sit on the edge of his bed and then assisted her when she scooted back a couple feet.

"Lay down," He said, going down to his knees in front of her. Placing his hands on her belly, he kissed it again, all the way down to her unkempt bush. He sniffed her, taking in her scent, he kissed her inner thighs, and then paused a moment, looking upon her pregnant splendor before diving in. He drove his tongue as deep as he could in between her inner walls. Her pussy contracted and clamped around his large, slimy, invading tongue. He swirled it all around, lapping up her juices, as he gently squeezed her belly. Emily had never been eaten out before. Randy never tried it or showed desire to do it. She came within a minute. Ulysses feeling her babies moving around inside her as an orgasm surged through her body and her thighs shook. Her eyes were closed and she couldn't breathe or speak.

He didn't stop his tongue assault for another five minutes. Emily thought she was going to lose control of her bladder, but never did. She lost count of how many times she came, on the last orgasm, before Ulysses took his hands off her belly and stood before her, she let out a loud, soulful moan.

Emily caught her breath and glanced up at the black man standing before her. She had only ever had sex with Randy and now her she was, on her back, on Ulysses' bed, knowing that this black man was going to penetrate her.

"Are you sure you want to do this Emily? We can stop now if you want. We don't have to do this." Ulysses said.

She wanted it more than anything. She wanted to escape her husband, her responsibilities, her life. Her five sisters popped into her head. They were all successful living in either Miami or Los Angeles. Her eldest had a great career and only 2 older kids. Three of her sisters lived in Miami. The youngest two were still single, had no kids, and gorgeous. Her other sister, the one that suggested yoga, has been all over the world in the military, doing something honorable with her life – helping set up medical facilities in war torn areas of the world. Yet here she was: pregnant, no college education, a bland marriage, four kids, barely scraping by on the bills, lying on her back, her legs slowly spreading to allow this black man to have his way with her. In those few seconds of staring into Ulysses' eyes, the anger set in, and she nodded her head, spreading her legs even wider.

She nearly came again when he entered her. He was so long and thick. "Please tell me if this hurts. I've never had sex with a pregnant woman before. I'm a little nervous," Ulysses admitted.

"You're fine, please, keep going," Emily said, her breath ragged. She was slowly being stretched. It didn't feel great, but she wanted and needed it.

Ulysses slowly, gingerly, slid his cock in and out of her. It was very slow. "You feel great," He said, propping himself up with his hands, looking down at her writhing body.

As a result of her encouragement, he picked up the pace, sliding in and out faster and faster with each passing minute. Emily was moaning soft, soulful moans as this man banged his cockhead against her sealed cervix. She was going to cum again and he knew it. Ulysses went to one hand as he hovered over her, continuing to slide in and out, placing his free hand on her belly. Her legs quaked, and she shuddered before him as the orgasm overtook her, "Yesss!"

Ulysses tried to smile, feeling her pussy massage his cock and a baby kick against his hand. He looked on her pleasure induced, contorted face, and came as well. His cock was spurting semen against her occupied womb, overflowing and leaking out of her vagina onto his mattress. When he gained his composure he kissed her belly a few more times, and then helped her to her feet. She quietly put her clothes back on. Ulysses did the same. He held the door to his apartment open for her, locked up behind then, and made his way to his car, opening the passenger side door open for her.
The drive back to the gym parking lot was silent. She gave a quiet nod and brief smile when he parked. "I'll see you later," was all she said. Ulysses smiled back and nodded too.

Emily had missed three calls, all from Randy, while she was with Ulysses. She dialed his number at a stop light and called him. No answer. She wondered how many kids would be screaming or asleep. Luckily, the oldest was the only one up. Emily sat and watched some cartoon show with the child who had snuck out of bed. After tucking him in after the show, Emily sat on the edge of his bed, running her hands through his hair as he drifted off to sleep. She was numb, emotionless, but wide awake.

Later in her bathroom, she changed into her pajamas, noticing the large amount of semen in her panties. Shaking her head at her actions, she looked away from it. "Never again," she said to herself, making a promise that she'd never sleep with Ulysses again.

In a ceremonial-like, goodbye to Ulysses, she slowly licked his semen out of her panties, savoring the taste on her tongue as it rolled around in her mouth.