Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Only On Monday

It was lunch time when the phone rang. The caller ID showed it was from out of area. Normally I never answer a call like that but my hand suddenly picked it up. In a quiet voice came, "you don't know me, I work with your wife and I'm calling to inform you that she has been cheating on you." 

"Who is this I asked."

"I can't tell you, but they meet for lunch at a hotel not far from work every Monday."

"Is this some kind of sick joke" I shouted.

"Hardly came the reply, if you don't believe me go see for yourself. They take separate cars, oh and the guy is black, light skinned with a shaved head about 6'5" around 220 pounds." 

With that the phone went silent. Well it was too late to drive over there today, I would have to wait until next week. I had lost my appetite, I felt a sickness and tightening in my stomach. How could she do this to me I thought. Vicky and I had been married going on ten years now. I thought we had a sound relationship, and adequate sex life, though we didn't do it as often as we used to. We were getting older. I was close to retirement and she had ten years to go. She kept herself in good shape. At 5' 2" Vicky's body was showing signs of age but still turned most men on. Her blue eyes, amber hair and ample rack, along with shapely legs and nice little ass surely had guys hitting on her at work. 

We had both been married several times and had admitted to having sex with numerous partners in our past. Somehow I didn't see her as someone who had been loose with giving her pussy away, though she claimed to have done it with a dozen guys. Suddenly I realized, it was my fault. I was the one that got her into watching porn movies. Sometimes we would act out scenes that had turned us on. She was amazed at how big the stars' cocks were, especially the black ones. When asked if she thought she could handle one, or would like to try one, the answer was always the same, yuk no way. A typical response from 99 percent of white women. What a lie. Given the right conditions, circumstances, and physical attraction the majority will try it once. Why, because women are inquisitive by nature. I should never have bought that big black dildo either. She loved the fullness her pussy felt when it was all the way to the balls. 

I needed to calm down before she got home from work, but my mind was working overtime. Visions of her sucking and then bucking on some big black stud raced through my head. My heart was pounding faster than the pounding she was taking on her hands and knees, as scene after scene played out in living color. A thick black cock slicing into her hot little pussy from every conceivable position. Her moaning in utter delight, and screaming out things like; give it to me, pound me with that black cock of yours, I want your cum, I want to taste your cum. Damn, the mind can paint some vivid pictures. I had to get control of myself, I was starting to get a hard on, as mad as I was, can this be normal? I remember reading something about this years ago. The majority of men had fantasies of their wife being fucked by someone else while they secretly watched. The ringing of the phone separated me from my thoughts, a familiar number appeared. I decided to let the answering machine take it. "Hi honey, I'm going to be a little late getting home tonight so thought you should know, I love you." Damn I thought, you're good. You just finished getting pummeled and stretched but you love me? 

I decided to take a ride and check out the hotel. There was only one close to her work, the Glory Hole, how fitting I thought. I had a picture of her in my wallet which I showed to the desk clerk. "Do you know this woman I asked?" "No came the reply, but she has been meeting some guy in here for the last several months on Monday. He rents the same room in advance every week. They come in around noon get the key and disappear. They check out around 5 o'clock, except for today, you just missed them. His name is Marcus and he always takes room 11 down the hall at the back of the building."

"Do you mind if I have a look at the room, I want to rent it next Sunday." My hands shook as I tried to guide the key into the lock while visions of my wife clenching a huge black cock had no problem finding the target. The bed had been torn up, several towels littered the floor. Upon closer inspection the bed was soaked in their love juices as were both pillows. The closet offered a perfect view of the bed I thought. I would place the video camera there next Sunday. I'd slip the desk clerk a fifty, to turn it on prior to their arrival. If I was going to file for a divorce I wanted proof.

Vicky arrived home about ten minutes later than usual. She seemed to look fine except she was a little pale looking and her hair didn't look right. "Rough day at work" I mumbled. 

"Oh God, was it a long hard day, I thought it would never end. I'm beat, and wore out, I'll be in bed early tonight."

Well I thought, at least she wasn't lying completely. She had a long hard black cock and I'm sure she's worn out and beat. I thought I'd join her in the shower to see if I could finger fuck her. I wanted to see just how much that hot little pussy had gotten stretched. She would have no part of it but agreed to blow me right there in the shower. Her mouth was hungry and my dick was no doubt an appetizer compared to what had filled it a few hours ago. The thought made me harder and my cum shot down her throat like a bullet leaving a rifle barrel.

"Ummm, you almost drowned me," she moaned. 

The rest of the week crept slowly by as my subconscious mind replayed the same scenes over and over. Her on top riding a long, thick, black cock. Or being hammered from behind, his big black balls spanking her clit as she screamed; do me harder, deeper, deeper, faster, yeah just like that, ohhhhhh I'm cumming.

The weekend arrived, Saturday night was our night to get down and dirty. I put on some music and we hopped into bed. I was rock hard with the first kiss as her hand fondled my balls and stroked my dick. My finger found it's way to her honey hole. I found it tight and dry so I applied some slip and slide and easily inserted three fingers. Hmm I thought, it used to take a while to work up to three fingers, that black cock had definitely left it's mark. I did the best I could do but it seemed as if she just wasn't into it. She played like she had a small orgasm so as to satisfy me and finished me off with a awesome blow job. 

Sunday I made an excuse to go to town for some more wine and swung by the Glory Hole. The desk clerk had time to think it over and upped the price on me to a hundred bucks. I gave him the video camera along with instructions. I asked him to hold on to it until Tuesday morning. 

Monday morning came and Vicky kissed me good bye. She told me she could be a little late because she needed to stop by the store before coming home. As the day progressed I couldn't stop seeing the reruns of the two of them locked in what amounted to pure animal sex. The harder I tried the more lifelike they became. I could see the big veins that carried the lifeblood to that massive black cock my wife was either sucking or riding at this very minute. I could hear the deep moans and whimpers as her tiny mouth stretched to take in that thick cock. I was sure Marcus would empty a cup full of hot cum deep into her throat. Somehow I managed to get through the afternoon and soon her car lights were lighting up the drive.

I met her at the door with a kiss and a hug. "Oh honey, today was hell, I worked my ass off all afternoon, I'm totally spent, every muscle in my body aches. I'm flat out exhausted. I'm going to soak in the tub and go to bed early." 

"Yeah you look like you been rode hard and put away wet honey, want a glass of wine," I asked. 

"That's a perfect description and yes I'd love some wine." We ate dinner and shared small talk and soon she was off to soak in the tub.

I was at the Glory Hole by 9 o'clock the next morning. The clerk smiled as I approached his desk. "Here's your camera and you can keep the hundred."

"Did you get what I asked for?" 

"Oh did I ever, and let me tell ya, I'd pay you a hundred to watch that again, damn." 

"You weren't supposed to watch it you asshole." I left and flipped him off on my way out the door. I felt my heart racing as I speeded toward home. Slow down I thought, you have most of the day to look this over.

I hooked the camera to the TV and hit play. The bed came into focus there was no sound so I hit the fast forward. Suddenly the door opened, I tried to stop the camera but was all thumbs. Finally I backed it up and there they were, locked in each others arms as soon as they closed the door. They embraced for the next couple of minutes. Their bodies pressed firmly to each other. Her arms around his neck as he bent down, his huge hands cupping both cheeks of her little ass. I imagined their tongues dancing, as he slowly used his to fuck her hungry mouth. Then she slid her arms down to his groin and began to rub the bulge that she had come here for. I felt my throat tighten and my mouth become dry, I was shaking. The kiss ended and he stood erect and removed his shirt. He was very muscular and like I had been told, was light colored and a shaved head. Actually for a black guy Marcus was a handsome man. I guessed mid thirty's, about twenty years younger than my wife.

Vicky was first to speak, as she unbuckled his pants; "Damn I've wanted this beautiful cock all week. Are you going to fuck me good this afternoon Marcus, I mean really fuck me, make me cum my brains out?" 

"I always do don't I, but today I'm really going to give you the fucking of your life. My balls are full of hot cum just for you baby." With that his pants fell to the floor exposing a huge cock, which was at least 8 inches long in it's flaccid state. It was also uncut and the foreskin concealed what looked to be a broad meaty head. I watched as she licked and kissed it from the base up the shaft to the bulbous pink head which was becoming exposed by her hasty jacking.

"The only thing I love more than sucking your big awesome cock is being impaled on it, you handsome bastard. I want you to tear my pussy up, then I want to swallow every drop of that hot cum of yours."

What? Vicky never talked dirty like that to me. I was getting turned on. "You just keep sucking that black cock honey, Marcus knows how you like it, and I got plenty for you today." Marcus was growing with each pass of her eager tongue. Now I know why he chose room eleven. Christ his cock was all that in length and half that in girth. Plumb sized testicles hung in a deep tanned sac about four inches below the base of his cock. She jacked the massive cock with both hands. The sucking, licking, and stroking exposed the head to daylight. Vicky spoke as if this monster could somehow understand every word. 

"That's a good cock, get nice and hard," she gasped as she struggled to suck the head into her mouth. "I want you to fill my pussy up. I want you to drown me in your cum." Then it was on to the balls, kissing, licking, and sucking each into her mouth as she frantically jacked the now fully erect object of her desire. "Ooh I can see your ready," she moaned as she licked the length of the ridged staff and swallowed the massive head. 

Marcus pulled her up and replaced his cock with his tongue. He lifted her sweater over her head and she unsnapped her bra to free her tits. His mouth engulfed her tit as she moaned and grabbed a hold of his chocolate manhood. "I want it now Marcus." "Please fuck me she begged." "My pussy is on fire for that big cock of yours." 

"Please fuck me", has got to be the sweetest words any man could ever hear. But Marcus wasn't just any man, he wasn't quite ready to give her what she wanted. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. She quickly started to pull down her jeans and panties in one fluid motion. The amber bush was in full view, and suddenly took up the whole screen. What the hell, and it dawned on me. The desk clerk was filming this from the closet. Damn, this is more than I had bargained for. As her legs came into frame I could see Marcus kneeling. He was eating her sweet little pussy and fingering it as he drained her of her juices.

She was pleading now, "please Marcus, give me that cock, fill my pussy up, I want you in me, I want your cum." 

Marcus came up for air and grabbed her legs as she spread them as well as her pussy lips open. The massive head of that thick veined cock came into focus as it rested at the entry way to her dripping pussy. As his buttocks tightened the massive cock split her lips. She raised her pussy up and arched her back to welcome it inside. As they pushed against each other it slowly sank. The massive head followed by inch after inch of thick chocolate cock. About half way in Marcus stopped and slowly pulled out all but the head.

"Oh you bad boy, don't tease me like that, fuck me, please fuck me, I need you so bad."

He leaned forward as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. "Who's got the best cock baby, me or your old man."

"Oh God, you know you do Marcus, I love every chocolate inch of it, it's all I ever think about, I'm addicted to it. It's the only cock for me, the only cock that has ever completely satisfied me. Now give it to me." Their tongues dueled like swordsman and the cock began to plunge a little deeper. This went on for the next ten minutes as I watched my wife moan, cum flowing from her stuffed pussy. Her pussy was sucking it in, inch by black inch. Incredible I thought. Marcus kept feeding it to her slowly, until she begged "give me more, more, I want it all." Then with a sudden lunge it found bottom and they froze, both bodies shaking in orgasmic bliss. "Oh Marcus I'm cumming, I'm cumming, can you feel me?"

"Yes I feel that hot tight pussy baby, now hold on while Marcus makes you feel like the woman you are. With the cum running out of her pussy Marcus began to saw away slowly. First pulling all but the head out, the length of the shaft glistening with their love juices. Then it plunged to the depths once again as Vicky rose in perfect rhythm to meet him half way. 

"Give it to me harder, faster, she cried, ohhh just like that, I love it like that." You could hear the sound of his balls slapping her ass, and the wet sucking sound of her pussy. "Oh God fuck me, fuck me," she screamed. With each long stroke he gave her, she was arching and raising her ass off the bed to meet him as that huge cock vanished into her little white pussy. "I'm cuming, I'm cuming, it's sooo fucking gooood." "I want to suck that cock, I want to feel that hot cum in my throat." 

With that Marcus got up and said, "Not yet baby, I'm hitting that pussy doggie style." Vicky quickly assumed the position. "Now I'm going to send you to heaven baby." 

"Oh Marcus, I love it doggie style, give it to me deep lover, you're the best." 

As he stabbed her pussy relentlessly to the timing of her lust filled moans, each thrust was met with an equal response. "A fuck me, fuck me deeper" only interrupted by her screaming, "I'm cuming, God I'm cuming again, give it to me." 

This continued for the next twenty minutes until Marcus said "Ok baby, are you hungry for my cum?" 

"Yes, God yes, please give it to me" was the response as she fell forward and dislodged the spear which impaled her. Quick to her knees she eagerly gobbled down half his cock. You could see her cheeks swell and his balls pulsate. She jacked the other half of his throbbing cock as his balls were being emptied into her throat. Then they collapsed in each other's embrace. Over the course of the next four hours the scene would be replayed three more times. Marcus was a man of his word, he had given her the fucking of her life. 

Over the course of the week, I watched parts of it several times in disbelief, I hadn't decided what to do about it yet. That was going to depend on Vicky. It was finally Saturday night and as we got into bed she snuggled up to me and whispered, "are you going to put some music on?" 

"No, I thought we would watch a porn movie" I replied. 

"I'd rather listen to music, we've seen all the movies" was her response. 

I reached for the remote and said, "not this one, your going to love this one." As the bedroom came into focus she sat up in bed with the most surprised look on her face. "Don't bother trying to explain honey, lie back and enjoy the movie." We had incredible sex that night . 

When it was over she asked, "Do you still love me?" 

"Yes, I do and I don't mind if you see Marcus, but only on Monday."

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Queen of Spades Intro - Christie Wett

Christie Wett is sexy red head Queen of Spades from Tennessee. I have seen several of her videos with Big Max and Mr. Nuttz and I have to say this fiery red-head loves her fill of BBC. I hate it when I am watching some hot White Blonde take some Black Meat and she doesn't look like she is into it. With Christie you can see that she loves it which makes for a good viewing experience.

Here is what her bio states on her "NEW" website:

"I am a submissive white MILF that has a thing for big black cocks.Well, I love ANY big cock, but the black ones seem to find me."
Find more on Christie on:

Enjoy and leave comments.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Housewife Fulfills Her BBC Fantasy

I took a deep breath as I picked up the last bag containing Jimmy's toys and walked back up the stairs to my mother's apartment. She was waiting for me with a smile again. She was always happy and cheerful when Rick and I bought her grandson over for a weekend visit.

"Mom. I think I brought in everything."

"Oh. Jennifer. You know how happy I'm to be able to have little Jimmy here for the weekend. Don't you and Rick worry a bit? He'll be just fine here with his grandma."

Jimmy was playing in the front room with the television blaring away. I smiled and walked over to him and leaned down and gave him a big hug.

"Sweetheart? Mommy is going to miss you very much! I want you to behave and listen to your grandma for me. OK?"

Jimmy just shook his head as I kissed his cheek. Mom was standing near the doorway with a big smile as always. I hugged her tight.

"Thanks Mom. I'll call on Sunday to see how he's doing. Oh. Mom. Don't give him a lot of candy. Make sure he eats his dinner before you give him any snacks."

"Jennifer. Don't you worry about a thing? You and Rick go and have a nice time at that business convention."

I waived as I walked toward the stairs. I rushed down the stairway to my car and got inside and called Rick. "Honey? I should be home in a couple hours. I'm going to stop by the mall and pick up something to wear for tonight."

Rick seemed preoccupied. He was probably getting everything ready for tonight. I hope I didn't disappoint him. I stepped on the gas and turned the corner. I wasn't far from the mall. Dam! I saw flashing lights in my mirror and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

Yes. I was nervous. I looked into the mirror and saw the officer pulling behind me and quickly got out my license and registration. I had just enough time to unbutton my blouse. I got one and them the second button and adjusted my shoulders.

Good. He'll see a lot of cleavage! I turned my head around and smiled and made sure the officer got a good peek at my boobs. Fuck! A damn woman police officer!

"Can I see your license and registration, Mam?"

I gave her what she needed and saw her starring at my boobs. She glanced at my licence and took another look down into the car. She seemed to hesitate for a moment as she glanced at my boobs again. This didn't look good.

I waited in my car for several minutes until the officer walked back and gave me my licence and registration back to me. I found it rather strange. She knelt down next to my door so my boobs were in her view and smiled.

"Mam. You were driving ten over the speed limit. Please be careful around here. We have a lot of children that cross the road going to the mall."

I smiled back at her as she slowly got to her feet. I was putting my things back in my purse and could see her still starring at me as she walked back to her car. Oh. Boy! Just what I need. A damn lesbian cop! It got me off the hook and that's all that mattered!

I pulled into the mall and got out of the car. I swung my purse over my shoulder and heard someone whistling at me as I headed for the mall doors. I get that a lot. I'm blonde with long legs and when I'm wearing heels like I'm today, they make my legs appear as if they are a mile long!

I strutted my way from shop to shop looking for the perfect dress. I didn't realize that my blouse buttons were still undone until a few old ladies gave me a nasty stare! I grinned at the last one. I wanted to tell her off so bad!

I think I looked, hot for twenty-nine! Having one kid and getting myself back in shape with a trim tummy! Lord! Rick wanted to have another! Men just don't realize what us women have to go through to make ourselves attractive and desirable for them.

Gee Wheeze! I spent almost three hours last night, trimming and shaving my pussy and legs and do you think I got the slightest compliment from Rick? As I mentioned earlier, Rick was preoccupied so shaving my pussy wasn't exactly just for him. I'll explain that later. I have to find a dress!

I tried on several in one shop then went to another place where everything looked like hookers shopped there. I was intrigued and fascinated and shopped around until I saw flashing lights in my head that said. This is the one!

It was purple and appeared short and clingy. I looked at the tag. Size five! Yes! ......I had to try this one on. I wiggled my hips and slipped the thin material across my hips until I was ready for the straps. "Oh dear God! Let this one be the one!"

Yes. It was working. I slowly cupped my boobs into the material and slowly pulled the thin straps over my arms. I shifted the material and starred into the mirror. I turned and stood on my toes and ran my hands across my ass. You might say I have a nice full round bottom for a woman my size. 

I turned and got close to the mirror and checked out my cleavage. The tight material pushed my boobs together making them appear gigantic! OK. I'm a thirty-six D cup. Big but not gigantic but they were to me!

I bought the dress and walked to another shop and found a pair of heels I liked. I had the guy go and find a size six for me. He came out and put the heel on my foot for me. I leaned down and helped him get the shoe on my foot and forgot I still had one button undone. 

I think I just made this eighteen-year old's day for him as I got into both heels. He was very helpful and put the shoes back into the box for me. I stood and swung my purse over my shoulder and gave my ass an extra wiggle for him as he followed me to the counter to pay for them.

I returned home and pulled the car into the garage. God! It was after six! I had to change my clothes. I ran through the door and saw the light flashing on the phone. It was a message from my husband, Rick.

"Hi Honey! I guess you're at your mother's for dinner. I just got into Seattle and it's raining here. I'll be checking into my hotel room in another hour. I'll call you on Sunday! Tell Jimmy that Daddy say's hello!"

I slipped out of my shorts and ran into the bedroom and took a quick shower. I slipped into my new dress and searched through my drawers looking for that sexy black garter belt with the ultra thin straps. 

I hooked the nylons into the tiny clasps then put on my new heels thinking about that young salesman again with a grin on my face. I put on my eye liner and lipstick and squirted a little dab of perfume around my neck. 

God! I'm so nervous I can feel my stomach churning. I grabbed my keys and my purse and walked out to the car and pressed the garage door opener. I had parked in the garage so my nosy neighbor wouldn't see me leaving in this thin dress. I'm sure they'd have something to say to Rick about it.

I drove to the north end of town and pulled off into the new condo development and turned down the street and began looking for the address he gave me. There was the condo number I needed. Number one fifty-three. I pulled the car into an empty spot and turned off the engine. I felt my heart pounding as I flipped open the makeup mirror on the visor. 

I put my car keys into my purse and starred at my diamond on my wedding ring. It was a two-carat marquis. I started to slip it off but remembered that he knew I was married. I got out of the car and slowly walked the pathway to his front door. God! My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest. 

I rang the doorbell and waited. I heard the click of the lock and the door opened. There he was starring at me with a smile. "Jennifer?"

I held out my hand and smiled. "Yes. You must be Devon?"

He took my hand and leaned down and kissed me on my lips. I wasn't expecting that so soon.

I walked into his house as he closed the door.

I smiled. "Well. It's nice to finally meet you after all those emails and phone calls."

He was rather quiet as he escorted me into his front room where I sat on the sofa. "You're much prettier in person then in your pictures, Jennifer."

I was glad to hear that! "Thank you and your much more handsome in person and taller then I expected. How tall are you again?"

"I'm six-seven."

I smiled and commented on his muscular physic. "You weren't kidding me when you said you lifted weights. You have broad shoulders and huge arms."

He flexed his arm in a usual pose and held his arm out for me to squeeze. I used both hands to squeeze his muscles. "Oh. My Lord!" I nervously replied and laughed. 

He held the pose for me as I moved my fingers across his arm and checked out all the tattoos on his arm. "I like your tattoos on your arms. Do they have any special meaning?"

"Well. This one here represents my hometown and the one over here is for my two brothers."

Devon turned around and showed me the other arm as I looked carefully with interest at the tattoos that he told me about on his other arm. I held my hand on his arm and became fascinated with the contrast of our skin as much as with Devon's tattoos.

My skin was pale white. I hadn't been out in the sun recently. Devon's skin was coal black and what surprised me the most was how I could see his tattoos on his black skin so well.

Devon starred at my boobs often as he ushered me into the kitchen to make us drinks. He put his hands on my waist from behind to move me away from the refrigerator door. His hands felt big and strong as he gently squeezed my waist. 

"How long will your husband be out of town?"

"He'll be gone until Monday. He'll be flying home late in the morning. I have to pick up the baby that morning and be home for home."

Devon had a deep voice which matched his physic. I remember calling him the first night on my cell phone and listening to him speak. Devon handed me my drink and snuck a little kiss from me again. I smiled as I took a sip.

Devon wasn't shy as he stood within inches of me and leaned against the counter and just starred at me from my feet to my head. "Are you getting excited?"

Devon's question caught me off guard. "I'm really nervous. Can't you tell?"

I started to put the glass to my lips as Devon stepped in front of me and put his arm around my waist and leaned down and gave me a kiss only this time it was much longer and he gently parted my lips. I accepted his tongue and kissed him back.

Everything was taking place quite fast but we'd talked on the phone for hours before setting up this meeting. Devon took the glass out of my hand. We kissed and he circled his big arms around me as I held his shoulders.

He was strong and forceful and his kisses were passionate as he poked his tongue deep inside my mouth as I wrapped my hand around the back of his head. One of his hands lowered to cup my ass while he gently moved his other onto my shoulder and held me tight.

I felt dwarfed by his huge size as he kept me pinned against the counter as we kissed. I started breathing hard as he stopped kissing me for a moment. He lifted my dress and poked his hand underneath and ran his hand across my ass and squeezed my flesh. He kissed me again and then lowered his face to my neck and kissed me under my chin making me tremble with excitement. 

I lost all thoughts about how I was going to cheat on my husband. The only thought I had at that moment was that I'd soon live out my fantasy of being screwed by a large black man. 

Devon's hands were moving everywhere now and I felt my dress being slipped down off one of my shoulders. Devon kissed and licked his way down to my boob and lowered my dress until my nipple was exposed and circled his lips around it and sucked like a baby. 

I cradled his head with my hand, feeling his tongue touching my sensitive boobs and the gentle nibbling of his teeth. I closed my eyes as his hands traveled around my body and I felt one hand as it slipped under my thong and cupped my pussy mound.

I felt his finger searching for my pussy slit as I moved my hips trying to help him locate his target. Devon lifted his head away from my boob and planted his lips over mine, sending his tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked at it as if it were candy as his finger played with my clit. 

Devon removed his hand out from under my thong and reached down and pulled the hem of my dress over my head as I raised my arms making it simply remove in one swift pull. His hand reached out and cupped one of my boobs as he put the other hand around my waist and pulled me next to his body. 

I reached between his legs and felt his cock. He was big and hard! My free hand began unbuttoning his shirt as he kissed my shoulder.

Devon removed his shirt causing me to gasp as I saw how huge his chest was. Muscles were rippling everywhere on this man. He had the best looking physique I ever saw on a man this huge!

Devon circled his arms around me as we kissed. I moved one hand behind his neck while stroking his chest with the other.

I unbuckled his pants letting them fall to the floor and grabbed hold of his thong and pulled it away from his big cock. We stopped kissing long enough so I could look down and see it. It was huge and sticking straight out. I reached down and stroked it with my hand while he kissed me again. It was extremely thick as he circled my fingers around it I could tell he must have been more then twice as large as my husband!

Devon slipped his thong down his legs and stepped out from under the little thing as he kissed my neck and backed me toward the kitchen table and quickly lifted me up and put me on the edge. He pushed me back until I laid down and grabbed my thighs and scooted me until my ass was hanging over the edge of the table.

He stretched my legs up and kissed my ankles and then my legs until he worked his way down to my thighs. A few moments later, Devon was licking my pussy and dropped my legs over his big shoulders as I put my fingers near his forehead. My fingers were stretched out as far as they could go as I felt his tongue splitting my pussy lips apart and touching my clit. 

Devon worked expertly on my pussy until my hips were grinding around the table top. He had me moaning as my body jerked every time he touched my clit with his tongue. A few seconds later and I was coming and shaking all around that table. 

He held my legs in the air and rested them against his chest as he slapped his big cock down against my tummy a few times and inserted it between my pussy lips and teased me with the head. He kept doing this and watching me as I gave him a pitiful stare. I finally had to beg him to put it inside me.

Devon pushed forward and the head popped inside me. I groaned feeling it stretch my pussy lips apart. Devon kept moving his body back and forth slowly sending his thick cock inside me each time he moved. It went a little deeper with each thrust until I felt the head hit my cervix.

He kissed my legs as I reached out and held his hands as he kept pumping that big black cock inside my belly. My body moved along the table top with each thrust Devon made inside me. A few minutes later and he held his hands out for me to sit up and took me into his arms while keeping me mounted on his big cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist knowing that he wanted to pick me up and he did just that!

Devon cupped my ass in his big hands and moved me up and down his pole like I was a rag doll. My fingers were locked together behind his neck as he bounced me up and down. I gasped for air with each thrust he made as my legs and feet remained locked behind his ass. 

Devon screwed me a few more minutes then held me against his chest as he started walking toward his bedroom with me mounted on his cock. He reached the bedroom and laid me onto the bed and somehow scooted me up to the pillow and mounted me again. His cock filled and stretched me to the limit. 

His cock didn't hurt but I knew I'd be sore and stretched after this. My pussy was so wet that he slipped in and out of me with ease in spite being so tight. I was able to lift my head enough to look down between my legs and see his huge cock slicing into my bare white pussy. I was amazed at the contrast of our skin together. 

My body began reacting again and I came again as Devon pounded my pussy. His large thighs were slapping against my upturned ass with each stroke until he began grunting and I could feel his cock expand if that was possible. His strokes became long and slower until he moved deep inside me a couple more times and shot his hot load of cum inside my pussy.

Yes!!! I could feel his hot cum as it filled my pussy. Devon stroked a couple more times and collapsed on top of me as he tried to catch his breath. He was heavy and I was glad he lifted himself off me a few seconds later so I could breathe.

His cock slipped out of my pussy with a plopping wet noise. Devon laid back on the bed next to me as he reached for a towel on the night stand and wiped off his forehead.

Devon leaned over and planted another kiss on my lips and asked. "Will you spend the night with me, Jennifer?"

I just shook my head letting him know I would.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Queen of Spades Intro - Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe is a sexy petite Queen of Spades.  Instead of doing a intro in my own words,  I will use Mandy's words from her website,

"I am everything you want: petite, sexy, and ready. Sex is the center of me, I love to have sex in any position, but put me on top and watch me go! I enjoy NOT wearing a bra or panties. It keeps my mind constantly on sex and keeps my pussy very wet. A dress or skirt is my favorite thing to wear. I like to be ready and easily accessible because you just never know.
Hi! I’m Mandy and I would like to welcome you to my pleasure website and tell you a little bit about myself. When I got married, my husband and I were both virgins. Of course we spent a lot of time learning how to pleasure each other. I didn’t tell my hubby this in the beginning, but after we were together the first time, I instantly knew that I wanted to fuck other men. Not because he wasn’t amazingly hot, but because sex was sooo so good that I wanted to try it out with others and a lot. Fast forward a few years and my wish would come true. My wonderful hubby comes to me and asks if he can talk to me about our sex life. We proceed to have a discussion about how he wants me to fuck other men!!! (I already knew he had an extremely voyeuristic side and he loved to watch me have pleasure.) Of course I “acted” taken aback, but with a wicked grin on my face, told him I would think about it.

That little sex talk has led us to where we are today. We started with me fucking other men and progressed to hot sex fun with couples, me finding my bi-side with women, having hot orgies, finding out I can squirt, and really there is no limit to the wicked fun that I could have and want. With all this sex fun, I discovered that I really like the feeling when a man’s cocks throbs and fills my pussy full with their hot juicy cum (YES “Creampies”). I also found that I love COCK with all its variations (including black cock!) and crave to suck them until they either can’t hold back and spurt their yummy seed down my throat (yes I swallow) or spurt it all over my breasts, tummy, wherever. Of course hubby’s voyeuristic side means that we do all the pictures and video ourselves from our home, outside, hotel, or wherever it spontaneously happens!
My Hubby and I started watching porn together before we ever ventured into playing with others. The videos and pictures of hot women getting fucked, creampied, semen spurting in their mouths and on breasts, and two women enjoying each other’s hot supple bodies was such an injection of spiciness to our sex life that we couldn’t get enough. Our favorite porn movies and pictures have always been those that are realistic, that portray what really happens during sex. We love actual cum shooting inside pussy, mouth, ass, etc. Now my adventures have led us to create this website. This is a REALITY site, what you see inside is me craving and getting wild hot sex everywhere I go. I have so much hot fun exploring sex that I wanted to share and broaden my horizons as to meeting more men and women that I can fuck and suck to ultimate pleasure."
Find more info on Mandy on:

Enjoy and leave comments.

Angela and Ryan Make A New Friend

The tropical sun felt wonderful on Angela's bare breasts. She had her eyes closed and the lounge chair at the perfect angle to get the morning sun to warm her luscious, round oil slicked mounds and hopefully darken her usual tan line. Her blond hair was slicked back so her face would get equal sun in all areas, and her small-but not tiny-bikini bottom was rolled down so much that if she hadn't gotten her "vacation haircut" you'd be able to see a hint of her pubic hair sticking out. She was in heaven.

Although no longer in her twenties, or even her thirties, Angela was a beautiful woman. She didn't have a skinny model's body, and of course there were things she'd like to kick Father-Time's ass for, like the tiny bit of loose skin near her armpits, or the disappearing dimples in her cheeks. But she was still hard not to notice. Her stomach, even after a couple kids, was still flat-ish (and her pussy was still snug, according to her husband). Her 38D breasts looked great in sweaters, tank tops, evening gowns, bikinis or all by themselves with nothing between them and the sun. Although just over 5 feet tall, her shapely legs seemed to almost be 5 feet tall just by themselves. Her round ass completed the package. Ryan, her husband, loved to knead and pat that ass whether they were naked in bed having sex, or if she was doing the dishes with sweats on. It was an ass that he worshiped, and one most men would if they had the chance. All together, Angela was sexy. Every part of her looked like it was "built for speed", as Ryan described her after a few drinks.

She liked that he found her attractive after being married for so long and having a couple kids nearly raised together. She tolerated the attention she got from other men and was expertly adept at deflecting unwanted advances from his coworkers and fathers of their kids friends.

But when she heard a soft, but masculine voice ask "Is this one open?" and she opened her eyes and held her hand up to shield them from the sun, she was taken by surprise to see the stunning, tall and fit young black man who owned it looking at her (and making sure to look at her FACE).

"Oh sure. Nobody's using it. I mean someone was using it, but they left. I mean I think they left. I'm pretty sure they left...Yeah, it's open." What the hell was that, she thought. This guy was stunning. Not like a pro athlete or a guy who was obsessed with working out, but just gorgeous with muscular arms, sinewy thighs, a very flat, modestly rippled stomach and blue eyes. She figured it was the eyes that were throwing her for a loop.

"Thank you. Do you mind if I use it?" He hadn't stopped looking at her face and was being extremely polite. She did a gut check in an instant to see if there was a creep factor with him, as she was often used to the being approached by creepy guys, especially with her bare tits hanging out. But in that instant, she assessed the situation: this was one of the few unoccupied lounge chairs by the pool; there was at least one empty lounge next to another topless girl; he held sunscreen, a towel and a very thick book in his hand. He looked like he wanted alone time as much as anything, so her final judgment was that he was definitely not a creep.

"Oh sure. Go ahead, please." She decided that she needed to calm down. He laid his stuff on the lounge and then grabbed the foot end to move it so it would face the optimal direction for the sun. He was looking up at the sun while he did it and accidentally hit the table Angela had her tropical drink on and it fell on the deck spilling entirely. She jumped to try to catch it, but missed and only managed to catch a bunch of the drink though her fingers, which she could feel getting sticky already.

"Oh jeez. Damnit. I'm really sorry about that. I swear, I'll get you another. Here wipe your hands," he handed her his towel.

"Oh don't worry about it. My husband is coming back with another one for me already. It's no big deal. But are you always this clumsy?" She teased him, and it flustered him a little. This was a nice sincere man, she thought to herself.

Just then Ryan did return with two drinks with little umbrellas in them. Seeing Angela in the tiniest bit of distress and noticing both the spilled drink and the studley black man close to her, he asked "everything OK here?" as he walked up.

"Oh yeah, everything's fine. This guy just thought I was tired of my drink and dumped it out for me. Don't get too close, he might knock you in the pool by accident or something. Maybe we can find him a tippy cup to use from now on." Angela had a great sense of humor and unleashed on anyone, especially when she was nervous. "This is my husband, Ryan. He probably won't try to kick your ass for spilling my $2.00 drink."

Ryan set the drinks down next to her and stuck out his hand. He was also used to the attention his wife got from men. He tolerated it knowing that she could handle most anyone of them, but could tell that this guy wasn't creeping or bugging her, so his handshake was sincere. "Hi. Nice to meet you. You owe me two bucks."

"My name's Jesse. I'll definitely get the next round." They shook hands. Ryan noticed, because it would be impossible not to notice, that Jesse had large strong hands. He was glad this was a nice guy because he could probably be pretty intimidating if he wasn't.

Ryan sat on his lounge, and Angela settled back in to her sun worshipping pose. Jesse arranged his stuff and sat down on the other side of her. "I'm really sorry about the drink. That was silly. I'm normally not clumsy at all. I did pull a muscle at breakfast knocking over the buffet, but that probably doesn't have anything to do with it." Angela laughed and turned to look at him. She liked him right away. She looked over at Ryan who seemed at ease already too.

They started a conversation easily, talking without looking at each other. Keeping their faces towards the sun. Jesse was 38 and had been divorced since he was 26. He was supposed to come on this vacation with another woman, but she was delayed and wouldn't arrive for two days. They were just barely serious enough to go on vacation together, but that was it. Jesse made a show of looking around the pool at the women lounging around and said, "Maybe I'll just call her and tell her not to come. Sort of like sand to the beach, right?" Ryan and Angela looked at him and didn't say anything. "Yeah, that sounded funnier in my head. What's in these drinks, and how do we get more."

Soon there was a stack of plastic cups near each of their lounges. The conversation was easy and, at times intimate, as vacation conversations sometimes are. But Jesse was a polite and well behaved, in fact Angela was being a little bawdy and flirtatious towards him, teasing him about how he better get as much sun as he can before his lady friend arrived because she would want to keep him in the room all the time for herself. It was fairly innocent and Ryan had seen her flirt with some of their good friends the same way. On one of Jesse's trips to the bar, Ryan caught Angela watching him walk away, her stare lingering a little longer than normal. He leaned over and touched her leg again and said "Hey, keep it in your pants until we get back to the room, huh?" He was joking and didn't feel threatened at all.

As the drinks kept coming and the sun baked the alcohol into their brains, the three got more open and uninhibited. Ryan caught her staring at Jesse's groin when he came out of the pool and his bathing suit was still clinging to the outline of a very large penis. She turned her head towards Ryan to force herself not to stare and caught Ryan catching her. He smiled and patted her on the thigh. His warm hand sending a tingle through her skin. Angela was making double entendres, causing Ryan and Jesse to laugh more loudly than they would have without the booze. More than once Angela tapped the well of him spilling her drink to tease him good naturedly. It usually meant she wanted another one, which either Ryan or Jesse would go get.

One time, late in the afternoon, she made another comment about how a guy so fit and obviously athletic could still manage to knock over a tiny drink with a huge lounge chair. Jesse, obviously trying to maintain in spite of being very drunk said, "Yeah the reason I was so clumsy at first was because I was trying as hard as possible not to look at your breasts." It was quiet for a heart beat. Then Angela laughed heartily and Ryan almost started crying, he was laughing so hard. Angela covered her boobs with one hand, barely, and covered her pubic area with the other, a look of shock on her face. Jesse let out a sigh of relief. He really should stop drinking, he thought. Before Angela stopped covering her boobs, she looked down at them as if looking for something she felt on them, and then cupped each one with a hand and palmed them absent-mindedly squeezing them a couple times, lifting them as if adjusting them for something. Then she looked up and noticed Jesse and Ryan staring and let her hands go to her sides.

By the time the sun had given them all they could use, Jesse, Ryan and Angela were fast friends and very comfortable with each other. They gathered their things in preparation to leave. Standing there, Angela still topless, Jesse finding it harder not to get caught looking at her toplessness, they made arrangements to meet for dinner in 2 hours and started walking towards their rooms. To Jesse's disappointment and relief, she finally put her top on for the walk through the hotel.

At an intersection in the halls, Jesse said "Well, I'll see you guys in a while. I'm going to swing by the front desk and get another key." And they parted. After a few steps, Angela stopped and looked around for something.

"Crap. I left my sunglasses by the chair. You go ahead. I'll be right back." She looked earnestly at Ryan's face, then kissed him lightly and walked away. He kept on towards their room. She was always losing sunglasses, so this was no big deal.

After their shower together-Angela had returned to the room and surprised Ryan by joining him-they lay naked on the bed, clean and with a little over an hour to kill until dinner. They enjoyed a very healthy and hearty sex life, even with the kids, even when she was pregnant. Being on vacation in a hotel was a strong aphrodisiac for them both. They'd brought some sex toys and accessories and they'd had sex at least once every night they'd been at the resort. And they were naked almost always while they were in the room, which made it easy for Ryan to adore and smack her ass, and for her to cup his soft cock whenever the mood struck her.

So with an hour to kill, and a really strong buzz working on their libidos, they naturally started fooling around. Playfully at first, but getting more and more erotic and passionate quickly. Angela was the more aggressive one and was quickly moving the foreplay along, letting Ryan know that she was really interested in getting some serious sex going. "Wow!" Ryan gasped when he could catch his breath. "That dude got you pretty worked up, eh?" Angela wasn't embarrassed at all. She had been the lucky recipient of Ryan's attentions after he got worked up over some young, hot slut who happened to grace him with some innocent flirtations many times.

She sat up suddenly. She was a little unsteady, even just sitting up on the bed. "Hey, lemme tie you up and blow you. And if you're nice, I'll let you lick my va-jay-jay." They had played with ties in the past. It was pretty tame stuff and both of them enjoyed taking their turn being the one without any control.

Ryan quickly agreed. She could have said "Let's clean the bathroom, and I'll blow you while you clean the toilet" and he would have gone along. Angela loved to use her mouth on his cock and was very good at it.

She got up and went around the corner to the bathroom for some ties. Ryan lay back and closed his eyes waiting. She came back with robe ties, and she found neckties they brought in case they were invited to a formal dinner. Angela had actually thrown them in for just this other purpose, but told Ryan they were for wearing.

Soon he was bound securely to the bed, having been checked by Angela to make sure he couldn't move or get free, and she was pumping her mouth on his cock like she thought it would shoot out diamonds. She was kneeling between his legs and he could see her pussy in the mirror over the dresser behind her. She was taking his cock deep in her throat and cupping his balls with one hand, using one finger to rub under his balls and tickle his asshole. Ryan was in heaven, and couldn't wait to get his turn to lick the pussy he was admiring in the mirror. He had just closed his eyes and relaxed his neck so he could lie down flat when he heard the door to their room close loudly.

He opened his eyes and said "Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell is going on?" He was startled by the appearance of their new friend Jesse, who had just showed up naked in their room sporting a huge black boner pointed right at his wife, her ass turned up like a cat in heat as she sucked vigorously on Ryan's cock.

"What? Oh him. Well, I thought it might be fun to try something new, and Jesse is really something new." As she said the last few words, she looked back at Jesse and added a little sexy Marylyn Monroe lilt to her voice, obviously lusting after him with her eyes. She turned back to look Ryan in the face. "You know you want this as much as I do. You watched me flirt with him for hours today and never said a word. I'm drunk, you're drunk. Jesse, you drunk?"

"I am, indeed very drunk." He answered.

"See, we can just chalk this up to some drunken mistake in the morning. Besides, what are you gonna do about it?" She was teasing him a little. They often had sort of a verbal banter like this, but not about another man fucking her.

"Ugh! I'm torn between feeling like the luckiest guy in the world, or being really pissed off at you." Ryan still struggled against the ties, but was losing heart in the effort. Angela knew that even though she'd been talking tough, if Ryan balked, seriously balked at this impromptu adventure she'd lined up in a drunken conversation with Jesse when she "forgot" her glasses earlier, she'd cave and feel really embarrassed. She waited anxiously for his decision.

It hadn't taken much convincing to get the glassy eyed Jesse to agree to come to their room for a three way. That's the way she laid it out to him, more boldly than she really felt. "I want you to come to our room for a three way. I'm just throwing it out there if you're game." He was game.

"Well," Ryan said starting to at least act like he was caving. It wasn't like they never talked about something like this. During foreplay they often openly talked about fantasies of threesomes. Angela and Jesse watched his face. Ryan could see Jesse's huge cock starting to throb a little with the power of his erection. "I guess if you want this, I'm game. Jesus this is crazy" He grunted with one final effort at his bonds. "But can you at least untie me?" In his position, if Jesse had come in with malicious intentions and his wife was an unwilling participant, there was nothing Ryan could do about it, he was bound so tightly and Jesse was certainly big enough and strong enough to overpower Angela.

"Not a chance babe," Angela answered wickedly, her confidence renewed. "This is my show. You'll get to be a part, but I'm the director and the star." With that, she looked back at Jesse who was drunk enough to not care what kind of crazy shit these people were into. There was a beautiful welcome pussy right in front of him. He could already smell her lust and could see some slick moisture coating the very inside of the slit between her pussy lips. He started towards her.

"Hey. Come on. I really don't want to be tied up just to watch someone else fuck you. Untie me."

"Oh, I think you'll be OK." It was the last thing Angela said for a while. She took Ryan's dick in her mouth and resumed the blow job she had been in the middle of when Jesse showed up. Ryan lost himself for a second as she enveloped his spongy cock head with her soft, warm mouth and swirled her tongue around it. His eyes closed briefly, but then he opened them again and tried to struggle against her gentle assault on his dick as he watched Jesse move toward her ass.

"Seriously," but the struggle wasn't accomplishing much more than to shove more of his dick in her mouth. "Come on. We can do this, but please..." He was interrupted by a wave of pleasure as Angela sucked him in deep until his helmet was pushing into her throat. God damn she could give head. She held him there a moment, he lost his train of thought, eyes closed, a moan coming from deep inside him. He was losing. Angela was winning.

As she subdued Ryan by his dick, Jesse knelt down close behind her and took in the sight and smell of her pussy. He felt himself getting lost in it, focusing on nothing else but that opening between her legs that she was presenting to him so eagerly that he couldn't wait to taste it, touch it and fill it with his dick. He put both hands on her ass checks, startling her just a little and spread them wide. He plunged his tongue into her pussy, right in the hole. He had a firm, long tongue and it went easily into Angela's pussy. He slid it wetly up and out and onto her asshole, flattening it out and swirling around, eliciting a happy moan from Angela. Jesse went at her pussy like a dog, a horny, black, sexy dog. He used his tongue to lap it, to poke it, to slurp loudly the juices that came from her excitement. Angela moaned and squirmed the whole time, driven mad with passion as her pussy was pleasured and her mouth was fucked.

Ryan was oblivious to the man worshiping his wife's pussy. He was lost in the blowjob she was giving him. He pulled with firm but gentle tension against his bindings, both hating and loving the fact that he couldn't move. His alcohol and passion infused brain focused only on her mouth on his dick. It was like time stopped and reality left. But he was suddenly brought back to reality as her mouth dropped his cock and she let out a startled "OH FUCK!" He opened his eyes and saw that Jesse had obviously rammed his meat into Angela. Her eyes, like Jesse's were closed tight in passion. He hadn't taken it easy on her and had immediately started a pounding attack on her wet pussy with his huge meaty shaft. After just a moment, with Jesse fucking her hard and fast, causing her tits to jiggle beautifully back and forth and making her grunt a little with each thrust, Angela regained her composure. She opened her eyes and looked at Ryan. When he made eye contact with her, she smiled wickedly as her body rocked with each long, pounding stroke.

Ryan was conflicted. It was really hard watching her like this without being able to have any control, but it was also really, really hot watching her enjoy this so much, and the fact that she had all the control was driving him nuts. His emotions were racing, but the booze and the endorphins his wife was helping him release were tempering everything he felt with a wonton, longing: longing to fuck her mouth, longing to watch her get fucked, longing to experience everything he had ever fantasized about a threesome with his wife.

She took his cock back in her mouth and pumped it in and out at the same pace as Jesse was pumping in and out of her pussy. She still grunted and moaned around Ryan's cock, but he was obviously loving it. She could tell because he tried to thrust into her mouth, but the restraints wouldn't let him move enough. She felt Jesse start to tense, and she knew he was getting close to shooting what she hoped were huge ropes of goo. She knew that she was getting close too, but, in a Herculean effort of will power and an Olympic gymnasts maneuvering, she dropped Ryan's cock and pulled forward far enough to get Jesse out of her, causing both of them to moan with disappointment. But that disappointment disappeared as she continued her dismount converting it smoothly into a mount. She turned around in the space between the two men and faced Jesse, slapping her cunt down on Ryan's dick. Her feet were outside his thighs and she rocked back and forth on Ryan while she reached out to pull Jesse up on the bed so she could blow him. She looked up in his eyes before she took just the tip in, holding the shaft with both hands. Then she spit in her palms and started again, swirling her tongue around the tip while sliding her hands up and down his thick shaft.

She felt just the tiniest bit of guilt for a moment. Her husband had a very sufficient dick. It was big enough to make most women lust after it (or at least one just like it) in their fantasies, but Jesse's meat filled her box all the way, and in her hyper-excited state, being filled to the brim was just what she wanted. Ryan's cock was as hard as steel in her though, and her rocking and grinding motions were rubbing her clit on it with pleasing intensity. Her guilt passed as she felt her orgasm nearing.

She moved more of Jesse into her mouth, enough so that she could only fit one hand around what was left. Still, with all that dick out of her mouth, there was enough in her mouth to be going down her throat, right past the gag reflex she lost in college. He pumped slowly in and out of her mouth, and she used the newly free hand to rub a spit-slick finger over his asshole, obviously driving him wild. She could smell the chlorine from their dip in the pool mixed with the scent of her pussy on his belly and she could taste herself over the flavor of his chocolate brown pole. He was already close to coming when she swapped positions on him and now he was tense as he lost control to the orgasm that was about to wrack his body.

Angela felt it coming, and stroked a little faster both on Ryan's cock and Jesse's. She put her finger in his ass and right before he started shooting warm cum into her, she pulled his cock out until just the head was in her mouth. "OH MAN. I'M GONNA GO," Jesse said loudly. Ryan's eyes shot open and he could see Jesse with his head back, hands on Angela's head, muscles clenched tight. She still rocked on his dick at the same time.

Immediately after his warning, Jesse started shooting into her mouth. She felt his dick throbbing and a huge eruption of cum shot out into her mouth with each furiously paced pump. She kept her lips tight around his shaft, but it was like he was never going to stop pumping cum past them. Her mouth filled, but she didn't swallow. Some of the creamy white goo spilled out around his brown hose. It drizzled down her chin. She loved feeling his orgasm in her mouth and held his dick in place until the throbbing stopped and she could feel him softening. She ground into Ryan's cock the whole time and was almost ready to come herself.

Finally spent, Jesse's half limp dick fell out of Angela's mouth, a tiny bit more cum slipping out with it. She spun around so that she was now riding her bound husband's cock while looking at him with a mouth full of another man's cum and some of it running down her chin. He was looking at her, and she couldn't tell if he was angry, hurt, or excited. His face was blank, but she could still tell he was trying to pump his cock into her.

She opened her mouth a little and a huge load of Jesse's come dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her gently bouncing tits. She opened her mouth wider and Ryan could look in her mouth and see the bucket load of jiz that was still there. His tiny thrusts got faster as he tried to fill her pussy as her mouth was filled. Once she felt him trying to fuck her harder, it didn't matter what look he wore on his face, she knew she had him.

She could smell the stuff, its funky, sexy odor fanning the flames of passion. The cum that fell onto her tits she rubbed with an open hand, glistening her boobs with it. All the while she looked deep and unfaultering into Ryan's eyes. "God damn you," he said. "Are so fucking hot right now." She used her other hand to rub the cum on her chin all around her mouth. So much was on her upper lip that the smell of it overwhelmed everything else. Still looking at him, she closed her mouth and made a show of swallowing the warm, salty load. The whole show with Jesse's cum had lasted about 15 seconds, but it felt like it had been an hour that she sat there fucking Ryan and teasing him with Jesse's cum.

The instant she swallowed, Ryan bucked as hard as he could into her and started pumping her pussy full of his cum. She stopped moving and rhythmically squeezed her pussy around his throbbing, cum pumping cock. Although it was a spectacular orgasm for him, it didn't last nearly as long as Jesse's. Before he could go soft, she resumed pumping on him, sliding her cum drenched pussy furiously up and down on his dick. She closed her eyes and clenched her stomach muscles with the effort, but she was rewarded with a pulsing, screaming, gut wrenching orgasm that was so intense, she imagined her throbbing pussy was going to crush Ryan's cock.

Jesse fell on the bed, trying to find space and finally giving up he lay on his back with his legs draped over one of Ryan's bound ones. Angela fell forward onto Ryan's chest, her huge, soft tits cushioning her fall pleasantly. As she did, Ryan's limp, spent cock fell out of her and what was left of his cum in her pussy leaked out. Neither one of them cared.

Nobody moved for a few minutes. They just lay there panting. Angela was moaning very quietly with each breath. Ryan exclaimed "Holy crap." But said no more. Jesse seemed to be asleep, the booze and the sex having taken the last of his energy for the moment. Finally, Angela lifted her head and looked at Ryan.

"Did you hate that? Do you hate me? Do you want me to untie you? Think hard about the first two questions. They will affect what happens when you answer the third."

"No. No. And yes please," he answered.

She scooted up and reached for one wrist and untied it. Then she switched to the other wrist, dragging her cum glazed tits over his face as she did. He didn't hate that either. She finished untying him and lay next to him looking across his chest at the sleeping Jesse as Ryan held her.

"Now what do we do with him?" Ryan asked.

"Well, in a minute, I think we should wake him up." Angela turned to look at Ryan's face and, emboldened by the lingering alcohol in her system, said "And then get him to fuck me some more. I mean he's here and all. That is, if it's OK with you."

"Do I have to be tied up again?"

"Oh, definitely not. In fact, I think if you use your imagination, little boy, you might find some really fun stuff to do when your hands and feet aren't tied up while a huge black man is fucking your wife. Don't you think?" She didn't wait for a final answer. She just climbed on top of Ryan again and then moved over to his other side. There, she resumed her snuggling position, but was now between Ryan and the sleeping Jesse. Her nice, round ass enveloping his hip. She rubbed down Ryan's chest, across his stomach and took up his limp, sticky dick in her hand and began gently stroking it. At the same time she moved her soft ass back and forth against Jesse's skin. Jesse began to stir awake. Angela smiled.