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Audited by Big Black Cock

Audited by Big Black Cock
a story by Harmoni Kalifornia

My day job can be boring, and from time to time I imagine what it would be like to have a little fun at the job.  Little did I know what was in store for me when the audit team showed up for an unannounced inspection.  I am in management and from time to time I attend meetings with the owners, and I regularly interact with the auditors. So I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary on a Tuesday when we were notified of an audit in one hour. Now, I always dress in a style I call professional sexy.  Low cut blouses that show off my cleavage, and tight pants or tight skirts and 5 inch patent stiletto heels.  I can promise you my ass looks very good. My bosses certainly appreciate it when these teams show up.  It is amazing what a shake of the ass can do to the attention of an auditor. I touched up my make up, and loosened a button or two as is my usual routine.
In exactly one hour, the audit team arrived.  I looked up and stopped dead in my tracks.  Shaking hands with my boss were the 2 regular auditors, and a 6 foot 3 Nubian god who looked a lot like Idris Elba.  His name was Rick. Hoping they did not notice my hesitation, I gathered myself, said hello to the regular guys.  Then I smiled and extended my hand to my new friend.  I asked them if they were ready to check out the facility with me.
I spun around on my heels, giving them all a good view of my ass. As we walk towards the office, I notice our two regulars (I call them the 2 Jerry’s) are checking out my ass on schedule and both have taken long looks at my tits, which are bursting out.  But to my dismay, Ricky is not giving me the time of day.  This continues throughout the morning.  Several times I try to make small talk, but he is all business at all times.  He is never rude, and it just drives me crazy.  Here is an incredible looking black man in my office and I can’t get a second look. I realize my pussy is getting wet.  I decide to keep trying.
At lunch we sit together and make small talk.  I try to gauge his interest if any, and he is still unreadable.  Damn! We return to the office and get back to work.  By the end of the day I am supremely frustrated and sexually charged.  Rick has not returned a single look and seems completely uninterested in me sexually!  As the auditors finish up, I give a subconscious tip of my hat to his significant other, she is definitely keeping him happy.
The three of them say their goodbyes and walk out the door.  I begin closing down the office. Fifteen minutes later I lock up and walk to my car.  Under the windshield wiper is a business card.   I pick it up, it is HIS card; on the back is written “Hello Harmoni Kalifornia, I recognized you as soon as I walked in.  Joes Bar 5:30pm?
I  look at my phone for the time, it is 5:15.  A flood of warmth began spreading quickly into my loins. He knew who I was; he was playing me all day!  Fuck! I was pissed, laughing, and impressed with his self-control, but mostly I was now throbbing and wet with excitement. I call hubby and tell him that I have a date and to not wait up.  He tells me to have a good time. Before I leave for the bar I take a moment to change and touch up my makeup.   I notice as I step out of my panties that they are soaking wet with anticipation.  I decide to leave them on, I have something I want to do.  I put on a black mini skirt that I keep for special occasions (oh the life of a hotwife), hop in the car and head to Joe’s.
When I arrive at the bar five minutes later, I have to look around and walk into the dark back room before I see him in a dark booth.  I feel my pulse quicken and I will my legs to slow down and walk. He rises as I approach, smiles and gives me a short hug.  It was so cute, he was still being a gentleman.  I grab his hand and put it squarely on my ass, he gives it a nice squeeze and we sit down. As I slide in the seat I let my hand slide over into his lap and I give his dick a lingering rub.  I was not disappointed; he was easily 9 inches, soft.

I was in for some serious fun. We ordered something to drink.  His hand went between my thighs and began slowly, moving back and forth.  I sighed and spread my legs to give him greater access to my now burning pussy.  As the drinks arrive he begins rubbing my clit through my panties, it feels amazing.  I moan and my hand shakes as I take my drink from the waitress.  She smiles a knowing smile and walks away.
He watches the amused waitress leave, turns to me with a sly grin and says “I recognized you as soon as I walked in.  I hoped it was you but I wasn’t sure until you spoke.  When I heard you speak I knew because I’ve seen your videos and I started getting excited.”  He looked at me, “that is why I tried my best to ignore you throughout the day.”
“That’s not fair!” I said.
“I know, but if I paid any attention to you I would not have gotten anything done.”  He gave my thigh another squeeze and rubbed against my now throbbing pussy.  I squirmed in my seat trying to give him more access; I ended up pushing as hard as I could against his hand.  He pushed back, we both were pushing so hard I almost fell off the seat.  I sat up breathless and took a long drink of my vodka, struggling to compose myself.  I felt the alcohol hit my stomach and the warmth of the vodka combined with the warmth of my sex had me highly charged up. His hand continued to rest on my lap, alternately stroking my thigh and my pussy.
I snuggled close, leaning into his side and continued my own stroking, moving my hand up and down slowly on his cock. I moaned softly as I felt it grow harder and harder in my hand.  To my surprise it was growing longer.  It seemed like I was stroking a cock that reached all the way to his knees.  The harder he got, the faster I stroked, suddenly he moaned, leaned in and grabbed my head kissing me fiercely but softly on my lips. I love it when a man takes control of me sexually.  When he grabbed my head I grabbed him and kissed back, my passion rising to match his, both of our excitement growing together. He held me close as the kiss lingered.  His arms were wrapped tightly around me.  I lost myself in the warm strength of his embrace.  His tongue darted in and out of my mouth as we kissed.  He tasted wonderful.
I sucked his tongue in to my mouth massaging him, letting him know how talented my mouth could and would be. Finally I broke our kiss, he looked a bit disappointed but that changed quickly as my hand found his zipper.  I slowly unzipped his pants.  Once the zipper was down I stuck my hand in and wrapped it around one of the thickest cocks I had ever felt.   It was so hot and smooth.  I could not wait to get it out!
Apparently he couldn’t either, “Take it out” he ordered. I will admit it was a difficult thing to do, he was so big, and his massive erection did not help things along.  Slowly I worked his cock out of his pants.  I was determined to feel and see it and my perseverance paid off.  It was big, thick, throbbing and standing straight up at attention.  I put my hand on the head of his cock.  The heat and smoothness of a large black cock always thrills me.  His shaft was so thick as I slid my hand down over the head I could not touch my thumb and fingers together.  It seemed to be as thick as my arm.
Another soft moan escape from his lips as I continued to stroke him, he asked me not to stop. Finally!  The invitation I was waiting for.  I immediately dropped my head below the table and took him into my mouth.  His cock was so big it barely fit but I slammed my throat down as far as it could go.  I stopped, held him in my throat, and then began sucking and stroking it up and down.  I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me down further on his cock. He moaned again more loudly this time.  I increased my efforts, sucking, taking him as deep as possible, and continuing to stroke him with my hand.

His moans increased in intensity as I continue to suck him into my mouth.  I could tell he was about to cum. Then just as fast I started, I stopped, sat up, smiled, looked him in the eye and told him “Now we are even.”
I leaned over to kiss him and he kissed me back fiercely with a wild look in his eyes, wild with passion. I scooted out of the both, stood, smiled and said ‘Sorry Baby, I really have to pee.  I’ll be right back.”
I turned and walked away, swaying my ass back and forth as I went to the juke box near the bar.  I put in a couple of dollars, selected several slow songs and then stepped quickly into the bathroom. I freshened up my makeup, then reached down and removed my soaking wet panties.  I balled them up in my hand, took one more look into the mirror then walked back to the table.
He smiled as I approached but did not get up, “Sorry, I can’t stand up without a bit of a problem.” For some reason his sudden shyness made me even more aggressive.
“Don’t worry” I said “I’ve got an idea where we can put that”, I smiled, “Besides it’s probably not safe for others if you to have that weapon out.” I slid back into the booth beside him.  With my right hand I started to stroke his cock again.  “I’ve got something for you, I’ve been working on it all day long,” and I laid my panties on the table in front of him.
His face lit up as he reached out and took them off the table.  “Are these mine?”
“Sure. I’ll even sign them if you want, but I have something I need to do first.” I looked around the bar; he had chosen our location very well.  The booth was almost completely obstructed from view.  After a quick glance to be sure no one was looking, I pushed the table a couple of inches away, lifted my skirt, and straddled his huge cock.
We began kissing again, I reached between my legs, grabbed his throbbing cock and began rubbing its smooth hot head against my pussy lips.  I gasped when it rubbed against my inflamed clit.

He was moaning as well.  “Fuck me” he breathed hoarsely in my ear.  “God I want that pussy now!”
“Patience Baby” I whispered and continued to rub him against me, enjoying the feel of the hot, smooth head against my shaved lips.  I was definitely enjoying his impatience and his need after my full day of frustration.  He strained against me trying to push his cock into my waiting pussy, but because I was straddling him I could just pull up and stop him from penetrating.
He groaned, frustrated by my teasing, enjoying it too much to stop it. “See how that feels?” I asked seductively.  “Feel how it is burning for you?”
“Yes” he whispered.  “Fuck me!” “Yes!” and with that I slipped the massive head inside my soaking pussy and slowly took it inside of me.  I sighed in pleasure as it began to penetrate, deeper and deeper.
When it reached the halfway point I stopped and began sliding up and down. Slowly at first, then faster allowing my pussy to stretch and accommodate his massive girth.  I glanced over my shoulder to see if anybody was watching.  Seeing nobody I grabbed his face and kissed him very hard while slamming down on the remaining few inches of his cock.
I screamed into his mouth as we kissed, trying to contain the pleasure and pain from escaping my lips. As soon as I was balls deep on his cock, I relaxed myself and began grinding my hips round and round.  I told him how good it felt, continuing to grind, A soft moan escaping my lips each time my clit would brush against him.
Then when my pussy was used to his cock (that is one thing about straddling and riding cock, YOU control much of the fucking, allowing you to get used to the size, and girth) I began sliding up and down.  I moved my hips up and down, slowly kissing his neck and ears as I moved.  We were both moaning louder as my tempo increased.  I could feel my orgasm rising, the heat, the tingle as I was approaching that edge. I could feel him approaching it too.
“Don’t stop” he moaned and thrust his hips up, driving all ten plus inches home!  ”I can feel your pussy dripping on my balls.  Do you like that cock Baby?”
“Yes, I fucking love that big black cock!” I breathed into his ear, “but you know that! Feel how wet it is for you?  And with that I began moving as fast as possible, driving my hips up and down, feeling him start to tremble.  Then I was lost in my own explosion.  He pulled me down as far as I could go and  I felt his cock start emptying pump after pump of hot cum into my filled up pussy!
The orgasm washed over me as I threw my arms around him pulled myself into him as far as I could. His presence was overwhelming and I lost myself in his embrace and the last rapid pumps from his cock.  I continued to hold tightly enjoying the mixing of our juices in my womb.
After what seemed like 30 minutes, but was probably closer to 30 seconds both laughed and opened our eyes.   Again our luck had held, as far as we knew anyway. We kissed again and I slowly lifted myself off of his cock and slipped back into the seat.  I took out my spare panties and quickly put them on, trapping the creampie for my cuck.
Rick managed to wrestle his still hard cock into his pants and zipped himself up.  He took a long pull on his drink and smiled contentedly at me.  He said nothing, and I love a man comfortable with the moment.  I took out a cigarette, he produced a lighter from nowhere and extended the flame.  After a long drag, I exhaled and smiled.  ”So…”, I say “what’s for Dessert?”

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Queen of Spades Intro - Hotwife Jackie

Jackie is the ultimate cukoldress and has no problem showing it. Here is what it states on her website:

"I'm Jackie, a married woman and a real housewife. I love to cuckold my husband, I date other men so they can fuck me, or I will have my husband "pimp" me, arrange dates for guys to fuck me so he can watch. I'm not a whore for hire, but I love having other men fuck me in front of my husband. He personally videos most of these guys fucking me for you to see! If you Join up you will see me transform myself from housewife to cuckolding whore. 
My husband shaves my pussy smooth, then I dress for my dates. Follow along as my husband delivers me to men in their hotel rooms, or watch along with my hubby as they fuck me in our own bed. I often let men fuck me in the ass and encourage them to shoot loads of cum into my mouth and all over my face and hair so my husband can see that the innocent girl he married is now a slut and a whore. When the men are done with me, I get dressed and my husband drives me home."

Here are some good links for information on Jackie:

Enjoy and leave comments.

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Confessions of a Midwest Swinger Pt. 1

The following story was written by Black Adonis. You can find more stories on his blog - blackadonis30.blogspot.com. Enjoy and leave comments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am your average American. I am a grandma, I live in a red state in the Midwest, go to church and have been married for 30 years. But I have a secret. You see, I am a swinger. Yes, my husband and I have sex with other people.

This all began about 10 years ago. My husband and I were talking about our sex life, which had gotten stale, after 20 years of marriage and three kids. I had gotten married at 20 and I have barely dated before I settled down with my hubby. We discussed our fantasies. I told my husband that I had always fantasized about black men. He cautiously admitted that he had always fantasized about watching me with other men. So we agreed that we would both indulge each other’s fantasies.

I have always dreamed about black men. Whether it’s hot, sweaty hunks on the basketball court or actors like Will Smith and Denzel Washington. Even President Barack Obama is sexy, I’m sure that is why a lot of white women voted for him. That dark skin, those thick lips and big butts just got me creaming. Before we started swinging, I had to settle for a big, black dildo which I dubbed Tyrone. Tyrone had kept me company on many nights when hubby was away on business.

I also liked looking at interracial porn. The Internet has proven to be a wonderful tool for women like me who are hesitant to go shopping at seedy sex stores. With the Internet, I could search for pictures and look at all kinds of videos. I discovered a famous black porn star, Lexington Steele, who was 11 inches. I drooled over pictures and videos of him reaming white porn stars. His tool was both enticing and terrifying. I couldn’t imagine handling that it in my pussy, but the thought also made me curious. What would it feel like? Would it hurt? Would I bleed? My mind raced at these erotic thoughts.

Hubby did some searching on the Internet and discovered a swing club in a city about an hour’s drive from where we lived. That evening I spent a long time in the bathroom making my self ready. I took a long, hot shower, shaved my legs and pussy and rubbed lotion into my skin. I also sprayed on some Victoria Secret perfume and teased my hair. When I came out of the bathroom, hubby said I looked so sexy. We got dressed up and headed out. I had bought myself a sexy, negligee specially for the club, which I hid under a long rain coat. I enjoyed the feel of the filmy silk on my body. The idea that no one knew what a sexy outfit I had on underneath my raincoat also gave me a thrill.  

We drove over to the club, which was actually a house in the boonies. We were welcomed by Bob and Jo, the couple who ran the club. They showed us around the various playrooms. There were three rooms which featured large, queen beds, covered with heart shaped pillows. The walls featured sexy nude pictures. They also showed us the dungeon, which featured a St. Andrew’s Cross, whips, restraints, dog collars, and some things I didn’t even know the name of. Wow, I couldn’t imagine what went on there.
I looked around and saw several couples chatting and sharing drinks. They were mainly middle aged and looked like the average person you stand next to in the checkout aisle.

There was a smattering of single men too. Bob, the owner, said that some couples, enjoyed playing with single men, but the club liked to keep the numbers low, so things didn’t get out of hand. As the night wore on, I noticed a lone black man standing in the corner, there are not that many where we live. He was about 6 ft tall, had a shaved head, thick legs and a bulging butt which strained at his jeans. He was wearing a leather, shirt which showed off the bulges in his arms and chest. I stared at his bulging crotch, which looked big even though he was not hard. I got hot just looking at him and felt my panties getting wet, but I was too shy to say anything.

My hubby noticed me staring and went over and started chatting with him. After a few minutes, hubby came back and introduced me to the man, whose name was Ron.

“Honey, I want you to meet Ron, I saw you eyeing him and decided to break the ice,” said my husband.

I shook Ron’s hand, it was a huge paw that dwarfed my little hand. My hand felt a spark when we touched as I anticipated what he was going to do to me later. My body quivered and I could feel juice leaking out of my slit and running down my leg. This was embarrassing, because I was already beginning to lose control and we hadn’t even kissed yet.

“Nice to meet you,” said Ron. We chatted for a while and he told me he was a divorced cop, who had played football in college. He obviously still liked to work out and keep in shape. Ron had said that he had started hooking up with married women after his divorce. Apparently his ex wife had not been able to keep up with his raging sex drive.

“I prefer married, older women,” he said. “They are down to fuck and they don’t play games. Plus, once they hit 50 and can’t have no more kids something goes off in them. They go wild and their husbands just can’t keep up.”

Ron smiled and flashed a pair of pearly white teeth. He ran his tongue over his thick lips and started staring at my body, which was pretty exposed in the revealing negligee.

“Your wife has a nice ass,” he told my husband. The truth is I am middle aged and no barbie, I have thick thighs, stretch marks from kids and my boobs are beginning to droop, but it felt nice to be looked at as sexy.

“Why don’t we look for a private room,” Hubby said.We left the living room, wandered in between couples who were making out in the corridor and found a private room, which featured a four poster bed bathed in red light. Ron was soon behind me and running his hands over my body. I felt his lips on my neck, and his strong hands squeezing my DDs. I must admit the sight of his dark hands of my pale, white breasts was sexy as hell. Meanwhile hubby was seated in a chair and watching intently.

I felt Ron began to slip off my negligee, letting it fall to my feet. He unhooked my bra, and rolled down my panties. I stood there naked only but for my heels. Ron peeled off his clothes until he was down to his boxer briefs and then he pulled them down to reveal a huge cock. That thing must of been about 10 inches and about 3 inches wide. I opened my eyes wide, and wondered how I was going to fit that in me.

I reached out gingerly and grabbed his dick and felt it swell under my touch and stand up. It felt silky, but firm under my touch. Ron embraced me and I pressed my breast up against his firm body. I ran my hands over his bald head and over his rock hard pecs and biceps. His skin felt so smooth, I had never felt anything like that before. But he still felt strong beneath my hands, it was like silk and steel. Ron gently pushed me down to my knees and slipped his dick between my wet lips. I could barely fit that thing into my mouth, but I did my best sucking him. And from the expression on his face, he seemed to be enjoying it.

Ron pulled out as I saw some precum dripping from his cock.
“Now I got to fuck you,” he said. “Are you wet?”

I touched my pussy and felt my wetness. “Yes.” I whispered. “But please be gentle you are so big.”

“Sure baby, I will take good care of you,” he said. He gripped my thighs and started massaging legs all the while gently spreading my legs apart.

He positioned himself on top of me, and slowly inched his dick into my dripping pussy. I gasped at the first thrust and was surprised at how full I felt. It was a new experience different from my husband. But I was doing it, fucking another man, but it was okay because my husband was there in the corner encouraging me.  I looked over Ron’s broad shoulders and saw hubby playing with himself a broad smile on his face. He seemed to be having a grand old time.

I began to get comfortable with Ron’s girth as he thrust into me. It was such a new and mind-blowing experience knowing I was breaking so many taboos by having sex with someone other than my husband who was also a black man. Ron pulled me up, and put me on my knees, so I was looking at hubby’s face. He then began to fuck me doggy style, first starting slow and then building up a faster face.

The feeling was indescribable knowing that I was getting pounded from the back, while watching the man I loved. I almost cried. I felt a huge orgasm building up in my pussy and soon it burst out of me and I screamed with joy. I felt hot liquid gushing out of my cunt and spilling down my legs.  I must have made a loud noise, because some of the party goers gathered at the door to look in at me. But I didn’t care, all I cared about was that huge dick inside me. I heard Ron start to gasp and breathe heavily, he started to curse and finally I felt his dick twitch several times as he came in my pussy. I would have liked to feel that hot cum shooting into my cunt, but Ron was wearing a condom. Too bad.

Ron pulled out of me and laid back on the bed. I laid next to him, my eyes closed, still feeling my pussy throbbing from the orgasm.I feel a pool of wetness underneath me. That was me, I had wet the bed from gushing! I felt excited and embarrassed at the same time. Hubby had a huge smile on his face and asked me, “So how did that feel?”

“Indescribable,” I said gasping for breath.

Ron patted my thigh, and in between breaths, said, “Your wife has some good pussy.”

He slipped on a new condom and lifted my legs over his shoulders.

“Ready to go again?” he asked.

I nodded and he slid into me again. It didn’t hurt at all this time, my pussy quickly adjusted to him and I enjoyed the feeling of having his dick fully wedged in me. Before the night was over I had came three more times. Ron fucked me with my legs bent over his shoulders, he let me ride his cock like a bronco and he also ate my pussy for 30 minutes until I climaxed. Finally, Ron put his clothes back on, we exchanged numbers and headed home. We talked about the night’s experiences on the way back. Hubby said he was getting hard rerunning the sights in his head.

“You came so hard, I have never seen you like that before,” he said.

I nodded silently, my body ached all over but I still felt good. When we got home, we ran up stairs, tore off our clothes and fucked like rabbits. Turns out that fucking another man has turned out be a great aphrodisiac.

We lost touch with Ron, but I still think of him. Sometimes I think of him when hubby and I are fucking. I know that’s bad, but a girl has got to have her fantasies, right? I also think of Ron and his rock hard, ebony body and monster dick when I am alone and masturbating. Even when he wasn’t there he was satisfying me. He had turned me onto black guys and now I hunger for them. I think he created a monster!

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Claudia Marie Is Living It Up

After a long day of housework, Claudia Marie is bored silly. The big tit slut decides to go out and have a "night on the town" and have some fun! She quickly finds that while out partying that men keep coming up to her and wanting to buy her drinks, take pictures with her, talk to her, give her money, etc. Of course being the Southern Belle that she is, CM is offended that these men would be so forward with her. That is until a young black stud comes up and tells her he wants to fuck her NOW. He then takes his impossibly huge black cock and totally bypasses Claudia Marie's sweet whore pussy as he aims straight for her tight asshole. He then rips, shreds and tears apart her fat ass until he finally pulls out and shoot his cumshot all over her delicious body!