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Fresh White Pussy

I'm Karen and I'm married to a white guy and live in a typical neighborhood where many other white couples live across the US. My little adventure begins with another white wife in our neighborhood named Maria.

Maria is married to a white guy, has a nice house and drives a little compact car like most typical white housewives. Maria's husband is a very typical man that sells insurance and Maria works in our local bank. 

Maria is 5'6" tall and has dark red hair. Loves wearing red nail polish and you can see her large diamond wedding ring glistening in the sun light when you see her at the bank.

One day, I drove through the window to withdraw a little money and couldn't figure out why Maria was starring at me so strangely. Well, until I remembered that I had Dan siting next to me. You see, Dan is one of my regular black lovers and Maria knows my husband.

Well, the next day I got a phone call from Maria asking, who the handsome black stud was I had in the car. She wanted to know what was going on and did my husband know about him. I had a little explaining to do so I invited Maria over for coffee one morning on her day off.

We had a long conversation that morning and drank two pots of coffee before I was able to explain who Dan was and why he was riding in my car that morning. 

I told her everything! Yes! The whole story! Yes, she was shocked but at the same time she wanted to know more about it. That is, how it felt to screw a black man and how large was his cock and if he was a better lover than my husband.

I explained to Maria how much different it was to screw another man. I explained to her how it felt screwing a black man and having my husband participate. This is what she didn't understand, how could my husband allow me to screw other men.

After spending much time explaining to Maria, how many white husbands are aroused about the thought of their wife screwing another man, especially a black man. She became much more curious and I could tell that she really wanted to give it a try.

We arranged for my husband and me to meet with her husband and have a long talk one evening about our lifestyle. Maria's husband had been more interested than I ever possibly thought and asked us many questions.

My husband and I had a long discussion with them and we next arranged for Maria and her husband to meet with Dan that next weekend. It was supposed to be for drinks but I had noticed when I brought Dan over to their house that he had placed his video camera in the bedroom.

I knew what they had planned that evening and made my stay a short visit leaving Maria and her husband having a drink with Dan and getting better acquainted. Before I walked out the door, Maria's husband followed me to the door and whispered saying that he would leave the door open and I could come back and watch if I desired.

I couldn't resist the invitation to come back and watch as Maria got taken by Dan for the very first time. I waited outside their house and called my husband telling him that I would be sticking around their house to make sure everything went along as planned. 

I waited for about thirty minutes and glanced inside the front window and saw that the room was empty so I carefully opened the front door and walked inside the house. I walked up the stairs and carefully walked toward their bedroom and saw the light was turned on. 

As I got closer to the door, I noticed Maria's husband standing at the edge of the bed with the video camera on a tripod in front of him. He didn't notice me because he was so wrapped up watching what was going on on the bed with Maria at that moment.

I leaned forward enough so I could see for myself what was taking place on the bed. I saw Maria and Dan on the bed embraced in a long passionate kiss!

Maria had her leg wrapped over Dan's ass while he squeezed her ass cheek. I could hear the sound of their long passionate kiss from the hall as I stood there watching Dan take this woman.

Maria's husband noticed me at the door but I motioned with my finger to my lips not to tell them I was watching. I did notice that Maria's husband had his hand inside his pants playing with himself as he watched Dan with his wife.

Maria was touching Dan's cock now as they continued to kiss and she suddenly rolled over onto her back and slipped her black thong down her legs and tossed it on the floor in front of the door next to me.

They went back kissing again as Dan moved around into position to suck on Maria's pussy. I could hear Maria squealing with delight as Dan began eating her neatly trimmed pussy. 

Dan only spent a couple minutes licking Maria's pussy but apparently thought she was wet enough already from the excitement that was building up. 

I could hear Maria begging Dan to put his cock inside of her pussy. Can you just imagine hearing a typical white housewife begging a black man to fuck her? 

Dan climbed up between her legs and guided his thick black cock toward the entrance of her waiting pussy. Maria gasped as she felt Dan's cock enter her for the very first time and yelled out to her husband how big he felt inside her.

I listened to Maria as she mewed like a little kitten as Dan began screwing her with his thick black cock. I saw her kicking her legs out than stretching them up high in the air. Maria's husband looked at me with so much excitement written across his face that I thought he was going to cum. 

Maria was doing everything she could to try and get Dan deeper inside her pussy. She was wrapping her legs around his ass one minute than digging her long red nails into his skin the next minute. It was if she couldn't decide what to do as she begged Dan to fuck her.

Dan was saying all sorts of erotic things to Maria to help arouse her even more but I didn't feel she needed any more encouragement as she continued to swing her legs out into the air.

Maria's husband had moved his video camera toward the edge of the bed and seemed to be trying to get a good closeup of Dan's cock inside his wife's tight pussy. Maria's didn't even resemble the woman I knew that worked at the bank any longer. She looked and acted more like a white whore who craved black cock.

The mattress was shaking as Dan hammered his huge black cock inside Maria. I heard Dan yell out that he wanted to cum but Maria told him to wait as she quickly turned over onto her belly and let Dan mount her doggie style.

Dan continued to screw her as hard as he could, driving his massive black cock into Maria as hard as he could. I knew how she felt because I have experienced Dan's thick cock pounding into me many times.

Dan drove his cock into Maria so hard that her face got pushed under the pillow for a short time. I could hear the grunts and groans coming from Maria as Dan plowed his cock into her. Dan had placed his huge black hands on Maria's ass while he pushed himself into her tight pussy as hard as he could.

He was making her scream and Maria's husband seemed to be worried that the neighbors might hear what was going on but he soon forgot about it and continued to move his video camera around the bed.

Maria was humping her ass back against Dan as he held onto her tight. His hands were gripping her skin as tight as he could, moving her back with each forward thrust of his massive legs. 

Maria is not fat but she has a nice looking round ass that many black guys like to see in a pair of tight jeans.

I could see Maria trying to play with his cock as she reached under her body while Dan screwed her. She lifted up for a few seconds and I saw how hard her nipples had become from being so aroused.

Maria yelled out that she was going to cum and began hunching her ass back against Dan's legs while he continued to fuck her. She was able to cum twice in a row before turning over and telling Dan to lie down on his back.

Maria took about two seconds to climb up on top of Dan's legs and inserted him into her wet pussy and began riding him as if he were a black stallion. Maria's ass cheeks were jiggling as she flexed her muscles in her ass, squeezing Dan's big black cock inside her.

She was raising her arms straight into the air as she rocked her hips above Dan. Dan held onto her tiny waist as he tried to keep from shooting his load into her. I could see it in his face that he was trying to keep from cumming.

Maria screamed out loud again as she had another orgasm than quickly climbed off his cock and began sucking him like a whore in heat! 

Maria was moving her head above his cock so fast that I thought Dan was going to cum. I figured that was what Maria was trying to get him to do since she wasn't taking any sort of birth control and didn't want him to cum inside her pussy.

It surprised me to see her stop sucking on Dan's cock and laid back down and told Dan to mount her. Dan didn't hesitate as he climbed back up between her legs and began screwing her where he had left off a few minutes ago.

Maria was shouting at this time for Dan to keep fucking her and glanced down at her husband, giving him a smile as she dug her long nails into Dan's back drawing blood. 

I wasn't sure but I think Maria's husband came in his pants about that time because I saw him looking as if he was in pain and took his hand out from inside his pants where he had been playing with himself.

Maria kept moaning and yelling out to Dan to fuck her until she quickly turned over again, having Dan mount her doggie style for the second time.

Dan began screwing Maria hard. The wet sound of his cock going in and out of her stretched wet pussy filled the room.

Dan yelled out that he was going to cum and Maria shouted back for him to cum inside her pussy. Dan jerked forward a couple more times and grunted.

I knew at that moment he was shooting his load of hot potent seed deep inside Maria. Dan was covered in sweat as he slowly pulled his cock out of Maria. 

She laid there for a few minutes catching her breath. I think she had another orgasm at the same time Dan shot his load into her pussy.

I waived at Maria's husband as I walked away from the doorway. I didn't want her to see that I just witnessed her first black mating!

Maria's husband told me later that he got so turned on when Maria had flipped over onto her back and he heard the sound of air and cum leaking out from his wife's pussy.

About a week later, I saw Maria at the drive through-window. She smiled at me when I placed the little cylinder in its tray and pushed the button. When my deposit slip returned, Maria had drawn a little smile on the envelope and when I looked up at her she waived at me.

I called Dan later that night and he told me that he had a great time with Maria and her husband. He told me that they had arranged for another meeting that month.

It looks like I'm guilty again! Bringing fresh white pussy into my little circle again!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Confessions of a Midwest Swinger Pt. 2

The following story was written by Black Adonis. You can find more stories on his blog - blackadonis30.blogspot.com. Enjoy and leave comments.

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Cece Discovers A Local BBC

Since Hubby and I have gotten into the lifestyle we have had a lot of fun. We have both got to explore our fantasies and try things we would have never imagined. I have got to do MFM several times. For those of you who are vanilla, that is two men one woman. The first few times I did it, I took Hubby in the mouth and another guy in the pussy. I felt so slutty taking a cock in my cunt while swallowing Hubby’s cum. I am an attention whore and I love being the focus of two men. It’s also a big turn on to know I can bring two men to an orgasm. I got to push my limits even further by doing a DP, that’s double penetration for those not in the know. We tried it one night at a swingers’ party at a swanky hotel. After a night of playing, I had already fucked three guys and my pussy was feeling very relaxed.

I had started talking to this young stud and Hubby and I invited him into a private room. I was feeling adventurous so I decided to take on two men, one in my ass and one in my pussy. That got both of the men really hard. The other dude, Jeff, was a single guy who worked as a teacher. He was kind of average-looking, but he told me he was hung like a horse.

I knelt on the bed wearing a sexy black teddy and told both men to strip. Jeff soon shed his clothes and I stroked his cock slowly getting him hard. He groaned as his dick grew under my touch. Hubby got behind me and lifted the filmy teddy. He kissed my butt cheeks and then started exploring my ass with his tongue. He rimmed the edge and thrust his tongue deep into my asshole. I let out a soft moan and stroked Jeff’s cock harder. I could feel some drips off precum oozing out of the tip of his dick. Jeff had his head back and eyes closed as he enjoyed me gently stroking his cock. I bent down and slipped Jeff’s cock into my mouth and sucked hard. I could hear Jeff groan louder and say he couldn’t last much longer. I worked my tongue around his cock gently sucking and urging him on. I reached out and caressed his balls. Hubby had pulled out of me with his tongue and was thrusting away in my wet pussy. I loved the idea of having two men inside me and being able to pleasure both of them.

Jeff’s moans got louder and his balls looked full. He didn’t last much longer and shot a huge load into my mouth. I swallowed it whole and didn’t miss a drop of his warm man juice. I had been doing this for a while so I knew better than to waste cum. I’ll admit it, I am a cum slut. I like the taste of it on my tongue and the feel as it slides down my throat.

Hubby was thrusting away at my cunt and slapping my ass. I felt his pace getting faster and faster until he threw his head back and spurted inside me. I eased his dick out of me after he had gotten soft and felt cum dribbling out of my pussy. I patted Hubby on the cheek and said, “Good babe, you filled me up.” I left the men panting for breath and slipped into the bathroom to let the cum drain out of me. I returned to the men, who were still naked, and said. “Okay boys, you have had your fun, now it's my turn.” I grabbed both of their cocks and gave them each a hard squeeze.

I told Jeff to lay on the bed. Jeff was considerably bigger than Hubby, so I wasn’t going to let him in the back door. I climbed on Jeff and slid onto his cock. I sighed and winced as his length filled me. I lay down on him and raised my ass. Hubby had a bottle of lube in his hand and he had coated his dick with it. He patted me on the ass and eased a lubed finger into my crack. He spread the lube deep into my ass and then wiggled a finger around. It felt nasty to have his finger in that forbidden place and I awaited his cock in anticipation. Hubby pulled his finger out and nudged the head of his cock against the opening of my ass. He pushed slowly and I gasped at first, but then he eased past my sphincter and settled in my asshole. Jeff was busy thrusting against my pussy from underneath me. I felt engorged being pleasured with those two throbbing cocks. Hubby was slowly fucking my ass, while Jeff was reaming my pussy. It felt like nothing I had experienced before and my whole body began to tingle.

I couldn’t control myself and let out a string of expletives. I began cursing like a sailor as multiple orgasms wracked my body.

“Oh shit, fuck, damn!” I screamed.

I felt three short orgasms burst through my pussy and then I tensed up and collapsed on Jeff. The guys must have been turned on by my performance because they both jizzed in me. I heard Hubby gasp as he covered my ass in man juice, at the same time Jeff spurted hot cum up into my pussy. Hubby pulled out of me with a sigh and I got off Jeff, who looked drained,

I was sore and dripping cum from both holes, but I felt elated. I had done something that I had only seen in porn movies. Yay for me! I had a great time at the party, but I was a little disappointed that there were not any black men. We live in a rural area and there are not a lot of African Americans here. And there were even fewer of them who were single and willing to play at adult parties.

I still thought of my first black lover, Ron, the cop with a 10-inch dick. He had turned me out and I hungered for more black cock. It was fun playing with white guys at parties, but it just wasn’t the same as having BBC. I talked to hubby about this and we decided to put up a profile on some adult dating websites. I got flooded with emails, but too many of them lived far away or flaked out after a few emails. It was frustrating.

I had decided to start working out to get back in shape, When you get up in your years, you have to work harder to fight the battle of the bulge and since I had started going to swing parties I wanted to look better naked. I also noticed that getting a workout in before a party also helped rev up my sex drive.

I joined a local Bally’s Fitness and started working out regularly. With all those sweaty bodies crammed together, the gym is a sexy place. The women wore tight clothing that revealed every curve of their bodies. It was also fun watching young hunks pumping iron and straining every muscle. I often imagined what those faces would look like straining from an orgasm. My mind wandered as I sweated away on the treadmill. I imagined what it must be like to be in the male locker room watching all those hard bodies wandering around naked, with their dicks swinging in the air.  When I got home from the gym my pussy would be dripping wet and I would ride Hubby for hours.

One day I was coming into the gym and noticed a light-skinned black man sitting behind the counter. He had short braids and a fantastic body. Even behind the counter I could see that he had bulging biceps. I went to start my workout, but continued to eye the young black man as he walked around the gym picking up equipment and interacting with customers.

As I went to the gym daily I got to know the young man. I learned his name was Cory. He told me he had been a college football player, but had gotten hurt and turned to physical fitness. After he graduated, he had returned home and got a job at the local gym. I told him to look me up on Facebook and we became friends.

One night I was surfing the net and I saw he was online. I decided to send him an instant message. We chit chatted for a while. I told him I had checked out pics of him working out and he had seen my bikini pics. I decided to be forward.

I typed: You have a hot body. But I bet you hear that all the time.  

He typed: Yeah, I guess. You are cute too. You have a nice ass.

I typed: You do too.

I smiled to myself. I had packed on a few pounds in the rear over the years, but apparently black men seemed to like it. Cory told me that the gym discouraged workers from fraternizing with customers, but it still went on anyway. He said he had been hit on by several women, but I was the first to actually reach out to him. That only made me bolder.

I casually told him that my husband and I were swingers and that piqued his interest. He said he had heard of sex parties but had never actually been to one. He had his share of women in college, but had never done anything as wild as playing with a married couple.  I told him that I had been with a black man and that was my preference. He was surprised.

He typed: I thought you looked so demure

I typed: You would be surprised.

I then told him about some of my adventures at swing parties. He was stunned.

He typed: I never would have imagined that.

I typed: How big is your cock?

He surprised me by sending me a dick pic. It was a good-sized dick which must have been about 8 inches. It wasn’t as big as Ron’s, but it would do. I typed back a message expressing my appreciation. I kept flirting with Cory over the next few weeks with both of us sending naked pictures. I sent some pictures of my boobs and pussy. He sent me pictures of his dick and butt. Well, that got me, especially the picture of his butt. I have a thing for black men’s butts. They are just so muscular and round. I have studied a lot of black men, in porn, real life and in sports, and I have noticed that their butts are very different from white men. They start higher and tend to jut out more. I am sure that some evolutionary biologist could come up with a reason for that, but it just turns me on.

After weeks of flirting with Cory online, I told him I wanted to see him in person. He was hesitant about meeting Hubby.

“I’m not sure about this,” he said “I have never done it with a married lady, especially with her husband present.”

“Don’t worry, Jay will be fine,” I said. “He just wants to be present. Our rule is that we always play together.”

That seemed to ease his mind and he agreed to come over the next day. That day, I went shopping for sexy lingerie to impress my new lover. I felt excited to have a local black dick, who I could have on demand. Maybe he would finally make me forget about Ron.

Corey came over that night and Jay met him at the door and showed him in. I met him in the living room wearing a long, black dress and heels. I gave him a big hug and tried to make him feel welcome. Jay and Cory sat down and shared a few beers while they talked football and Cory recalled stories of his college days. I was busy in the kitchen preparing a roast for dinner. We sat down at the dinner table and had a nice meal (How civilized.) Corey was finally beginning to loosen up. Jay had reassured him that he wouldn’t get mad and said he just wanted me to be happy.

“Cece likes BBC and I like watching her getting fucked,” Jay said easily. “I like to see her happy. In turn she lets me be with other women at parties.”

I beamed at Jay, I was so lucky to have an understanding husband who catered to my needs. I think that the fact that we were both so comfortable with each other must have caused Cory to relax. After dinner we retreated back to the living room and he seemed to be more relaxed.

I decided I was going to take control and get this party started. I stood up, and let my dress drop to the ground. I kicked off my heels and stood in front of Cory in my black push up bra and G-string. I could see a bulge grow in his crotch. I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to him. I grabbed his knees and pushed them apart. I unzipped his pants and freed his cock. It flopped out and stood at attention. It looked bigger in person, but I was sure I could handle it.

“Is this all for me?” I said, looking up at Cory. He was mesmerized by my boldness and watched me silently. I grasped his cock in my hand and slowly eased my mouth onto it. I began to work my hand up and down his cock as I sucked him. I heard him groan and noticed that his breath has started to quicken. I continued to run the edge of my tongue down the side of his cock and gently sucked his balls. Cory was moaning loudly. I took him in my mouth and sucked his dick like it was a lolly pop. I began to taste some dribbles of precum leaking out of the tip of his cock and continued slurping away. Corey suddenly gripped my hair and shot a huge gob of jizz into my mouth. I kept sucking away as he twitched and I milked him dry.

Cory threw his head back. “Damn, Cece,” he said. “That was the best blow job I've ever had. All those college girls didn’t know what they are doing.”

Jay grinned and said,”Yeah, she is pretty good, isn’t she.”

I smiled. I had learned a thing or two about pleasing men from being married for 30 years, watching porn and going to swing parties.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” I said and sashayed upstairs.  I stripped off my undies and got on the bed, while Jay settled in a corner.

“Cory, you need to be naked,” I said.

He quickly pulled off his shirt, dropped his pants and pulled off his boxers. He stood there naked and admired his well-toned body. He had muscular arms and pecs, a flat belly and a perfect, round ass. With his throbbing cock, I knew I was going to enjoy fucking him.

“Come here Cory,” I said alluringly.

He climbed on the bed and got on top of me.

“Yeah,” I said, grabbing his cock. “Let me have that big, old dick.”

He positioned himself on top of me and slowly eased his shaft into my dripping cunt. He was big, but I had bigger and my pussy soon adjusted and clamped around him. I gave him a few welcoming squeezes and felt him gasp. I guess no one had done that to him before. Those Kegel exercises had paid off.

Corey lifted my legs over his shoulder and began to drive hard into my sopping pussy. He had great stamina and gave me a good hammering. Both of us worked up a sweat as we thrashed away at each other. I could feel Cory's cock thrusting deeper with each pump and my hips began to buck. My hands gripped his firm butt cheeks as I enjoyed feeling him deep inside me. I felt small pulses of energy shooting through my body.

Corey was getting close and I noticed his breath was getting ragged. He continued to pump my pussy and after one deep thrust, he jizzed inside me. I was right behind him and as I felt Cory’s warm spunk filling me, I wailed loudly and climaxed. Cory rolled off me and lay panting on the bed. I looked over at my hubby and was glad to see that his hands and cock were covered in cum. He had a flushed look on his face. We must have put on quite a show.

I let Cory rest for a few minutes, then I started to stroke his cock. He quickly came to life and was ready to go again. That’s the great thing about fucking young athletes, they don’t need much recovery time.

I swung around until I was riding him reverse cowgirl. I guided myself onto his cock and slowly slid backwards. Reverse cowgirl is a great position that puts the woman in charge, allowing her to control the pace of the fuck. It also gave me the opportunity to look deeply into Hubby’s eyes as I rode Cory. It was such a great fuck, I was enjoying the feel of that long prick easing in and out of me. Cory was also playing with my ass as I rode him. My pace began to pick up as I rode Cory. I could feel my nipples getting hard and I grabbed my breast. I reared back and let a monumental orgasm rip through my body.

I rolled off Cory and lounged next to him on the bed. Cory said it was getting late and he had to be at the gym early. He started to grab his clothes and get dressed.

“Thanks Cece,” he said, beaming. “That was incredible, I have never done anything like that before.”

I smiled and thought I was going to have a lot of fun corrupting this young man.

After he left I beckoned to Jay, who now had his pants off and was stroking his cock.

“Come here, honey,” I said. “We’re only just getting started.”

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Carol Foxxx Pictorial

Naughty hotwife Carol Foxxx is getting ready to go out, wearing her sexy Mohair Sweater Dress when she finds her date jacking off. She decides to fuck him before meeting the other couple and gets a HUGE facial. Will her girlfriend notice??  For more of Carol's sexy pics and videos check out her website.