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Mandingo Interview of the Month - January

It's time for the first Mandingo interview of 2015 and its with someone who is becoming a legend in the world of Interracial Swinging and Independent Interracial Porn.  I am talking about none other than William Mills aka DFW Knight of  If you are familiar with any of his work then you know that DFW Knight has some of the most well produced and beautifully intense interracial scenes on the net with some of the hottest white women in the lifestyle.  I can't think of a better person to do the first Mandingo interview of the new year with.  Enjoy and leave comments and let the Knight know how much you love his work.

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"I love planting a woman flat on her stomach and taking her from keeps her from running from me."

Spades Magazine: Thanks for agreeing to an interview, William.  Glad to have you in Spades Magazine.  Tell our readers about you

DFW Knight: My pleasure thanks for considering me for an interview on your website.  A bit about me? I'm just doing my thing...single living here in Dallas having a great time. I'm 6'1 205 trying to get leaner and meaner everyday.

SM: We have a few size queens who read Spades Magazine and I am sure they want to know how big are you? 

Knight: As for my length and girth . . . lol come on man I'm a grown man. I have not measured myself since I was 13 years old. Now if any Queen want to find out themselves at the end of the interview I'll tell him how to find me.

SM: How long have you been in the IR swinging scene? How and why did you get involved?

Knight: I think I've always been into interracial stuff. I grew up on a military base where for my generation of kids in some ways race wasn't as much an issue as it might have been for someone growing up in a less diverse environment.

Around 2001, a lot of the couples I started meeting came from a website called Dark Cavern, ran by a guy named Coco. Back then Dark Cavern was the place to be and be seen .I jumped into the swinging lifestyle in the mid nineties. I started hosting parties, posting on message boards, yahoo groups and things of that nature.

SM: What is a Queen of Spades to you?

Knight: I don't know if I really want to try and put a finger on that . . . . on what a Queen of Spades is.  It's kind of an enigmatic term in a rather evolving  lifestyle.  I think I'm just going to leave that to the individual swingers, cuckolds, lifestylers and fans of them to determine what it means to them.

SM: What is the sexiest, hottest, nastiest, freakiest thing that a Queen of Spades has done for you or to you?

Knight: Will never tell.

SM: What has been your best IR swinging experience? 

Knight: After being in the game for so many years it's hard to pick one thing that stands out above the others. It's been one heck of a ride.

SM: What is it about White women that attracts you?  Do you like just White women or are you equal opportunity?

Knight: I'm attracted to all types of women.  I'm more about chemistry. If the chemistry is right we can do something. Race is a non issue for my affections.

SM: What do you look for in a playmate in the lifestyle? What's a women's most attractive feature to you? 

Knight: What do I like in a playmate in the lifestyle? I like someone that is sophisticated, elegant and sensual...but also has a slutty side as well.

SM: Turns ons? Turn offs?

Knight: Turn offs: body odor, bad teeth, bad personalities deceitful gossipers.Unreliable people. Turn Ons: Independent Intelligent informed people with a good sense of humor.  

SM: Favorite position? 

Knight: I love planting a woman flat on her stomach and taking her from keeps her from running from me.

SM: You are in the porn biz and, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you are one of the best in the biz. How long have you been in the biz and how did you get started?

Knight: Thanks. I got started back in 1999 when a couple hit me up on dark cavern and asked me to get together with them.When I showed up at their hotel they had all these lights and cameras set up. Hubby handed me a release, and before I could say anything his wife (Diane Limber) walked out of the bathroom in this sexy outfit...and the rest is history.

SM: In my personal opinion your scenes with Mandy Monroe are some of the sexiest and most passionate IR scenes I have ever seen.  You seem to have great chemistry with Mandy and many others you have filmed with.  How do you find women to shoot with?

DFW Knight and Mandy Monroe
Knight: Mandy Monroe and I are close. I think our fondness for each other shows. I hope we get to continue playing together for years to come.  I've been fortunate. I don't have to really go out and find girls to work with. I think a lot of the time word of mouth and having been around long enough...I just have been lucky.

SM: Who is your favorite person to shoot with?

Knight: This could get me in trouble.  So many of my playmates are close friends of mine....if forced i would say my current favorites are Mandy Monroe, Ashlee Chambers, Janet Mason, Sierra Luv and Rebecca Dreams.

I can go back to the old days with honeys like Angelle, Rhonda Rhaye, Lana Love and Amber Love. I've really enjoyed so many. I'm sure there are tons more that I didn't name off but those just came off the top of my head, it's far from a perfect list.

SM: Who haven't you filmed with that you would love to film a scene with?

Knight: Nina Hartley and Brandi Love.

SM: OK, so I've read your answers and checked out your pics, where can I find your movies?


SM: Do you have a celebrity crush? 

Knight: Tricia Helfer and Julia Stiles

SM: Thanks for the great interview.  Where can we keep with you at? 

Knight: Big props to all the amateurs working hard to grow our industry. Killer Cram, Nuttz, Bandit, Mann . . . . and my ace in the hole Rico Shades thanks for all the help making amateur porn go.

"I think I've always been into interracial stuff."

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dixie Swingers

Today's come from Black Adonis.  You can find more his stories at  Pleas leave comments.

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When people think of Mississippi, they think of confederate flags, cross burnings and hicks. They don’t think of swingers, but we do exist down here. I know, because I’m one of them. In many ways, I’m your typical Mississippi person. I am not ashamed to admit I’m a redneck. I drive a pickup truck and own a gun. I did graduate high school, but I never went to college. I got married to my high school sweetheart, Joey, when I got pregnant with our daughter, Lynette. Joey got a job working for the utility department and I stayed home with the kid and worked at Wal-Mart on the weekends. We managed to save up a little money and get a small two-bedroom shotgun shack, and settled down into the grind of life.

Most outsiders think that Mississippi is racist as hell, and we are all Klan members down here. It’s not like that, we live in a small town of about 4,000 people, where pretty much everyone knew each other. There wasn’t any open hostility, but the blacks, who were about 40 percent of the population, pretty much stayed in the own section of town. They had black churches and black bars. The only place where people really interacted was at school, where I had plenty of black friends. But, it didn’t really go beyond that. Interracial mixing was discouraged. I heard whispers of white girls, who fooled around with black guys and got pregnant. They were pretty much run out of town by their own families. Yeah, this was the 21st century, but we Mississippians are slow to change. Some people are still mad about losing the Civil War.

My parents were fairly open minded, for people in Mississippi. I never heard them using the n-word and they didn’t mind me having black friends. But my daddy, who was a pickup-driving redneck with a beer belly and cap, made it clear that it wasn’t to go beyond that.  “You can be friends with them, but we don’t mix,” he told me, when I turned 16 and started dating. My dad stood 6ft 4 inches, weighed over 250 pounds and was an intimidating figure. Mom and my sisters were all terrified, when he flew into a rage, and his word was law.

I could never understand why there was so much resistance to interracial dating. Nobody could ever give me a decent answer as to why black people, especially black men, were off limits. Some people that said that God didn’t believe in mixing race, but I had read the Bible and it was never mentioned there. Actually, growing up in Mississippi, people rarely talked about sex. We didn’t get sex education in school, apart from abstinence-only crap which we got in church, and my parents didn’t tell me anything, other than save it for marriage. Of course kids, being hormonal teenagers, experimented and many girls ended up like me, getting pregnant.

Even though Mississippi tried to stay stuck in the past, they couldn’t keep out the Internet and when you went online you could see anything. When Joey was off working and my daughter was sleeping, I would browse the Internet. I had some girlfriends from school I kept up with, and they would send me scandalous stuff, links to porn and even worse, interracial sex. I was shocked at the porn, but intrigued at the interracial stuff. I had only been with Joey, but the black men in the porn videos were huge, some of them must have been up to 10 inches. Were all black men hung like that, I wondered? Was that the reason why there was so much animosity towards black men?

Joey and I had a pretty normal sex life. We tried to do it as much as we could, but in between work and raising a daughter, we barely got around to it once a week. Joey realized we had gotten into a rut and one night, while laying in bed, he made a bold suggestion.

“Why don’t we look into swinging?” he asked cautiously. Like most men, he fantasized about having a threesome with two women. I wasn’t totally against the idea, I had practised french kissing with girls at sleepovers, but I had only been with Joey. I really wanted to see what it was like to be with other men and women, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone.

We went online and started searching. We joined Swing Lifestyle and found out there were actually quite a few swingers in Mississippi. There were a handful of clubs, but they were all in the big cities, which were far away from us. We decided we would have to settle for reaching out to people locally. I joined a group called Dixie Swingers and found out there was a member, about 30 minutes from us, who was throwing a get together. I talked to Joey and he said we should attend. That Saturday night we left our daughter with my mom, got decked out in our best jeans and dress shirts, hopped into Joey’s Chevy truck and followed the navigation directions to the house, which was a few towns over from us. The directions led us to a split-level home in an upscale neighborhood. We guessed where the party was, because there was a bunch of cars parked on the street in front of the home.

We gathered our courage and walked up the pathway past a neatly-trimmed lawn to the front door. We rang the doorbell and it was answered by a bear of a man, who wore a polo shirt and brown slacks. He had white hair and a deep tan.

“Well howdy,” he said jovially. “I’m Trent, you guys must be here for the party.”

He welcomed us into his beautiful house and showed us around. The living room was filled with a variety of people of different ages. They looked as if they came from all walks of life, there were some preppy-looking couples, a few people who dressed country and even some senior citizens. Trent introduced us to his wife, Candi. She was short, with bleached blonde hair, and huge, fake breasts. She wore a black, lace top, black leggings, and she seemed friendly. They seemed like an odd pair and I wondered what had drawn them together. He was much older than her.

Trent gave us a brief tour of the home, showing the upstairs bedrooms and the backyard pool. As he was talking, he gave a brief history of how he started swinging.

“I went to college in San Francisco, which is Freak City,” he said. “That’s where I got into all of this. When I moved back to Mississippi, I got married and tried to live the vanilla life, but that didn’t satisfy me. I got divorced and then I met Candi. I like to watch her getting fucked.”

I was embarrassed, he was so casual about his sexuality, but I was also turned on by his explicit talk. Trent finished his tour and we found ourselves back in the spacious kitchen, where Candi was filling up an ice bowl.

“Y’all have a nice house,” I said shyly.

“Well, thank you, sugar,” said Candi sweetly. “You have a pretty husband.” She eyed Joey. He was tanned and muscular from his job working on the lines at the utility company. He had a rugged charm about him, and that was what first attracted me. I could see how he drew women in. At first, I felt pangs of jealousy, because some other woman was looking at him with googly eyes, but then I reminded myself we had come to the party to explore our boundaries.

Candi offered us some drinks and then she nestled in a corner with Joey and I. She was very flirtatious, playing with his chest and running her fingers through his hair. Candi also let an arm snake round my waist, so I wasn’t left out. She started to hug both of us and exchange kisses. It was the first time I had been kissed by an adult woman, and it felt different from a man, much softer and sensual. There was also no stubble, which was a pleasant change. She clutched our hands and said, “Let’s take this upstairs.”

She led us to a well-furnished bedroom which featured a four-poster bed. Candi pulled off her top and unhooked her bra. Her fake boobs spilled free and I could see Joey starring at them. I also noticed a huge bulge in his jeans, as Candi pulled off her pants and revealed she had a bald muff. Apparently, she was ready for action. She beckoned me to come to her and we embraced. She kissed me passionately and started tugging at my clothes. My blouse and bra were soon off as she ripped off my jeans and yanked down my cotton panties. I felt her warm mouth against my breasts as she teased my nipples until they were hard. l couldn’t believe I was making out with a beautiful woman, while my husband watched in the corner.

“You got a pretty pussy, sugar,” said Candi huskily. “I want to eat it.”

I nodded silently, enthralled by her touch. She pushed me down on the bed and spread my legs. Before she started working on my pussy, she called over her shoulder to Joey.

“You want to get in on this, stud?” she asked. “My pussy ain’t seen no action.”

Joey didn’t have to be asked twice. He unbuttoned his shirt, pulled off his boxers and jeans. His dick was red and hard. Joey got behind Candi and fucked her doggy style, as she licked my pussy. He had gone down on me a few times, but he was nothing like Candi. She had evidently done this before, and she licked my cunt as if it was second nature. I opened my mouth and tried to scream, but the sound was caught in my throat. All that came out, was a throaty moan. Joey was fucking Candi from behind and I could hear his hips slapping against her ass. I could feel every thrust, because each pump pushed her mouth deeper into my snatch.

I felt the first wave of an orgasm building up in me. I tried to hold it back as long as I could, but Candi was just too good. I clutched the pillows, threw my head back and yelled, “Oh God! I’m coming.” My body shook as it was wracked with a huge orgasm. I fell back on the bed, with my arm covering my face. I rested as Candi and Joey kept fucking. He was pounding her hard while she was urging him on.

“Yeah, stud,” she growled. “Give me that dick.”

Joey kept thrusting away at her pussy. I could hear him grunting and watched his face contort. I knew he was getting close. Candi was right in front of me and I got a good look at her face as she was cumming. She groaned loudly and her eyes rolled back in her head. She clutched the sheets and screamed, “Oh my God! Right there!” Joey slammed hard against her, grabbed some hair and grunted as he shot his load. Candi fell face down on the bed exhausted as, Joey pulled his dripping cock out of her. She rested for a few moments, then got up and started pulling her clothes on.

“Sorry to run, but that was great,” she said, as she put on her pants. “I gotta go downstairs and play hostess.” And with that, she disappeared.

We relaxed on the bed for a while. Joey looked over at me with a big grin on his face.

“Thank you for making my dream come true,” he said.

I kissed him, pleased that I could make him happy.  We put our clothes back on and went downstairs to join the party. I was thirsty and headed to the kitchen to get some refreshments. I was struck by a tall, black man, who was standing in the corner chatting with Candi.  He was bald and had a neatly-trimmed moustache. He wore a starched shirt and pressed jeans. The man looked gorgeous. Candi noticed me staring at the guy and introduced us.

“Lonnie, this is Sissy,” Candie said, with a grin. “Sissy and her husband, Joey, are newbies. I need to mingle, so you be nice to her.”

She drifted off, leaving me alone with Lonnie. I was tongue tied in front of him. As a white girl, in Mississippi I had been warned, on the pain of death, to stay away from black men, but here was one right in front of me, in this sexual playground. I had already broken so many taboos, was I going to be able to break the big one?

Fortunately, Lonnie was talkative. He said he owned a trucking company and drove all over the country. He had also been in the Marines and traveled the world.

“It showed me there was a big world outside Mississippi,” he said. “That was when I first hooked up with white women. l realized I liked it and they liked me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked naively.

“There are lot of white women all over the world, who want to fuck black guys,” he said casually. “Even here in Mississippi, believe it or not. That’s why I come to these parties.”

I eyed his crotch and he stared at my nipples, which were straining against the thin fabric of my blouse. The sexual tension was thick in the air. Joey showed up and I grabbed his hand and pulled him aside.

“Joey,” I said. “I want to fuck that black dude and I don’t know how to ask him. Can you do it? I made your fantasy come true.”

Joey grinned slyly. “I noticed you talking to him,” he said. “Actually, I always fantasized about watching you fuck a black guy. Let me see what I can do.”

He went over to Lonnie and they chatted for a while and then both came back over to me. “Okay, let’s do this,” Lonnie said. We found an empty downstairs bedroom and closed the door behind us. Lonnie gently brushed my hair and touched my ass.

“Come here, Sissy,” he said and pulled me too him. His touch was firm, but strong and he kissed me with his full, red lips. They felt so sensuous as they smothered my mouth. I had seen old racist cartoons, where they mocked black people with huge lips. Well, all I can say is, they have no idea what they were talking about. Those huge, luscious lips felt incredible against my small mouth. I wanted to bite them, because they felt so juicy. I began to unbutton my blouse, and take off my pants. Lonnie pulled off his shirt and revealed a muscled, brown chest. I reached out and touched him, fascinated by the contrast of my pale, white hands against his brown skin.

Lonnie bent down and kissed my breasts. Those huge lips felt wonderful sucking on my nipples, as I bent my head back and groaned. Lonnie stepped back from me and pulled off his jeans. He dropped his boxers and I gasped. He had a beautiful cock, which must have been at least eight inches long. It was brown, shiny and had a mushroom head. This was my dream come true, I felt like I was living in a porn movie. Lonnie got behind me and kissed my neck. He pushed me onto the bed and gripped my butt.

“Hey, you want to get in on this, Joey?” he asked. Joey dropped his pants and was stroking himself. He came over to the bed and slipped his cock into my mouth. I swallowed him, just as Lonnie pushed into me. I would have screamed, if my mouth hadn’t been full, but I soon got used to his thick tool moving back and forth in my pussy. He was stretching me out and taking me to places I’d never gone before. I felt Lonnie pound away at my cunt as I sucked Joey’s dick. I had been with Joey since I was 16 and knew his cock better than the back of my hand. Getting him off was easy, except this time, I had the added pleasure of being fucked by a big, black cock. It felt sumptuous!

My tongue teased Joey and licked away at his shaft. I watched his face get red and contort, as he tried to hold back the inevitable. But I was too skillful. I stroked his cock as I sucked and milked his man juice from his balls. Joey pulled out of me and sat back on the bed drained. Lonnie was taking his time, fucking me with slow,deep thrusts. He was bringing me slowly to the peak and every time he thrust into me, he went deeper into my womb. He built up the pace and soon was slamming me hard. I lost control and screamed as one orgasm ripped through me, then another and another. Suddenly, I felt Lonnie groan, tense up against me and shoot hot cum into my cunt. He was fucking me so hard, I lost count of how many times I came. I lay back on the bed and watched the two men gasping for breath. I smiled to myself knowing, I drained both of them. I was still raring to go, but realized the men needed a breather.

Lonnie got up, and pulled on his pants. “Thanks,” he said. “That was awesome. Let’s stay in touch.”

We stayed at the party a few more hours and watched people fuck and suck. Candi found me again and asked if I had played with Lonnie. I said I had.

“He’s good, isn’t he?” she said. “Be careful, you can get hooked on that black dick. Hell, if I wasn’t married to Trent, I’d be banging down his door.”

We both giggled like women who had been let into a secret sorority that worshipped BBC. Joey and I were getting tired, we left and drove home discussing our wild night. We started going out to parties regularly and hooking up with bisexual women on Swing Lifestyle. I saw Lonnie at parties and always made a beeline for him. He was real popular with the ladies and I had to get there quick or end up taking a number. Lonnie discovered my profile on Swing Lifestyle and we stayed in touch that way too.

Unfortunately, things didn’t get better between me and Joey. He enjoyed the party lifestyle a little too much. He started going out drinking with his buddies and I learned he hooked up with some of the women we had met, without me. He would often be gone on weekend benders and I would never see him at all, leaving me to raise our daughter practically by myself. Eventually, he moved in with one of his buddies and said he wanted to live the single life. I was devastated and cried myself to sleep for a few weeks. This wasn’t supposed to happen to high-school sweethearts. I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Mississippi might be the buckle of the Bible Belt, but we also have a very high divorce rate too. All those shot-gun weddings don’t lead to marital bliss.

I suddenly realized that I could now do whatever I wanted. I thought about Lonnie and remembered the way it felt fucking him. It was so good, that I dreamed of him when I was having sex with Joey. Now that I was single, I could do like Candi said, and have Lonnie anytime I wanted. I emailed him and asked for his number. We talked on the phone for a few minutes and I asked him if he could come over. Even though it was the 21st century, we had to keep it on the downlow. He came over to my house around midnight, when all my neighbors were asleep. Lynette was also out cold too. He parked his truck down the street and sneaked to my door. I met him wearing a bra and panties and quickly let him in. He kissed me and I dragged him to my bedroom. We had known each other for a while, so we both realized what we wanted. My undies were off in a flash and he was soon naked too. I stood there and admired his glistening body.  I lay back on the bed and watched him hover over me. His mouth devoured my breasts, and he traced his tongue down my body, stopping at my pussy. He got between my legs and sucked on my clit. His tongue thrust into my dripping cunt as his thumbs tweaked my clitoris. His pussy-eating skills were almost as good as Candi’s, and I had multiple orgasms, before I gushed on his face. But Lonnie wasn’t finished, that was the entree, I wanted the main course -- his dick. He climbed on top of me and pinned my legs behind my head. He sank his cock deep into my pussy and I had to bite my hand to stifle a scream. We had fucked before, but never this deeply and intimately. Lonnie pumped his prick into me again and again, until my pussy throbbed with another orgasm. I was climaxing again and I barely noticed when he grunted and shot his load.

We lay there listening to the crickets chirping in the steamy night, as the fan hummed in the background.  I laid my hand over his taut stomach tenderly.

“I want you to spend the night ...” I said.

“ … but you don’t want your neighbors to see me,” he answered. “I understand.”

We made love twice more and Lonnie left at 2 a.m. I felt abandoned in the big bed and all alone. I wanted to do more than fuck, I wanted to wake up next to him. Lonnie and I now see each other regularly. He comes over at night and sometimes we hook up at motels on the outskirts of town, where no one can see us. We’ve even taken pictures of our naked bodies lying together, which looks ever so erotic. I use them to get me off, when he is gone.  It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I can do right now. I don’t know how to tell my family that I prefer black men.  Until then, I will keep my affair on the downlow. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to tell the world I love BBC.

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Celebrity Mandingo of the Month - January

There isn't a better Celebrity Mandingo to start this year off with than bodybuilder Ulisses Jr.  Here is the bio from his website -

"Ulisses Jr. is one of the most attractive sports athletes and natural bodybuilding icon ever! The New York native is an internationally acclaimed leader in the fitness world. For Ulisses Jr, fitness is a way of life thus he maintains his promotable and photogenic physique all year round. Ulisses Jr takes his training very seriously and has years of experience as a celebrity personal trainer, particularly those known as ‘hot bodies’ in their industry.

His focus and approach to fitness, coupled with his detailed knowledge of nutritional excellence, has given him the title of one of the most aesthetic and perfectly sculpted physiques in the world.Competitively, Ulisses Jr is a Musclemania World Pro and SuperBody Pro Champion winner. Classically aesthetic, he is a recognized international bodybuilding superstar. He regularly appears on numerous US and European fitness magazines, such as Men’s Health, Musclemag, Men’s Fitness, REP’s and FLEX Magazine. He makes guest appearances at fitness expo’s, celebrity tours and other events throughout the world.

Ulisses Jr inspires thousands of people through leadership and example, helping them surpass their training goals in a natural, focused and healthy way."

Without further adieu,  feast your eyes on January's Celebrity Mandingo.  Enjoy and leave comments.

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Introducing Queen of Spades Nancy

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I found sexy Queen of Spades Nancy over a year ago on Fetlife and I was instantly smitten.  This Ohio hotwife oozes sex appeal with a killer body and some of the sexiest eyes I have ever seen.  She is married to black man who loves sharing her, especially with BBC.  You find Nancy on Twitter (@mrsdarkcuckold), and on Tumblr ((  You can also find her husband on Twitter (@darkcuckold) and read his blog (

Join!!! Quality Interracial Content!!! As low as $6.33 a month!!!