Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Black Is Better

My cuckolding story began when fate pushed a coworker and me together on a company-sponsored training program. Those first few days together led to an extramarital relationship that lasted a couple years. It is a story of interracial sex and infidelity unlike any story I have seen on any internet site. I think it might be of interest to women in marriages that are no longer so fulfilling as they would desire. I am aware that an overwhelming majority of the readers will be male, but I do hope I reach some female readers, too.

My husband and I have been married for 22 years now. The first few years of our marriage were delightful times. I loved my husband very much, and we soon had 2 beautiful daughters. I think we were as average as any couple. I had never experienced real sexual relationships before my marriage, and I regarded our sex life as normal. I did have casual sex with 2 boys my age when I was in high school, but that was all.

After about 10 years of marriage I caught my husband cheating on me. He promised never to do it again, and I don't think he ever did. Our sex life was gradually deteriorating. There had to be more to it than what we were doing, but I really did not know what could be done about it. I was gradually losing interest in the sex act, and I think my husband was, too. Intercourse frequency was steadily diminishing. I think I did more daydreaming about sex as I grew older. I would never dare think of leaving my daughters and my husband, but I did have a strong urge to have sex with some handsome male about my age. I did know women who had extramarital affairs, some good and some not so satisfying. One single woman where I worked dated a black man, and he impregnated her. We women all thought it was terrible, but secretly I envied her for being so brave. I recall meeting him, and it gave me some lewd thoughts.

Well, 4 years ago I finally had an affair. I worked, and still work, for a large national company. One Saturday morning my boss called me with an urgent request. Another woman in our department was scheduled to go to the company headquarters in Texas to learn how to set up our new computer system. She had called the office manager that morning to say that she would be unable to attend. My boss was asked to find a replacement, and he called me. I was thrilled to go, and my husband had no objection. My boss called back later to confirm the hotel and airline ticket changes, and he told me that company transportation would be waiting for me at the airport on arrival. He also mentioned that an employee from the customer service department would also be going,

The next day I was in for a big surprise when I boarded the plane. In the adjoining seat was a black male. I recognized him right away. He was Raymond, our parts manager. He was the other person going to the classes. I had spoken to him a few times, but only on business. But on that plane ride we became better acquainted. He was married, and also had 2 daughters. He was a couple years younger, and very handsome. Upon arrival he insisted on carrying my suitcase. When we went to our rooms he again grabbed my luggage. He even insisted on taking my key and opening my door for me. We had already learned our rooms were across the hall from each other. 

That evening we walked a couple blocks from the hotel for dinner. Raymond had stayed in the same hotel on company business a year earlier, so he was familiar with the area. He claimed the hotel restaurant was too expense, even though we were receiving a generous meal allowance. We had to attend a welcoming briefing in our hotel later that evening, but we were too hungry to wait. It was a good thing, because the only foods at the briefing were snacks and wine. They had the orientation due to some later arrivals. In all, there were 16 of us who would be attending the classes. It made me angry at the meeting because all the men avoided Raymond. He was the only black. I had sat with a couple women, but when I saw that Raymond was alone at a table I joined hm. Afterward he escorted me to my room, again opening my door and checking the room.

Monday morning two vans drove us to the company headquarters for classes. We were back at our hotel by late afternoon. My head had begun hurting after lunch, and it worsened that afternoon. I was glad to walk to another restaurant with Raymond. It did ease the pain. On the walk back we stopped in the park to enjoy the warm April evening. It was so relaxing, but my headache persisted.. Ray was genuinely concerned. He put his arm around me, and that made me feel better. I hated to leave, but it was cooling down. Ray suggested that I allow him to massage my neck and shoulders. He said that it usually helped his wife when her head throbbed.

Ray followed me into my room after again opening it for me. Soon he had me sitting in a chair. He stood behind me and massaged my neck and shoulders. It really felt good, and in a few minutes I felt much better. He had told me that he liked to watch a TV program that was coming on, so I invited him to stay and watch it with me. We sat on the floor so we could be together (my suggestion). After we finished our cans of Coke we held hands. Soon he put his arm around me. It felt so good. I was beginning to get very juicy. When he was ready to leave I put my arm around him, hugged him, and thanked him for the relaxing massage. He promised to give me another one Tuesday evening.

In class Tuesday Raymond tore the inseam on his trousers while helping move some equipment. It was rather embarrassing to him. I always carried a sewing kit when traveling, so I told him I would try to mend his pants when we reached the hotel. He declined my offer, and said he could wear his other trousers.

We went back to the same restaurant for dinner Tuesday evening. Raymond had changed pants, which he soon regretted. He spilled salad dressing on his shirt and trousers. I told him I thought I could clean it off, so we went back to my room. He took off his shirt, and I did not try to clean that. He seemed a little reluctant to remove his trousers, so I tried to clean them without removing them. I liked that. I rubbed against his private parts, and I could feel his penis growing when I rubbed there so vigorously. We soon realized he would have to remove his pants for me to work on them. When he did I could not avoid staring at the huge bulge in his under shorts. I really got aroused, mentally picturing what was inside those undershorts. Well, I was not able to remove all the stain from his light trousers. He went back to his room and changed into the pants with the torn inseam. He had to remove them for me to examine and sew. Fortunately it was only the seam torn open, and I was able to sew it. I took my time. I was enjoying seeing that handsome black man standing there in front of me, watching intently while I stitched. I am sure he knew that he was exciting me.

When I had fixed his trousers and he had put them on he said, "Thank you Donna. I am so grateful I could kiss you."

"Well, what's stopping you?' I asked. I stood there expectantly. He looked down at my eager face, put his massive arms carefully around me and kissed me on the forehead. "You can do better than that." I said. He smiled, hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips. I wanted more, but he opened the door and scooted across the hall. My panty was soaking wet when I removed it for my shower. It took a long time to get to sleep afterward, too. I had never been so aroused by any man - at least since the early years of my marriage.

Wednesday evening our whole group ate dinner in our hotel. We agreed beforehand not to sit together. Tongues were already wagging. It was our last night, so everyone was in a good mod. I know the wine was mellowing me, but I could not get my mind off Raymond. I wanted so badly to have sex with him, but I did not know how to go about it. I think he had guilty feelings about his wife. Well, I decided that my marriage band would not deter me. I wanted him to take me.

Ray had told me before dinner that he had no hot water in his room. The hotel had offered to move him to another room because they had to remove the faucet to fix the problem. When they told him he would be placed in the other hotel wing he had refused, saying he would stay where he was. "I did not want to move so far from you," he said. I had suggested to Ray that he could shower in my room, but he said he thought he could get by in the cold water.

I was so glad when we reached my room after dinner. Raymond asked me if I really would not mind allowing him to take a shower in my room. I assured him he could. In the meantime we watched a TV program that we both wanted to see. After I showered and returned in my shorty nightgown I think Ray's eyes almost popped out of his head. He feasted his eyes on me and beamed broadly. He started to say something, but stopped. I asked him what he was going to say, and he said, "Wow, you look good enough to eat!" Still smiling, he went into the bathroom.

When Ray came out of the shower it was my turn to get my eyes full. He looked so beautiful. A real specimen of a man. He was wearing only his undershorts, and they did not hide too much. Right then and there I knew that we were going to have sex. I made some remark about his maleness and hugged him. His magnificent manhood pressed firmly against me, and I almost wet my panty. I had never wanted sex so badly. After that long, close hug Ray picked me up and placed me on the bed.. "I want to see what you are hiding under that gown," he whispered as he put his hands under my gown. I took off my panty, and then I removed his undershorts. He had a tremendous erection. I had only seen four adult penises, but Ray's member was positively the largest. Ray was brown, but his sex organ was black, very black. Later I could see that his scrotum was also charcoal-colored.

Ray fondled and explored me for longer than I had expected, and when I finally guided him to where he wanted to put his beautiful penis I think I gasped a little. It was fatter than I had thought, and I was a little scared. I did not have to be. Ray took his time. He would push in only a little way, then withdraw his turgid organ. I was so juicy that there was no pain and no problem. It must have been five minutes before he was all the way in me. "It is so good, and I want it to last," whispered Ray. His penis felt so good, especially when he was withdrawing it so slowly. I could feel that his circumcised penis had a large ridge on the head, and that really gave me pleasure when it was moving out of me and pulling my vaginal wall with it.

All too soon I began to feel his warm semen flooding me. He kept saying, "Oh, God, oh God" as he pushed very hard into me before stopping altogether. I was so close to an orgasm myself, and I wanted him to continue. My gorgeous sex partner answered my prayers. After he had completed filling me with his warm seminal fluid he resumed his slow pumping movements. God, it felt good!. After a minute or so of his gentle stroking it happened! I had the greatest orgasm I had ever had. I am sure it was the longest and most intense orgasm I had ever had. He drove me wild, and I think I screamed. That was the first time in my life I had ever had a vaginal orgasm. I had read about such things, but my husband had never given me one. It was the most wonderful thing in the world. I was utterly exhausted, exhilarated and totally satisfied. I know I went limp, and I don't think I moved a muscle for several minutes. I think Raymond remained on me until his spent organ slipped out. I don't know exactly. I was in heaven, and not aware of anything. After our bodies were separated Raymond used the bathroom and brought me a hand towel. I needed it badly.

I could have gone to sleep very quickly, but I guess Raymond had other ideas. I cuddled in his muscular arm in a fetal position, savoring the extreme pleasure I had just enjoyed. If it had not been for Raymond's gentle caresses and kisses I would have been asleep in minutes. Instead I gradually revived. We lay there that way for about a half hour, casually talking, hugging and kissing. I expected at any moment that Ray would get up and go back to his room, and I did not want that. I wanted him to stay with me. I did not need or want anymore sex, but I did want the pleasure of our close intimacy to continue. I could feel Ray's penis pressing against me, and I was soon aware that it was filling with his blood again. I guess I got a little excited again, and I did a foolish thing. I gently squeezed his penis and made some comment about his wonderful penis not being satisfied with me . He whispered back that he had only emptied one of his "balls", and that the other testicle was clamoring to be emptied. It sounded so cute, and I had the feeling that it would get emptied into me very soon. 

For the second time that evening Ray entered me. It felt so good. That time Ray worked a little faster, but he stopped several times for hugs and kisses. What he was doing soon aroused me again. I did not expect to have another orgasm, but I wanted him to have his pleasure in me. Well, things turned out for the better. When I again felt his warm semen entering my vagina that was all it took to bring me to another climax. Probably not so intense as my first one, but still very, very good. I had never had two orgasms in one night in my life, and as I have already mentioned I had never had a vaginal orgasm at any time. What a night for me!

After Ray withdrew I again relaxed in his arms. I had to use the toilet, otherwise I would have been asleep in minutes. Ray still gave me no hints that he was leaving, so we again cuddled close. In a few minutes I was half asleep, soaking in the bliss provided by my lover. Very soon I could feel his sex organ hardening again. It felt so good, but I had enough of its pleasures for one night. Ray had other ideas. Very softly he whispered, "Donna, can I put my car in your garage for a little while? After we go to sleep it will fall out anyway." I did not mind, so he slipped his revived organ into me from behind. It felt so very good. I was asleep in minutes. Some time later Ray's gentle thrusting awakened me. As soon as I felt his ejaculation I squeezed his hand. I think I was asleep again before he withdrew from me.

Ray arose the next morning about six o'clock. Every morning he ran a couple miles. After kissing me he went to his room and changed into his running shorts. I lay there a while reminiscing about the most wonderful night that I had ever had. Strangely, although I had been totally satisfied I soon felt eager for more sex. I badly needed a shower, so I soon left the bed. The bed was damp from our juices, and Ray was still leaking out of me. Ray had said he would shower in my room when he returned from his run. We would just have time for breakfast before the van ride to the airport.

By the time Ray returned I had showered and dressed. Ray undressed by the bed before going to the shower. I was able to feast my eyes on his gorgeous body one more time. I was afraid it would be the final time. Ray had brought his clothes over to my room, and we were going down for breakfast as soon as he showered.  It did not work out that way though.

When Ray came out of the shower to dress I teased him a little. I took his underwear and teased him, telling him he could not have it until he gave me a kiss. He chased me around the room, soon catching me and giving me my kiss. But that was not the end of our play. I felt Ray's beautiful penis growing as he pressed it against me, and I foolishly grabbed it and squeezed it. After another long embrace Ray picked me up and carried me back to the bed. His hands went under my skirt and removed my panty. I know I could have stopped him, but I didn't. Well, you can guess what happened. After Ray used his tongue on my genitals for a few minutes I was going crazy. I did not stop him when he moved up and again put his wonderful intermittent organ back inside me. God, what a feeling! I climaxed before Ray had his climax. And again he flooded me with his seemingly inexhaustible supply of semen. That was the last thing I needed, but it felt so very good.

We were still lying blissfully on the bed when the phone rang. It was the van driver. He said that we were late, and he had to leave in ten minutes or the other riders would miss their flights. Quickly I washed as best I could while Ray hurriedly dressed. Downstairs the driver told us that our time schedule had been changed, ant that we should have been notified at the meeting Monday night. Well, we had not been told. We had to have our breakfast at the airport. And after breakfast I was very wet. We had plenty of time, and we walked thought the airport looking for a place that sold underwear, but there weren't any. 

On the flight Raymond wanted to hold hands and be close, but I felt ill at ease when people walked past. I was still glowing from all the sex, and I did enjoy having Raymond so close. When he began to talk about pregnancy I shivered a little. I was on the pill, but they are not infallible. Ray asked me what I would do if I became pregnant. I really don't know what I said to him, but I remember having the feeling that Raymond was hoping that a baby was growing inside me. Horrors! I was very uncomfortable on that flight home. As soon as my husband drove me home I headed for the shower. My panty, and the hanky that I had placed inside to absorb the discharge really stank. I put them in the wash basin, intending to rinse them before I placed them in the laundry hamper. Before I could begin soaking them my husband yelled that my boss was on the phone. I slipped on my robe and went out to our phone. It was several minutes before I returned for my shower.

After my shower my husband's demeanor seemed to have changed. He had been so loquacious on the drive home, but now he was so taciturn. It was quite awkward to start any conversation with him. What was the matter? Did he suspect something? Ray and I had been extremely discreet around our colleagues, never smiling at each other; never holding hands or exchanging glances or anything like that. I am sure no one knew anything.

We retired early that evening. I was tired and probably a little stressed. I was worried that my husbanded suspected something. I fully expected that he would want sex that evening, which was the last thing I wanted. I knew I could not refuse him, but I did my best to keep his hands away. I had turned away from him, explaining I was so tired. I tried to stop him, but he inserted his finger into me and probed around. I knew what he was probing for. He removed his probing finger and after another minute he said, "Your boyfriend sure must have filled you up. You still got some of him in your pussy. How many times did he fuck you. It is a cinch he emptied his 'nuts' in you. You should have made him use a condom." My husband never used such filthy language, and that did bother me. Still I said nothing in reply. What could I say?

There was a long minute of silence before Dan again spoke. "When you got in the car I could smell you. I thought you were having your period," he said. "But when you went out to the phone I spotted your panties in the bathroom. There was no mistaking that sperm smell." I pretended that I was going to sleep, but Dan knew better. He pulled me on to my back and moved onto me. I did not resist. I let him have his way. It did not take him longer than usual to have his ejaculation. Of course it gave me no pleasure. He did let me go to sleep as soon as he was done. I did not go to sleep right away, though. I worried about what might happen. Would he leave me? Would he want a divorce? It was a long night. I did not look forward to going to work that next day.

Dan gave me the silent treatment Friday evening. He never spoke to me until we were in bed. Then the questions came. He wanted to know how I met my lover. I answered truthfully that I had met him on the plane, and that we stayed at the same hotel. He asked me repeatedly how many times we had sex. He did not believe we only had sex that final night. I did fib a little, and told him we had sex Wednesday evening and again Thursday morning. He kept asking many questions which I avoided answering. Saturday night was a repeat, and he asked the same questions.

Well, Sunday night we covered the same ground. He suspected that my lover was an employee of my company. Of course I would not dare tell him. I did not want anything to happen to Ray because of me. But I did a stupid thing later that week. I brought home our company newsletter and placed it on the table, planning to read it later. My daughter saw it and remarked, "Gee, Mom, you picture is here. It tells about your computer training." My husband grabbed it from her. There was my picture as well as Ray's. It told about our recent computer training on our new computer system. I fully expected my husband to hit me, or scream at me or leave right then and there. Instead he said nothing until after dinner and we had gone into the living room. I was shaking, and I did get a headache, waiting for the thunder. 

He was totally subdued, and said very little. He never mentioned Ray or my perfidy. Only after we were in bed did the questions begin. He never raised his voice, but he was very curious. Most of the questions he had already asked me a dozen times. About the only new ones involved penis size, duration of the sex act, semen volume and stuff like that. I think penis size bothered him most of all. I admitted that Ray had a fatter penis, but that his sex organ was just as long. And over the next few nights of questions I reiterated that the greater girth of Ray's penis is what had given me so much pleasure. I think I eventually told him that Ray definitely ejaculated more semen that he did, but that I did not want all that stuff anyway. That was really a fib. I did enjoy feeling Ray's generous ejaculations. I think the hardest thing to tell my husband was that Ray brought me to an orgasm with his penis alone. I did not tell my husband that willingly, but he wanted to know all the facts. 

I think after the initial shock of knowing that his wife had slept with a black man wore off, my husband was a much nicer person. We had sex more often, and he made sure that I had an orgasm. I had always enjoyed oral sex, but Dan had not done it for several years. He started doing that more often. What was so good is that he did not expect me to give him oral sex. I had never liked that.

One night in bed my husband made a startling suggestion. He told me that I should try to make another date with Ray. "If he can satisfy you with his cock, and I can't, then I don't mind you having sex with him once in a while. I want you to be happy, and I think a little outside sex will be just the ticket. I had dreamed about doing just such a thing, anyway. Now I had my husbands reluctant blessing. I did promise Dan that I would never seek sex with any other black man but Ray. Ray and I had already had a conversation about our wonderful time together, but neither of us had suggested a rerun.

A couple days later I did have lunch with Ray. I told him what my husband had said, and that I would love to be intimate with him again. Ray did not commit himself, but he did say he would think about some excuse he could give his wife to spend the night away from her.

The very next day we met after work. Ray said that he told his wife he was going to a nearby city for a bowling tournament the following Friday night. He was an avid bowler, and was on our company team. We decided that we would rent a motel room, each paying half the cost. Ray said he would have to be home about midnight, and I agreed to that. When I told my husband that evening I think he was more excited than I. He approved our plan.

That tryst in the motel was even better than I had expected. After we enjoyed a nice meal we hurried back to our rented room. We showered together, then spent the next three hours in bed. God, what a man! A woman could not ask for more. I was home by midnight, and after a quick shower I was in bed in the arms of my husband. He had never treated me any sweeter. He asked me very few questions, and did not even touch me down below. I had fully expected him to have sex with me, and I was so grateful that he did not. I was very full after Ray's three ejaculations. The next evening Ray did have his pleasure with me. It was not bad, but he was no Raymond.

For the next three years Raymond and I met about once every four or five weeks to satisfy our sexual needs. At first I felt guilty using another woman's husband for sex, but after I saw her all guilty feelings disappeared. She was huge, weighing over 300 pounds. She did not want sex very often, and Ray explained that the only way they could do lit was doggie style. He told me several times that he could not leave her until his daughters were adults. We only had sex in a motel about three times. Most of the time a friend of Ray's, a musician, let us use his apartment. Most of our trysts were on Friday nights. Ray's friend played in a nightclub that night.

Ray went back to the training school in Texas about a year later for three days of classes. I took vacation time and accompanied him - with my husband's approval, of course. It was a really sweet vacation. A friend had recommended a black nightclub to Ray, and we tried it. That was a great experience. There were a few mixed-race couples, but mostly blacks. I had not been dancing in years, and I had a super good time. Ray danced with other women, too, all blacks. I think the dancing heated us both up, and we had a wonderful night back at our "love nest." Ray had a lot of free time, so we visited several tourist sites. I had to endure a lot of stares, but it was worth it.

On our last night together I did something I swore I would never do. I had done it to my husband when we were first married, and it sickened me. My period had started that morning, and my flow is always so heavy that first day. Ray wanted to have sex anyway, but I demurred. He had performed oral sex on me many times, but I had never reciprocated. That night I did it to him twice. I did not get any fun out of it, but I did know that Ray really liked it, and I felt I owed it to him. It was not too bad, but I did not want to make a habit of doing it.

The only date I had with Ray that I did not enjoy occurred about a year ago. I never told my husband everything that happened, and I know when he reads this he will not like it. A relative of Rays owned a cabin cruiser, and one Saturday he took us on a cruise. We anchored that night at a small town several miles away. The boat owner and his white girlfriend shared the only sleeping quarters with us. I had fun the entire trip until later that evening. Ray and I had sex, and we could hear the other couple doing the same. For the next hour we just enjoyed each other. I was expecting Ray to enter me again. He was certainly capable, but he did not. 

Well, I soon learned why Ray did not have "seconds". Ray and Izzie, his relative, arose and whispered to each other for a few minutes. Then Ray came back and whispered that he and Izzie were changing partners, and that Izzie wanted to try me out. He said that he did not want to, but he had no choice. Later Ray told me that Izzie threatened to tell his wife about me if he would not share me wit him.

Izzie moved into the bed with me, and immediately began fondling and exploring my body. I did not like it at all. I did not reciprocate in any way. I let him do what he wanted. When he began to push his penis into ne he did it slowly and carefully, but once he began thrusting he hurt me. I yelled out, and he stopped thrusting so deeply, but occasionally he still caused me pain. His penis was so long it must have been hitting my cervix. And it took him forever, probably because of the alcohol. The only nice thing was that he rolled over and went to sleep very quickly. That only lasted a few hours, though. I awakened when he began fondling me again. I told him to go back to sleep, but he insisted on entering me again. And it took him forever to climax. I received no pleasure from him whatsoever. What terrible sex.

As soon as daylight came I got up and went out on deck. Izzie yelled for me to come back, but I ignored him. Sarah, his girlfriend, soon joined me. She was much younger, but she told me that she had also had more sex than she wanted. I guess she did not like Ray any more than I liked Izzie.

I think I had noticed some changes in me after my first sexual experience with Raymond. I did not attribute my better feelings until after I had a couple dates with Ray. For a few days after having our date I would feel so exhilarated, more ambitious and I think my work improved. My husband noticed the changes in me, too. I treated him better, didn't yell, smiled and laughed more and was much easier to live with. Even my daughters would notice the difference, although they had no idea (I think) that I was cheating on their father. I really can't explain it or know what caused the behavioral changes in me. Dan joked that it was due to all the vitamins and other nutrients that Ray was pumping into my body. Maybe it was true. Who knows?

Early last spring Ray was transferred to one of the company's plants in Ohio. He received a promotion, and a big pay increase. For our last tryst I wanted to something special, but he was too busy making moving plans. My dear husband was so good to me. On Ray's final Saturday in town my husband took our one daughter who still lived at home to an event. Ray came into my house for the first time, and we had a nice afternoon together. He left town the next day. We communicate occasionally. He had planned to come out here on vacation two months ago, but he was not able. Reading between the lines of his recent letter I have a strong feeling I will never again share a bed with my erstwhile black lover.