Monday, July 25, 2016

Please Read This and Help Launch a New Era for this Blog

Hello Fans and Readers of Spades Magazine,

In the entire 2  years of the existence of Spades Magazine many of you can attest that I have NEVER, EVER asked for money.  I also tried to maintain a FREE blog while delivering quality content.  So why launch a fundraising campaign now?

In the past I have received a few emails from fans and bulls in particular that while they found the blog entertaining and love reading the content they are also offended by the name.  As a Black male I CAN UNDERSTAND and EMPATHIZE with those sentiments. Historically the term "Spades" was often as a derogatory word for African-Americans.  So therefore I want to begin a process of rebranding and renaming  SPADES MAGAZINE with the new name BULLS AND QUEENS MAGAZINE.

I am NOT just changing the name because some of our readers find the current one offensive but also because I think the new name will help articulate the vision and mission of the blog more accurately.  I also believe that the new name will reflect the goals of a few new ventures that I intend to launch to compliment the overall message of the blog.  That brings me to the next point: What will I spend the $1,000 on?

The money raised from this campaign will fund:

1) A new logo for Bulls and Queens Magazine

2) The purchase of domain name for Bulls and Queens Magazine as well as the purchase of several other domain names for related ventures

3) A complete redesign of the website

4) Design and limited production of T-Shirts and other items that will be available for purchase by fans and readers of the blog

5) The production and publication of a series of ebooks about the lifestyle

6) The research and development of Bulls+QueensCON, the only annual convention in the world that will be solely dedicated to bringing Black Bulls and Queens of Spades together for a weekend of fun and networking
For a blog/magazine that in its 2 years of existence has reached over 2.5 million views and has over 15,000 followers on Twitter and another 5,000 on Tumblr, I just need 200 of you to give as little as $5 each to help me reach this goal.  JUST $5 TO MAKE US EVEN BETTER!!!

I need to make clear that Bulls and Queens Mag will continue to be a free publication for its readers.  I will be adding some ads and affiliate links that will monetize the site going forward but they will not be excessive and will only be related to the content on the blog.  I believe this rebranding will help the blog to also attract some quality advertisers.

I hope that you will donate to this effort and let's take this blog to incredible new heights.

Thank You,

Drew Marston
Publisher + Editor-in-Chief