Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Slutwife Laura and the Young Black Bull

"She had came over 3 times now and he was pounding even harder now. I grabbed the headboard to keep from going through the sheet rock. I told him use her up she is now yours and can fuck her as hard and as long as u want."

This last encounter happened in the middle of November on a Friday night. Laura has always been surprised by me having black men stop over and have their way with her all night long. They are exciting sessions but I had the build up of knowing they were coming and she did not so I have to say my excitement was built up so, a little more of a rush for me.

For some reason this Friday morning I had told her I wanted to watch her fuck another black man and when I asked if we could do it she said maybe. We chatted another hour and she finally said yes. I texted this black bull 30 years old that has wanted to fuck Slutwife Laura for a couple years now.  She sat next to me as we exchanged texts and we made plans for 7 in the evening. The rest of the day she was so horny she kept asking to fuck and I told her no, said the next cock going inside of her would be a black mans cock.

 Around 6:30 I asked Tony if he still could be at our house at 7 he said no he was running late with his friend. We kept texting and I gave him our home address and soon it was 8 and Laura was so antsy she couldn't sit still and I was pacing like a caged lion. She had on a new bra and panty set we had just bought special for the day.  8:30 he texted he couldn't find our house and he was giving up. Thinking he was playing with us I asked him where he was and he told us what street he was on and I told him we would pick him up. The ten minute drive took forever and thank god no cops because I was speeding. We waited another 15 minutes while he was purchasing weed inside his friends house. Finally he jumped in the back seat and we made small talk with this new black bull that was about to take my white wife.

Now walking up the steps I watched as Laura walked in and he followed and I trailed behind. Ten feet in he grabbed her dress and took it off and tore his clothes off and she was now half naked standing in front of this chocolate god with a huge erection damn near poking through her belly.

I said lets go to the bed and with that she grabbed his cock and led him to the bedroom, and within seconds she is on her back spread eagle and  I could do nothing other then watch his enormous cock lay between her and start going inside. Her sudden squeals and her hands pushing against him not wanting it all at once made me almost cum without even touching myself. He finally got it all buried and I heard the wetness and I got behind to witness his cock completely covered in her juices like he had an entire container of whipped cream coating his dick. In being with her for 30 years  I had never seen it that wet.

He kept pounding her hard then flipped her over and the two of them watched the other make love and soon her eyes closed as he drove it deep and hard for an amazing long time without stopping. He was like a machine and her voice seemed as though it was starting to go hoarse. Just like that I seen him grab her hips hard and grunt loudly knowing load number one was dumped deep inside of her. He pulled out and I quickly jumped in to lick out what I could. I was in there for seconds as he pushed me aside and slid back in. She had came over 3 times now and he was pounding even harder now. I grabbed the headboard to keep from going through the sheet rock. I told him use her up she is now yours and can fuck her as hard and as long as u want.  I tried to make her suck my cock but the pleasure or pain she was experience she couldn't even get my cock in her mouth. Another repeat and another cum blast and cleaning by me and then round 3 immediately after was watching her bounce up and down on his dick. I figured that during this next half hour of her riding his huge black cock the least I could do was make them a couple drinks for them to have when they were over.  As that round was finishing I watched them kiss and both moan and grunt into each others mouth as they came simultaneously. They had a quick drink and back again they were going like two animals so in lust or love they couldn't stop or get enough of each other. After a half hour of this he told me "Get me a towel sissy bitch" I went and grabbed a clean towel and was going to wipe the amazing amount of sweat off of him and he ripped the towel out of my hands.  He got her legs up over his shoulders and I got some lube and spread it over his shaft and seen up close just how stretched his cock made her. I had come a few times without noticing but that didn't matter. He actually told me to clean it up with my tongue. 

He dumped load number 4 inside of her and I cleaned up again and then just realized that it was the middle of my wifes cycle and all that fresh cum from her new young black lover was floating inside of her womb.

He then grabbed and made a joint and smoked it and smiled at Laura as she laid there spent and not being able to move. Never in my life had I seen her in that state. Not knowing how much more she could take. He smoked in and filled our house with odor that would remain for days and finished his drink. It was like halftime for this young black football player.  For the next two hours he fucked her in every position like a rag doll. He even told me to fuck her for awhile while he stuck his cock in her mouth and grabbed the back of her head and made her gag and take it all. I wasn't sure at this point if she even knew what was going on. While he kept gagging her deeper and making her choke on his big dick he looked at me and said keep fucking her while u watch me fuck your wifes mouth and don't even think about cumming inside of her.  He then pulled out shoved me aside and took over inside her pussy again. Time and time and cum again he kept telling me "Towel boy do your job and make sure you take care of my sweat while I fuck your wife the way she is supposed to be fucked". Just like that and 8 creampies later he said time to go and he got dressed and I helped my wife dress. I couldn't help but ask as we were about out the door if I could snap some pics of them kissing before we had to leave. As I took the pics I couldn't help but think a few minutes earlier she was screaming for Tony to dump another load up inside of her.

We drove him back to his place and his buddy came out to have a smoke and I asked Tony if he wanted a blowjob from Slutwife Laura he went and asked and Laura said she was too tired to do it and I said oh well. I got in the backseat and he jumped in the front and took out his cock and grabbed her head and forced her down on him. He suddenly realized we were in a visible location so he started my car and drove it to a park. She kept sucking and sucked on his cock for a half hour and told her to take his cock bitch. Gagging and spitting she finally made him blow his load and he grunted so fucking loud the car filled with his sounds.  I went to look and she came up to kiss me and fed me all his cum. I couldn't believe the amount of cum he shot and how hot and how salty and sweet he was. He drove us back and said "You can have your bitch back now we are done with her"

Just another night and another adventure and now to get them both at the same time.

" . . . he fucked her in every position like a rag doll."

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