About Spades Mag

Spades Magazine is the digital magazine/blog that highlights the IR Swinging Revolution, Queens of Spades + Mandingos. It is owned and operated by Drew Marston and his company - Spades Media Group and was launched in May of 2014.

Please direct any comments, inquiries, ideas etc. to us at spadesmediagrp@gmail.com.  We love to hear from our readers.


Spades Magazine is always on the lookout for new content.  We are looking for:

  • Queens of Spades to interview and feature (You do not have to show your face).
  • Mandingos to interview and feature (You do not have to show your face).
  • Erotic IR stories (fiction and non fiction)
We will also publish stories from White husbands/cucks about their wives BBC adventures. 

If there is anyone reading this blog who wants to participate in the ways outlined above or has an idea for future content please contact with us at spadesmediagrp@gmail.com.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Drew Marston
Publisher, Spades Magazine


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  2. First of all i would like to say i love the site. Im a BBC that just recently (a month ago) got into the mandingo role with a great couple! She is a queen of spade and luvs it! Im glad to see there r onthers out there into the same thing. For years i thought i was different and it only happens with porn stars. Glad i was wrong, keep up the great work everyone.

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  5. I love this site , I'm been a bull since 2009 , have been a dom for couples , CDs , TS and solo white women . I also thought I was different , good to see this is a lifestyle . If in Chicago area , email me at teninchthis@gmail.com . Master Torry .

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