Once She Goes Black . . . .

As the publisher of Spades Magazine,  I get tons of emails from husbands/boyfriends/cuckolds who want tips on how to persuade their beautiful white wives to fuck Big Black Cock.  I have found two guides from the internet that offer some steps that can be followed to make this fantasy a reality.  Now to be clear this guides were not written by and I don't agree with everything they say but they are some of the better guides I have found. 

Very soon I will be publishing my own ebook that will tackle this subject. Until then feel free to read this guides.  I hope they help.

Drew Marston - Publisher, Spades Magazine

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My name is Ella. I have helped a lot of guys, both on-line and in real life, get their wife, girl friend, daughter, sister, or whatever, to go black. Sometimes it is fairly easy, if she is already open sexually, and sometimes it is very difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. But, you do not know which it will be until you actually try. NOT trying is the biggest crime.

The steps below are designed to be fairly subtle, so that it allows the opportunity to back off and adjust, or go in a different direction, or even to drop the issue entirely if need be, at least for the time being. If you must drop it, then always try again later, and never give up. Give it time and space before trying again.

I am not the original author of these steps, and you may have seen something similar elsewhere. However, I have seriously modified the steps based on my own experiences in helping others.

There are a lot of white guys who really would like nothing better then to get their wife, girlfriend, or daughter to get thoroughly blacked. There is nothing like sweet black cock to satisfy women of any race, and for those white guys who acknowledge that, the problem then becomes how to get her to actually go black, rather than just living out the fantasy.

If you are in that category (a white guy who wants his girl to go black), and you are uncertain about how, and think it might be risky (i.e. her reaction could be very negative), then you must take it in the careful steps outlined below. Make adjustments along the way. No two girls are likely to react to everything in exactly the same way, so playing it by ear and making those adjustments is essential. Never forget that. It is very important.

 Of course, an emphasis needs to be put on this: this is a guide only, and all guides need to be adjusted to suit individual needs and responses. But the key is to take it in steps so you can always adjust or backtrack if you must, depending on her reaction. 

In undertaking the steps, you are trying to accomplish two things, really. One, of course, is getting her used to the idea of sweet delicious black cocks inside white holes. The other is to get her used to the idea of her nudity, which in turn opens her to greater sexual freedom and excitement, which then leads her to be able to be more likely to consider black cocks.

Step 1: 

The very FIRST thing you must do is to absolutely make sure she KNOWS you love her. You don't do that by just saying "Hey, I love you, now how about becoming a black cock slut." That is not going to work. SHOW her you love her, not just tell her. Do things for her that truly demonstrates you care about her and her well being and her emotions and her sexual pleasure.

You do that by bringing her flowers frequently; writing her a little love note; going on-line and copying a love poem (be sure you don't represent that you wrote it, just that you found it and thought it fitting for her); getting her a gift card for a dress shop that has sexy clothes, etc.; doing things around the house for her that maybe you normally don't do; taking her out for romantic candlelit dinners. Anything like that will SHOW her you love her, and throughout this whole process, KEEP doing it. Don't just do it once or twice, then not again. Every step along the way, SHOW her so that she knows the things you are doing are out of love for HER, not because of your own needs. It must be for HER, and she must always feel that. Once she gets the idea you are doing it for YOU, it becomes more difficult by far.

Step 1 must become continued throughout this whole process, not just at the beginning, even though this is the only place it is mentioned. This is critical. Never forget doing this.

Step 2: 

Attempt to keep, as much as you can, your white dick out of her pussy. Oh, I know, that can be difficult for you at first, as you will get very horny, but why do you think God gave you a right hand? Use it to relieve yourself when you need to. For HER, eat her, suck her tits, kiss her lips, play with her asshole (fingers and tongue), and all that, and get her to cum from those things and NOT from your white dick. When she cums from the things you do to her like that, she needs to feel good about it, but also she needs to feel a little wanting, wanting more, not being completely fulfilled, like she is missing something. Really explore her body with your mouth and tongue and make her hot and wanting more, and make her cum, but not really hard. Remember, she must always be left wanting something more that you cannot give her.

Step 3: Start getting her into nudity. Get her naked as often as you can. Let her know you love watching her cook naked. You love her watching TV naked. Give her naked back rubs, massage her feet, with you sitting on the floor, her totally naked, and once in awhile, remark on how beautiful her pussy is. Throw in some sly comments about her having such a sweet body and pussy, and she should not be concealed. She is meant to be enjoyed by others, too.

Step 4: Whether she is into or not, watch Interracial (IR) videos with her. She may not initially like it, but DO IT regardless. Don't back down on it. She may think you a pervert at first, but keep at it. The first few videos must have ONLY one black guy with a white woman, and try to get ones where the girl looks something like your girl. If she is blonde, have the girl in the porn also blonde, etc. Throw away ANY porn you have that have any white guys in it. While watching the IR porn, play with her, finger her, twist her nipples, kiss, whatever you have to do to get her hot WHILE watching the IR porn, but remember, really try to keep your white dickie out of her, and make her cum only from watching the porn and the things you do to her that don't involve your dick.

While watching, make some comments about how hot it is to see BLACK cock in white pussy, how much of a turn-on it is to see that beautiful contrast of black and white. After the first few times, make comments about how white girls really need black cocks to truly be sexually satisfied and sexually liberated and free.

Step 5: 

Get her a very realistic black dildo, preferably one that vibrates. Don't make it too large for her, and don't make it blue or red or gray or whatever, ONLY BLACK. It must be realistic looking, with veins and a nice head. Start using it on her while watching IR porn. Eventually, get her to take over control of the dildo. Get her to cum from it while watching the porn. Make comments about how beautiful the dildo looks in her, how black is so good for her.

By the way, be sure to get some good lube for the dildo, and be sure to not only keep it lubed for her, but also keep it clean for her. After use, use some soapy water to clean it. YOU do that, not her. And YOU apply the lube, not her. K-Y has some nice lubes, and you can get it at any drug store, such as in Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. 

Step 6: Work on her becoming a total nudist at home. Anytime she is home, try to get her naked, and used to being naked around you and other family members that live with you. Become a nudist family, if possible, but at the very minimum, get her to be comfortable with being a nudist at home.

Step 7:

 Get additional IR porn, only now, with more black guys and one girl, or with several girls and one or two black guys. Don't make it full blown gangbangs yet, but after she is very used to it and comfortable with several guys and one girl or several girls and one or two black guys, then graduate to gang bangs if her interests seem to lie in that direction. Adapt to what seems to turn her on. If she gets turned on by the thug type, make sure there are some like that in the videos. If she is turned on by guys with dreads or shaved heads or big balls or six packs or whatever, make sure there are guys in the videos like that. 

Step 8: 

If you have followed the first 7 steps, and she seems at least somewhat responsive, you need to start pushing the envelope some. Buy her really sexy and revealing clothing now, and encourage her to wear them. At home at first, then out in public. She will likely resist, so offer to take her to another town or to a place she won't run into anyone she knows when you go to bars or clubs or out shopping with her dressed so sexy. Get her used to the idea of looking and acting sexy. 

Step 9: 

When she is used to looking and acting sexy, then get her to go without panties while wearing a short skirt. Going commando really heightens a girl’s sexual awareness, and very often gets her aroused and makes her bolder, once she is used to it. Going commando will truly change her attitude when she is out and about. At first, when she does this, it will be very hard for her to get her mind off the fact she is in a very short skirt with no panties, and the possibility total strangers could see her. Work that around so that it is a total arousal for her. Play on it.

Step 10: 

You must now go hot and heavy with the IR porn. Ensure she NEVER cums unless she is either watching a black cock in a white pussy, or that she cums with the black dildo/vibrator. In other words, ANYTIME she cums at this point, it must, some how, some way, be related to black cock. She must begin to fully associate black cock to her own sexual pleasure and release, and if black cock isn't involved some how, then there isn't any sexual pleasure and relief for her at all. Above all, you must now, no matter how hard it is for you, keep your white dick out of ANY of her holes. 

Step 11: 

Go to a club or bar or SOMEPLACE (you find it) where you know there are some black guys. Get her to dress sexy and without panties. Buy her a few drinks (don't get her drunk!!), and get her to dance with some black guys. Just sit back and watch. Don't interfere or push her if she is truly reluctant. Let it come more naturally. If she is sort of willing, but too shy to take any action, then YOU must ask a black guy to dance with her, or share a drink with her, or whatever seems right and appropriate at the place you are at. Get her COMFORTABLE with being close to black guys while she is in a very short skirt and no panties.

Step 12: Usually, if she is willing at all, it will happen by Step 11. While dancing, the black guys will feel her up, squeeze her ass, etc., and she will then begin to submit. If she has gone through Step 11 but has not submitted to them yet, but does seem even somewhat receptive, then you need to push it harder. Tell her you have arranged a date for her, or set up a meet in a motel, or invited a black friend over, so that she can get even more comfortable with the idea of being very close to black guys. If she does not seem receptive to submitting, you need to repeat some of the steps. How far back to go depends on you and on her reactions. 

Step 13: If she has gone all the way through Step 12, and has actually dated or met but has not fucked yet, then it is time to come out with it. Tell her you worship her, and you believe she NEEDS the sexual satisfaction of fucking black men, and you encourage her to do so, and that you are 100% OK with it. It may now be time to set up an actual fuck meet for her. Let her know you will participate only to the extent SHE wants you to. If she wants you to watch, great. If she wants you to just be nearby for security at first, do it, and do not insist you watch. If she wants you for clean-up after, do not hesitate, not matter how you feel about that at first. You do what SHE wants, not what you want. It is all about HER, and always keep that at the front of your mind. She is primary, you are not.

About the Steps

The objective with the Steps is to get her comfortable and accepting of each Step before moving on to the next. Smaller Steps seem doable, whereas if you do it all at once, in one GIANT step, it will seem to be too much, too overwhelming, to her and she won't have time to make adjustments in her own mind and attitude before moving on to the next. 

To be successful, make sure during EACH step, you must show patience and allow time for her to adjust. If she doesn't, then you need to do some fine-tuning and make some adjustments yourself in the current Step before moving on to the next Step. Do NOT rush it. Rushing through the steps may be a fatal error with some girls.

Remember, it is all about getting her acclimated, or comfortable with something new she is doing before you challenge her with something more.

One final comment: Your jealousy. When she starts fucking black men, you may find that, even though this is what you really want, you feel a tinge of jealousy. You must channel that feeling into something positive, and not let it kill the whole thing for you. Change any jealousy you feel into feelings of arousal, then go jack off or something, but never let it interfere even slightly with her sexual freedom and pleasure. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are so many stories out there from white guys who admit that they want to see their wives and girlfriends whore for black cock or who want a "slut wife" that they can whore out to groups of black guys. I just can't believe so many guys don't know how to make actually make it happen and so I offer this formula that has worked for me and several of my friends that shared mutual interests. 

First, you should know that when it comes to black cock, there are three kinds of women: 

  • One group will never, ever try it, no matter what you say or do. If your wife or girlfriend is in that category and you have these desires, you'd better find yourself a whore or a new girl. 
  • Another group is women who will whore for black cock no matter what you say or do. If you introduce her to black cock, don't ever think of changing your mind, because she'll do anything to cheat on you and whore for black cock every chance she gets so you have to be prepared that this could happen to you. 
  • The third group is women who would probably enjoy whoring for black cock if they were only given a slow introduction that somewhere down the line lets them know they have your permission to be a nasty little whore. Guys with these women are by far the largest group of men out there. 

If you really want your wife to be a slut for black cock, you have to take it slowly but HAVE A PLAN! One of the more successful methods is to begin to frequently bring home videos that exclusively have interracial scenes in them. Whatever you do, and you want to be successful, don't start off by showing her an aggressive group of black guys gang-fucking a white slut! You should work your way toward that though, over a period of several weeks, since that should be your ultimate goal in turning her into a total slut for black cocks, but you need to start off slowly. 

When you first begin and you're watching an interracial scene in a video, its very important to let her know how much it turns you on - not by telling her, but by showing her! Assuming that as you watch the videos, you're making love to her by kissing and caressing her, slowly, make sure her pussy gets wet as you play with her, then begin to eat her pussy more aggressively as interracial scenes are showing, and when you strip her and begin to fuck her, make sure you try to fuck her deeper and harder than you do when you're not watching an interracial video. Let the way you "work her" while watching black men using white women, leave no doubt in her mind that seeing that pretty white whores doing black cock really makes you hot and results in her getting better sex. 

Then make sure that when you make love without the interracial videos, it's not as pleasurable for her. If you do this right, she'll be suggesting or begging that you watch interracial videos on a regular basis. 

As time goes on and you know she has gotten the connection between the level of satisfaction she gets when watching interracial videos, that's when you begin to show her more explicit videos, eventually involving multiple black cocks, gang bangs, anal, and some serious whoring for black men by white housewives! 

It might be at this point that you introduce a large black dildo into your lovemaking so that she can see what big black cocks feel like. Its important that when you do this you do everything to see that her pleasure is increased, including bringing her to multiple orgasms with the dildo, your cock, and your mouth until she can't stand it and pushes you away!  

The next step is a little more difficult, but by this point you should have found a way to verbalize how hot it makes you feel to see the white sluts in the videos with black cocks. Then as you're making love and using the black dildo on her, you should let her know that you've fantasized about seeing her in that situation with a real black cock. Don't look for her to agree to anything right away and maybe she won't even respond or will say she could never do that! It will take a little time, but if you're patient and continue to see that the only time she is totally satisfied is when you're watching interracial videos and talking about how much you'd like to see her with the real thing, eventually she'll get comfortable with the idea and start fantasizing about it herself. 

Talk to her and continue to tell her how much you'd like to see her and ask her to admit that she'd like it. If she says she won't do it, or doesn't respond after a few weeks of super sex and multiple orgasms, you should just stop and leave her "high and dry" and not bring her to orgasm. If she asks what's wrong, tell her that you really had hoped she would share your fantasies and when she is so firmly opposed, it turns you off. It won't take long until she will tell you what you want to hear and begin to really fantasize herself! 

At that point, you should begin to bring home some swingers magazines such as UnReal People, Cocoa and Creme, or Taboo that feature white women looking for black cock. Don't shove them in her face, but leave them laying where she'll know you were reading them but didn't necessarily want her to find them. Its important to mark them in some manner so that you know she found them and has looked at them. She may make it easy and ask you about them right away, but if not, you have to be prepared to tell her that you know she has been reading them and ask what she thinks. 

Have her read some of the nasty letters in Taboo, or the true life stories in UnReal People. Again, if she shows interest, see that she is well satisfied sexually, if not, leave her to get horny but don't give her any release! 

The most ideal situation is if you can get her to a place where she can actually see a white slut doing black cock in person! There are a couple of ways to do this from taking her to a integrated swingers club where I guarantee you she'll be able to see the white women there being well satisfied by the black members. Another way is to contact an interracial couple and tell them the predicament you're in and ask for their help. One way this has been successful in the past has been when an interracial couple has agreed to meet them at XXX-rated theaters. If you can get your wife or girlfriend to go to an xxx theater and have the couple agree to be there with maybe one or two of their other black friends, you're on your way for sure. 

The guy and his wife sit in an agreed upon location in the theater without her knowing things were set up, then watch the movie for a short while. In a short time, the interracial couple and her black friends come and sit near the guy and his wife, and one of the black guys starts to work on the white female with them. First he may just start deep-kissing, then he might expose her tits and finger her, and before long, she might drop to her knees and begin sucking and playing with their cocks, oblivious to those around her, and giving everybody including the guy and his wife a real show. 

The guy should keep watching and let his wife know he's getting turned on just like they do at home when they're watching the interracial videos. Before long, she won't be watching the screen; she'll be staring at the slutty white whore shamelessly sucking two thick, black cocks. At this point, the guy can whisper to his wife and encourage her to go over and join the slut and her black lovers. A little pushing to encourage her and maybe the slut could motion for her to come closer. The guy says they should move closer even if she isn't going to join. 

I've seen situations move in many different directions from this point. One woman became a little frightened and left (although she came back to the theater by herself two weeks later looking to see if the slut and her lovers were around). Some women just stay where they are and their husbands finger them or lick their pussies, while they watch the action, usually with the husband telling them how beautiful it is to see the white woman with the black men. (These women are usually only a few weeks away from the actual experience.) And, surprisingly, some women after coming closer and sitting one or two seats away, finally give in to their desires and join the white slut and her black lovers; and when this happens, their husbands usually are very vocal in telling them how very happy they have made them. Once this has happened, they will never go back, and these women usually become whores for black cock from that day on! 

Another place couples interested in watching before they participate can go is the XXX-rated book stores with peep booths in the back. The husband should find one that has adjacent booths where you can watch the people in the next booth from across the isle, or better yet, if he can find the ones that have glory holes where guys can stick their cocks through to suck, these are the best. 

Again the husband could arrange to take his wife there and arrange to have an interracial couple go there at a predetermined time. Once again, the entire scene should appear very spontaneous to the woman. Sometimes, they decide to first notice each other in the book store/video rental section. After watching the white slut and her black lover do a little teasing and exhibitionist play, they usually move to the video booth section, where they enter a booth and the husband and wife enter the adjacent one. 

They usually watch as the black man or men work the slut over for a little while, and then the guy can usually get his wife pretty hot as they watch. By the time the black guy sticks his thick, black cock through the glory hole in the couples booth, the wife is usually ready to suck him off while her husband fucks her and tells her how beautiful she looks and how much he loves her. Often, his wife ends up in the booth with the black man and tastes the real thing in her pussy for the first time while her husband watches. Again, there is no turning back after she's had a big thick black cock in her pussy and her husband now has a full fledged slut for black cocks for the rest of his life! 

The only thing I would warn guys about is to not pursue this unless you're really sure you want your wife to be a whore for black cock. Like any extremely pleasurable experience, its very difficult to give it up once you've tried it and I guarantee that she will find it pleasurable as only a black man can make a white woman feel. A return to anything else seems mundane and she won't be able to stop. 

But if you're really sure this is what you want, "Do it and do it now without delay!" 

It takes some planning and a little work, but the first time you see a couple of black guys strip your wife, work her nipples and clit as they undress her ... 

The first time you see the nervous look in her eyes as she looks for your approval, knowing she's so turned on that she couldn't stop anyway ... 

The first time you see a black hand slip up your wife's milky white thighs under her skirt to her soaking wet pussy and finger her within minutes of meeting her in a dark restaurant or hotel bar ... 

The first time you see her on her knees as that thick, black cock glides past her lips and you know its her greedy mouth's saliva making that black skin shine ... 

The first time you see that long, thick, black cock meat sliding into your wife's open cunt, thoroughly soaking his dick with her cum as you watch her eyes roll back into her head as he brings her to multiple orgasms like you could never do ... 

The first time you see her take a long thick black cock in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time, begging them to fill her with their potent black sperm ... 

The first time you watch her dress to go out, knowing she's dressing like a total slut because she's going to get that black cock that she's been thinking about all day ... 

The first time she comes home at 5 a.m. thoroughly fucked and coated with dried cum all over her and you put your hand under her skirt and feel the soaking wet panties she put back on to keep the massive amounts of cum from running down her legs ... 

The first time you smell and taste the cum on her face, her hair, her tits, and you know she's been whoring all night ... 

The first time you see her in a black bar being passed from one guy to another as they dance slowly with her, running their hands all over her on the dance floor and every guy in the place knowing your wife's a whore for black cock ... 

The first time you see your wife enter a room full of black guys because she's being whored out by a special black guy who really knows how to please her ... 

The first time you watch her get fucked all night long, guys cumming in her and all over her ... 

The first time you watch her begging for more and more black cock as guys tease her with the tip of their big black cocks, putting them at the entry to her pussy, then withdrawing them again and again while she begs for them to fill her ... 

The first time you hear her admit over and over that she's a total whore for black cock... 
... then you will know that all your effort, time and care will have been well worth it. 

Once you've had this experience, then you can write and tell the world what a lucky guy you are and know that you are envied by so many others out there who didn't have the courage or who were married to women that will never live up to their fantasies! 


  1. thank you! this is the most complete and thorough guide i have come across. Now its time to put these into action and see how it goes....thank you again!

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  3. my wife did not discover black cock until she was 32, she told me she wished she had started earlier,we did follow some of the steps mainly watching ir porn. it helped that it only takes a few drinks for her panties to come off

  4. My white wife has only had one cock besides mine. She did not let him get completely inside her. Over the past several years she seems to notice black guys but when questionsed she acts as if it is not so. If she was in the right situation, I believe that she would give into her curiousiy and would let a black guy have her pussy.

  5. This is a great help, I'm sure my wife is into the idea and as a Dom a few years ago I was away and talking to her on skype when some new boots had arrived in the mail, she was obviously over the moon about them so I told her I wanted her to go out in them and get fucked by a Black guy or guys and report back.
    The visual reaction before self doubt and fear (of no immediate security back up) set in and was immediate and intense!! her nipples became seriously erect and could be seen the a bra and two layers of clothing, her blushing was incredible, she doesn't blush, and she had sudden inability to talk properly... but she was very visibly turned on.
    Any mention since has always been greeted with "yeah but fantasy and reality aren't the same thing".... Well, I think they soon will be ;)

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