The 2015 Spades Awards

It's time to announce the winner's of the 1st ever Spades Awards.  Thanks to everyone who voted and made write in votes. There were 25,622 total votes  in 5 total categories.   I would love to hear your comments on what we can do to improve the Spades Awards in 2016.

And without further adieu, the 2015 Spades Awards winners:

Queen of Spades of the Year

Bull/Mandingo of the Year

Best Female Independent Porn Star

Best Male Independent Porn Star

Best IR Blog (Tie)


  1. Congratulations to the winners! It was an honor to be considered, to actually win a category is unexpected!
    Thank you for watching!

    1. Sorry Harmoni to reply under your thread - I could not find a freash box to post a "new" comment.

      Anyway , my comment for Best Amateur IR Blog is how on earth was bitch4black/Tiffany in the running?
      This tgirl blogs EVERY week with words and pictures of the DOZENS of Black men she provides no strings servitude to. She HAS to be the most prolific pleasuregiver to Black men on the internet !

      Any Black guy in London , or visiting London should make a beeline for her discreet apartment and amazing services - all free/no strings.

    2. Oooops , i meant to say " how on earth was bitch4black/Tiffany NOT in the running?" !!!

  2. We're honored! It's nice to know that so many people enjoy our blog! Congratulations to all the other winners!

  3. Thank you all for being true to the lifestyle